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The must-read summary of John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry's book: “This Moment on Earth: Today’s New Environmentalists and Their Vision for the Future”. This complete summary of "This Moment on Earth" by John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry presents their argument that the environment and the environmentalist movement are under attack. They highlight the need for solutions and the way ordinary people can get involved.Added-value of this summary:• Save time• Understand the environmentalist movement and the pressure it is constantly under• Expand your knowledge of American politics and environmentalismTo learn more, read "This Moment on Earth" and discover what can be done to revive the environmentalist movement as it suffers under political pressure.

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Book Presentation: This Moment on Earth by John Kerry & Teresa Heinz Kerry

Book Abstract

Senator John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry assert that the environment, and the movement that grew up to protect it, is under attack while the need for solutions to pressing environmental problems grows more urgent each day. In This Moment on Earth, the authors showcase a cross-section of new environmental pioneers who are making a real difference in protecting the environment. The book combines intensive research with personally-observed experiences to present a portrait of Americans devoted to the diversity and uniqueness of our nation and our world. It also explains where and how readers can get involved and help with this movement.

About the Author

John Kerry is a four-term U.S. Senator from Massachusetts. He has been an ardent advocate for the environment throughout his public life and in 2004, he became the first presidential candidate to make energy policy the centerpiece of his campaign.

Teresa Heinz Kerry is a leading environmental advocate and philanthropist and she is a founder of the Heinz Center, an organization dedicated to improving America’s environmental policy and the health of women.

Summary of This Moment on Earth (John Kerry & Teresa Heinz Kerry )


Global climate change is the great challenge of our time. Over the past 150 years, industrial progress has improved the lives of human beings dramatically, but the byproducts of development have led to unintended consequences. In particular, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, a byproduct of burning fossil fuels, are the biggest factor fueling global warming. Unless we take dramatic steps to change our energy habits, we are likely to face inclement weather patterns and an ecological backlash that will diminish the living standards of future generations.