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The must-read summary of Scott Belsky's book: "Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality".This complete summary of the ideas from Scott Belsky's book "Making Ideas Happen" shows that while raw ideas are easy to come by, it’s much harder to translate them into action. Many people view the success of ideas as luck, or a reflection on the idea itself, but more often than not it’s the implementation process that makes a difference. In his book, the author presents his three-step toolkit for increasing the chances of success, based on his research and analysis. This summary explains this toolkit in detail and how you can use it to turn your ideas into reality.Added-value of this summary:• Save time• Understand key concepts• Expand your knowledgeTo learn more, read "Making Ideas Happen" and discover the key to taking your fate into your own hands and taking action.

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Book Presentation: Making Ideas Happenby Scott Belsky

Book Abstract

About the Author

Important Note About This Ebook

Summary of Making Ideas Happen(Scott Belsky)

1. Organization and Execution

2. Forces of Community

3. Leadership Capabilities

Book Presentation: Making Ideas Happenby Scott Belsky

Book Abstract


“Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.”

– Thomas Edison

Whether Edison was joking or not, most creative people will agree raw ideas are easy to come by. It’s the translation of those ideas into action that counts and it’s here the most added value is created. You need a system which turns worthwhile ideas into realities in order to succeed.

To empower ideas to make the challenging but necessary transition from vision to reality, three sets of tools are required:

Organization and Execution – you need systems which will prioritize what’s most important and manage your creative energy. These systems have to be highly flexible because the world is changing constantly.Forces of Community – you need practical ways to let others in your personal networks take your raw ideas and help polish and refine them further.Leadership Capabilities – you need the input of experienced people who can make your idea sustainable, scalable and ultimately successful.

The undeniable fact is making ideas happen is always going to be a challenge. New and creative ideas invariably upset the status quo and working against the grain is hard work. If you build worthwhile toolsets in these three areas, you at least improve your odds of getting your ideas from vision to reality. That’s the best you can hope for.

“Ideas don’t happen because they are great – or by accident. The misconception that great ideas inevitably lead to success has prevailed for too long. You must transform vision into reality. Far from being a stroke of creative genius, this capacity to make ideas happen can be developed by anyone. You just need to modify your organizational habits, engage a broader community, and develop your leadership capability.”

– Scott Belsky

About the Author

SCOTT BELSKY is the founder and CEO of Behance, a management consulting firm which specializes in helping creative thinkers put their ideas into action. Prior to that, Mr. Belsky worked for Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. on their Pine Street Leadership Development Initiative. He has appeared on ABC News and MSNBC and is a regular contributor on American Express’s Open Forum. Mr. Belsky is a graduate of Cornell University and Harvard Business School.

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Important Note About This Ebook

This is a summary and not a critique or a review of the book. It does not offer judgment or opinion on the content of the book. This summary may not be organized chapter-wise but is an overview of the main ideas, viewpoints and arguments from the book as a whole. This means that the organization of this summary is not a representation of the book.

Summary of Making Ideas Happen(Scott Belsky)

1. Organization and Execution

All too often creative people assume they need disarray around them to come up with original ideas. This is a misconception. To make an idea happen, you have to be structured – you need processes and procedures that work along with realistic boundaries. In other words, if you want an idea to happen, you have to be well organized.

1. Action bias

Use the Action Method to good effect

It’s not at all unusual for creative people to love brainstorming. Generating tons of good ideas can be intoxicating but the reality is jumping from one idea to another all the time is spinning your wheels. To bring a good idea to fruition, you’ve got to organize yourself to get into action.

A good way to do this is to use the Action Method. Here’s how it works:

Look at every idea you work on as a standalone and distinct project. Your workday and your personal life is a matter of juggling a number of projects.Break each project into three primary components:

Action Steps – the specific, concrete tasks you have to do to nudge your project forward.

References – materials that are good to have stored somewhere in case you need to use them later on.

Backburner – items which are not actionable today but may be some day when the project circumstances change or when the budget is available to use. These also need to be stored systematically for later retrieval.