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The must-read summary of James Carville's book: "40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation".

This complete summary of James Carville's book "40 More Years" outlines the author's theory on the emergence of a lasting Democratic majority, beginning with the triumph of Obama's election and lasting around forty years, based on his analysis of political cycles. It summarises his assessment of the Republican party's repeated failures and incompetence during the Bush administration, and the appeal of the more liberal and open Democratic part to the new generation of young voters, believing that this ensures their success for the foreseeable future. 

Added-value of this summary:
• Save time
• Have a clearer understanding of the Democratic party and its appeal
• Expand your knowledge of American politics

To learn more, read "40 More Years" and learn more about Carville's theories on young voters' dominance and the ideologies that appeal to members of the new electoral generation.

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Book Presentation: 40 More Years by James Carville

Book Abstract

The election of President Barack Obama was a turning point in American politics and Obama now represents a reinvented Democratic Party. In 40 More Years, James Carville explains why Democrats are poised to dominate the American political landscape for a generation or more. He points out that while this doesn’t mean they will hold the White House in perpetuity for the next 40 years, it does mean that for the next several decades, Democratic policies and ideas will lead the country while the Republican Party enters a long decline.

About the Author

James Carville is one of the most prominent and popular political consultants in American history. He managed Bill Clinton’s successful presidential runs and is one of the most sought-after political strategists. He is also the author of six bestsellers. He is married to Republican strategist/pundit Mary Matalin.

Summary of 40 More Years (James Carville)


President Barack Obama has reinvented the Democratic Party. With Obama’s historic election, Democrats are now poised dominate the American political landscape for a generation or more. This doesn’t mean they will hold the White House in perpetuity for the next 40 years, but it does mean we are entering a long phase where Democratic ideas are ascendant and the Republican Party is in decline.

Obama deserves primary credit for revitalizing the Democratic Party’s fortunes. However, the massive incompetence of George W. Bush’s administration is also responsible for destroying the Republican brand. Put simply, the electorate rightly blames Bush and the Republicans for a myriad of disasters over the last eight years – i.e., the stolen election of 2000, the disastrous Iraq War, the bungled federal response to Katrina, and the worst recession since the Great Depression.