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The must-read summary of Charles C. Kenney's book: “The Best Practice: How the New Quality Movement is Transforming Medicine”.This complete summary of "The Best Practice" by Charles C. Kenney presents the author's analysis of the quiet revolution of health care quality in America at the hands of dedicated physicians such as Paul Betalden and Don Berwick. He explains how they used quality control inspired by other industries to bring the focus back to the patient.Added-value of this summary:• Save time• Understand the American health care revolution• Expand your knowledge of American politics and societyTo learn more, read "The Best Practice" and discover how a small group of physicians engineered a health care movement aiming to bring the focus back to the patient.

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Book Presentation: The Best Practice by Charles C. Kenney

Book Abstract

The Best Practice is Kenney’s analysis of a quiet revolution within the area of health care quality. Today, we’re seeing an epidemic of preventable mistakes in a medical landscape where patients wait for hours in “emergency” rooms, fill out the same paperwork at each visit, and increasingly run the risk of being dosed with the wrong medication or having the wrong limb amputated. If “doctor knows best,” why haven’t quality and safety in medicine been more of a sure thing?

These problems spurred a group of dedicated physicians like Paul Batalden and Don Berwick to study the concepts of the “quality improvement” used at Toyota and NASA and to apply them to the practice of medicine. The Best Practice tells their story and how these “heretical” ideas have blossomed into a movement, bringing the healthcare focus back to where it should have always been: the patient.

About the Author

Charles Kenney is a former reporter and editor of the Boston Globe. He is also the author of five works of nonfiction, including John F. Kennedy: The Presidential Portfolio, and three novels. He currently serves as a consultant to Blue Cross Blue Shield’s quality and safety initiative.

Summary of The Best Practice (Charles C. Kenney)

Arrogance and Medicine

In the beginning of the quality movement there were a few dedicated physicians who faced constant skepticism in response to their ideas. This was no surprise. Doctors are notoriously arrogant and the general we know best mindset is part of the long-held, thick crust of hubris in the medical profession, which often insulates doctors from better ideas. The general idea was that a commonly accepted level of mistakes was inevitable. Many doctors resisted quality improvement systems because they didn’t believe one could create an assembly line in health care. After all, they weren’t making cars, they were dealing with human beings and every human being is different.