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The must-read summary of Richard Koch's book: "The 80/20 Individual: How to Accomplish More by Doing Less - the Nine Essentials of 80/20 Success at Work".This complete summary of the ideas from Richard Koch's book "The 80/20 Individual" shows that none of us are productive all the time: the 80/20 principle states that 80% of the results we achieve come from just 20% of our actions. In his book, the author explains nine guidelines that everyone can use to reach their creativity and productivity potential by finding ways to be more effective when in the 20% zone. This summary will teach you how to boost your productivity and ensure that you use your biggest talents in the 20% zone to get the most out of your efforts.Added-value of this summary:• Save time• Understand key concepts• Expand your knowledgeTo learn more, read "The 80/20 Individual" and ensure that you are focusing your efforts where they matter most.

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Book Presentation:The 80/20Individualby Richard Koch

Book Abstract

About the Author

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Summary ofThe 80/20Individual (Richard Koch)

Book Presentation:The 80/20Individualby Richard Koch

Book Abstract


The “80/20 Principle” states 80-percent of the results you achieve will be derived from just 20-percent of your actions. With this in mind, 80/20 individuals maximize the amount of time they spend every day in that 20-percent zone of high productivity. To achieve this on a regular basis, 80/20 individuals employ nine essential practices.

In essence, 80/20 individuals discover what they can do better than other people and then organize themselves to ride these talents for all they’re worth. The key is to form a team of people around you who are better than you in the areas where you lack experience. That formation of a team then frees you to spend the majority of your time and energy in those areas of your life or career where you actually add the most value.

“The 80/20 principle enables people to create more from less: to express their individuality, enrich the world, and lead rewarding lives, ones where they control and cultivate all that is important to them as individuals. It allows them to become 80/20 individuals. This can always be done. The constraint is not demand, technology, capital or organization. The only constraint is a failure to capitalize on individual imagination and initiative – and repeated experimentation based on varying already successful formulas.”

– Richard Koch

About the Author

RICHARD KOCH is a successful entrepreneur. His business interests have included investments in hotels, restaurants, personal organizers and the distilling industry. Mr. Koch is the author of The 80/20 Principle and The 80/20 Revolution.

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Summary ofThe 80/20Individual (Richard Koch)

1. Nurture your most creative 20-percent

Everyone has something they can do well. 80/20 individuals figure out where their 20-percent talent lies, and then organize their entire work schedule around being in that 20-percent zone for as much time as possible. They also do things to nurture and enhance their 20-percent talents and competencies.

All of society’s great achievers are unbalanced. They’re not well-rounded but they have one or two areas in which they excel, and for which they become well known. You need to do something similar. Instead of attempting to become good at everything, find the 20-percent of your tasks that you are outstandingly good at, and outsource the other 80-percent of your tasks to someone else.

Every person on earth is an individual. The 20-percent area in which you can excel will always be different from that of someone else. Don’t try and gloss over these differences, but embrace your own individuality and work with it. Instead of trying to improve the areas of your life where you are weak, find ways to get other people to do those things for you. That way you can work hard in the areas where you have the potential to perform at exceptional and hopefully world-class standards.

The real high achievers in life never feel the need to do what everyone else is doing. Instead, they constantly seek out new ways to cultivate and apply their individual talents. They find the work setting where they can most productively apply their strengths, and if they can’t find such a place, they start their own businesses for that purpose. You need to do the same.

The keys to nurturing your most creative 20-percent are:

Identify your 20-percent area of excellence.

Examine what you spend your time doing and take note of what energizes you and what you feel most passionate about. The chances are good this will point to your 20-percent area. Generally, this will be an area where you are highly productive because you are happiest working in this activity or field.

Start training, honing and enhancing your talents.