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The must-read summary of Robert Kelley's book: "How to Be a Star at Work: 9 Breakthrough Strategies You Need to Succeed".This complete summary of the ideas from Robert Kelley's book "How to be a Star at Work" shows how anyone can learn the skills needed to become a star at work. The author provides 9 straightforward and practical star performance strategies that can double your productivity and increase your value. By following Kelley's strategies and advice, you can learn how to outperform others and be the best you can be.Added-value of this summary: • Save time• Understand key concepts • Expand your working skillsTo learn more, read "How to Be a Star at Work" and discover how you can unlock your potential and become a star performer.

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Book Presentation How To Be A Star At Work by Robert Kelley

Book Abstract

Important Note About This Ebook

Summary of How To Be A Star At Work (Robert Kelley)




Book Presentation How To Be A Star At Work by Robert Kelley

Book Abstract


Star performers add more value than average workers. They produce more results, earn quicker promotions and generate greater personal wealth. They also attract a great amount of interest and admiration.

While it is relatively easy to attribute star performance to external factors such as a high IQ, driving ambition or willingness to sacrifice personal interests, a ten-year research study found that these external factors actually have little correlation with exceptional levels of performance.

In fact, the research study identified nine key strategies that star producers base their productivity around. None of these strategies are mysterious or hard to identify. Most of them, in fact, are quite straightforward and practical. When utilized effectively, however, the nine strategies can double the rate of productivity and lay the foundation for sustained increases in value-added productive activities.

In essence, the nine strategies are the foundation for delivering sustainable extraordinary performance.

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Summary of How To Be A Star At Work (Robert Kelley)


Main Idea

Most people who admire star producers – those who perform at levels of efficiency far above others in similar circumstances – assume it is the result of:

A high IQ or an ingrown ability to reason better than most people in a similar situation.Exceptional personality factors such as self-confidence, driving ambition or willingness to take a risk.Highly refined social factors - being able to gather a team of motivated people to provide assistance.

Yet, when an academic study of star performers was carried out, it was found high producers were very similar to their co-workers in terms of IQ, personality and social skills. In fact, the study concluded it wasn’t what the star producers had in their heads that set them apart from the masses – it was how they used what they had, their key work strategies.

The important implication of this finding is that in today’s brain powered economy, ordinary people can learn to do extraordinary work by applying the same key work strategies star performers use.

Supporting Ideas

Almost without exception, researchers have proven everyone has the potential to be a star producer in one field or another. The key to realizing these results in real-world situations is founded on the principle of ongoing productivity improvements.

Many star performers are unaware of the reasons for their success. They utilize key work strategies sub-consciously, and frequently don’t take the time to evaluate what they’re doing and why. When they do stop and evaluate what strategies they are using, and which strategies they should avoid, their production increases still more.

Avoiding work habits and strategies that are inefficient is particularly important. Average performers tend to have a long list of work habits that are totally counter-productive. Some average performers even believe their counter-productive work habits place them firmly on the road to success, while in reality those habits are moving them steadily in the opposite direction. In these situations, the adoption of productive work strategies can have a dramatic and permanent effect.