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The must-read summary of Brian Tracy's book: "Advanced Selling Strategies: The Proven System of Sales Ideas, Methods and Techniques Used by Top Salespeople Everywhere".This complete summary of the ideas from Brian Tracy's book "Advanced Selling Strategies" shows how the best way of improving your sales strategy is to learn from the best. The author highlights the key steps for developing a relationship with a client and preparing them for a sale. By learning and applying the strategies detailed in this book, you can start thinking strategically and improve every aspect of your approach to make that sale every time.Added-value of this summary:  • Save time  • Understand key concepts  • Expand your sales knowledgeTo learn more, read"Advanced Selling Strategies" to develop the best sales strategy and give yourself an edge in every sales situation. 

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Book Presentation: Advanced Selling Strategies by Brian Tracy

Summary of Advanced Selling Strategies (Brian Tracy)

Book Presentation: Advanced Selling Strategies by Brian Tracy

Book Abstract

The sales profession is one of the most interesting, most dynamic and most rewarding business fields available. And to successfully build a career in this field, there’s really only one concept to keep in mind – you don’t have to be a pioneer.

In other words, don’t try and blaze your own trail. Instead, learn from the success of others. Study the sales techniques which have worked for other people in other settings and with other products and services. Evaluate what worked for them, adapt these principles to suit your own specific product or service and move ahead.

The principles of success remain the same regardless of what you’re selling. All it takes is the ability to adapt and adopt the techniques of sales success to your own needs and requirements.

Important Note About This Ebook

This is a summary and not a critique or a review of the book. It does not offer judgment or opinion on the content of the book. This summary may not be organized chapter-wise but is an overview of the main ideas, viewpoints and arguments from the book as a whole. This means that the organization of this summary is not a representation of the book.

Summary of Advanced Selling Strategies (Brian Tracy)

1. The Psychology of Selling

Main Idea

80-percent of your success in the field of selling will be determined by what you think about. Therefore, by learning to think the same way the most successful salespeople do, you can improve your performance dramatically and immediately.

Supporting Ideas

Every person has a self-concept – a mental set of beliefs about themselves and the world. A self-concept has three main parts:

The key to sales success lies in doing everything you can to build your self-esteem. The higher your self-esteem, the more successful you’ll be in a sales role.

To build and enhance your self-esteem:

Always see yourself as self-employed – the president of your own professional sales company which may presently be subcontracted out to someone else. That means accepting total responsibility for what you accomplish.See yourself as a consultant – a problem solver – rather than a vendor trading money for your product or service. Approach clients with that attitude.Act like a doctor – in the client’s best interests. To do so, you must examine first, then diagnose and finally prescribe what they need.Think strategically – set clear goals, develop blueprints and plans, act decisively and don’t be worried about short-term setbacks.Be intensely results oriented – combine empathy and ambition together in balance as you focus on effective utilization of your time.Be ambitious – work towards becoming the best in your field. When excellence is your standard, you’ll act differently, more purposefully in fact.Apply Golden Rule Selling – sell to other people the same way you’d like to be sold if you were in the same position. That way, you’ll always act with honesty and integrity in everything you do.

Key Thoughts

“The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life.”

– Brian Tracy

“You can learn anything you need to learn to achieve any goal you want by finding out what others have done before you to get the results you want to get.”

– Brian Tracy

“If you believe you can do a thing, or if you believe you cannot, in either case you are probably right.”

– Henry Ford

2. The Development of Personal Sales Power

Main Idea

In selling, everything counts, but 80-percent of your success will derive from the quality of your personality. Therefore, build your personality by:

Taking full responsibility for your own life.Interpreting everything that happens in a positive light.