MIXtipp Mediterranean Recipes (british english) - Maria Carmen del Martin-Gonzales - ebook

MIXtipp Mediterranean Recipes (british english) ebook

Maria Carmen del Martin-Gonzáles



ARE YOU ALREADY INTO THERMOMIXING? Castilian Soup, Vitello Tonnato, Gyros Kefalonia, or Tuscan Rabbit Stew - these are only some delicious examples of Mediterranean Recipes that Maria del Carmen Martin-Gonzales, longtime author of "Cocina tu misma con Thermomix", a Spanish Thermomix Mag, has compiled in this book. This collection is especially suited for Thermomix TM 5 and TM 31 and it will show you how to cook various dishes from the Mediterranean Cuisine in a very new and fun way. It includes a variety of starters and soups as well as delicious main courses and refined desserts. Discover your Mediterranean soul and enjoy new culinary experiences with your Thermomix and our mixtip(p)s!

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Basic Recipes


Bacon Croquettes

Artichokes A La Crete With Cheese Cream

Potato Tortilla

Meatballs With A Colorful Mix Of Peppers


Vitello Tonnato

Layer Salad With Panzanella Bread


Ajoblanco de Almendras – Spanish Almond Soup

Tomato Soup Campagnolo

Tuscan Wine Soup

Minestrone Italiano

Castilian Cream Soup

Sicilian Bean Stew


Squash Gnocchi

Fusilli With Chorizo

Spaghetti Carbonara

Ligurian Risotto With Lemons, Rosemary, And Pernod

Chicken Legs Acropolis

Chickenbreast In Onion Cream Provençal

Terrina Calabrese

Lamb Chops Thessaloniki With Mint Sauce

Gambas al Ajillo

Tuscan Rabbit Stew


Melanzane Neapolitana

Gyros Kefalonia

Mussels Sainte Marie De La Mer



Italian Bread


Semifreddo alla Nocciola

Torta Caprese

Tiramisù della Nonna


Crema Cappucinissimo

Dulce de Leche – Culinary Delight Of Condensed Milk

Lune de Miel – Ice Cream Cake With Lavender And Honey

Leche Frita – „Fried Milk“


Dulce de Membrillo – Quince Mush

Greek Easter Cake

Coffee Almond Cookies


the Thermomix is not just an ordinary kitchen appliance, the Thermomix is passion for cooking!

Just like you, we have caught that Thermomix fever and we would like to enrich the Thermomix community with that collection of recipes of authentic dishes, helping you to enlarge your cooking capabilities even further! So we would like you to follow us on a culinary roundtrip through the South of Europe. Discover your Mediterranean soul and enjoy new culinary experiences with your Thermomix in a quick and easy way. Yes, cooking can be that simple!

On more than 100 pages this cookbook contains a large number of recipes from the Mediterranean that can be cooked with a Thermomix type TM 5 or TM 31 in a very short time. So, you are looking for refined starters tasty soups or salads like a Minestrone, a Castilian Soup or a Vitello Tonnato, main courses like a Tuscan rabbit stew, Spaghetti Carbonara or Gambas al Ajillo and Crema Cappucissimo, or Coffee Almond Biscuits for dessert? It‘s all in this book and a lot more!

Whether you are planning a fancy four-course menu or an evening for two - with our recipes and your Thermomix it’s no problem at all. Simply take your time for your guests, the Thermomix does the cooking, and we provide the dishes.

Publisher, Edition Lempertz


• For whipping cream chill cream and mixing bowl. Get your mixing bowl cooled by crushing ice with it and then remove crushed ice. Besides being cool, the mixing bowl has to be clean and free of grease as well.

• If there is enough time, simply put the mixing bowl in the fridge for a couple of hours. That is the easiest way to get it cool and ready for whipping cream and beating egg whites.

• For beating egg whites with the Thermomix the mixing bowl must be free of grease!

• While beating egg whites stiffly always add 1 pinch of salt. For more than 4 egg whites add 2 pinches of salt.

• The best way to store your butterfly wisk is in the freezer.

• Do not select a speed higher than level 4 when using the butterfly whisk!

• Heat milk or cream to a maximum of 90°C. It might boil over with the Thermomix working for a longer period of time

• For grinding solid ingredients like chocolate or bread use the turbo mode.

• Cooking a meal without chopping the ingredients first, use speed 1.


3 sage leaves

20 g dill

20 g rosemary

20 g thyme

40 g parsley

2 bay leaves

500 g sea salt, coarse grained

10 g oregano

1. Put all ingredients in the mixing bowl and chop for 50 seconds/speed 10.

2. Spread herb-salt-mix on two baking trays and dry them in the oven at 70°C for about 3 hours.