MIXtipp Favorite SMOOTHIES (american english) - Alexander Augustin - ebook

MIXtipp Favorite SMOOTHIES (american english) ebook

Alexander Augustin



ARE YOU ALREADY INTO THERMOMIXING? Smoothies: the perfect start in the day, a healthy snack for in-between or a whole meal replacement. Prepared super fast and super easy, these energy boosters provide the body with all important vitamins and minerals necessary. Working out a one week detox plan our author Alexander Augustin dedicated himself to these tasty fruit and veggie shakes, and came to know and love them thoroughly. Since then, he spoils his wife and son with fancy mix combinations he has created himself. Especially his son cannot seem to get enough of these colourful fruit juices. This book represents a compilation of Alexander Augustin's favorite recipes. He enriched them with smart tips and tricks all about smoothies. With the help of a comprehensive glossary listing all fruits and vegetables used you will find out easily, what vitamins are in your favourite smoothie. If you replace a meal with these power drinks, they will even help you to reduce weight! Needless to say, that all smoothies can be prepared easily with the TM 5 or the TM 31. Just mix and enjoy!

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10 Smoothie Tips


Sour but Fun

Paradise is half a nice

Cucumber meets Kiwi

Strawberry and Basil Smoothie

Deep green – Kale Smoothie

Rocket launch: Fly me to Fennel

Lettuce cooler

Rocket Smoothie


Coco Cherry

Strawberry Smoothie

Mango or what?

Soft cell


A beary Dream

Beery lovers Smoothie

Pomegranate Smoothie

Magic Cucumber

Frozen Framboise

Bleeding Love

Spring Cleaning

Little red riding Hood’s Favorite


Raspberry Delight


Fast & Furious

Banana and pear mix

Pineapple chiller

Zombie Killer

Oriental Flow

Papaya Power

Apple and Mache Lettuce Smoothie

Chocolate Kiss

Pina Colada Smoothie

Strawberrie and Almond Smoothie

Daily Dragon delight

Cashews in Paradise


Dr. Feelgood

Tropical Feeling

Wellness Wonder

Capri Smoothie

Good Vibrations

Green Smoothie from Leftovers

Yellow Mellow Spinach Smoothie

Sexy and you know it

Redcurrant Smoothie

Sporty Spice

Halloween Smoothie



more and more people make a point of eating healthy even in a hectic everyday life. Besides the intake of important vitamins and nutrients taste is vital. Thus, smoothies have become a perfect solution for on the go. Both as a thirst quencher or as little snack, the colorful, delicious mixed drinks distinguish themselves through their fruity freshness.

Smoothies help you in many ways to pamper your body. No matter whether you want to improve your mental fitness, detox your body or simply enjoy something healthy and regenerative, within this book you will find creative and diverse smoothie recipes for all purposes.

Our author Alexander Augustin has already written some other successful cook books and we are happy that he is now introducing his personal smoothie favorites! Last year, he decided to do a fasting week in spring and with smoothies he had the best experiences at that time! The energy gained from that week he used immediately for creativity, implementing this book project, emphasizing on selecting only the best, most colorful and tastiest recipes from his huge collection for this.

Besides fruity vitamin boosters it offers various green smoothies, giving you the perfect support in your detox program. And even little veggie-avoiders like Alexander’s son change their mind and suddenly go for healthy food when it comes in such a colorful and tasty way like in the Deep Green-Kale Smoothie and in the Little Red Riding Hood's Favorite with beet.

Your Thermomix will help you to blend and puree the fruits and vegetables for your smoothies easily, allowing you to prepare a fresh snack anytime quickly.

Enjoy mixing!

Publisher, Edition Lempertz



A smoothie is by definition a thick drink made of pureed fruit of vegetables blended with milk products. For smoothies the fruit or vegetable as a whole, even with their peeling is processed and is mixed with water, milk products, juices or tea, depending on the recipe. No nutrients of the fruits or vegetables will be lost. The biggest advantage of all - finely pureed ingredients can be absorbed by the body easily. In our fast moving and stressful life of kindergarten, job, family, and friends, it became more and more important to me, to consume foodstuffs fast, but as healthy as possible, too. After a detox diet for a week last year, I was really impressed with smoothies. With my homemade drinks I was able to find the balance between family and my daily responsibilities. Also this goes without any additives, artificial flavor or additional sugar. The great thing is that smoothies can replace whole a whole meal. For instance, I prepare a tasty breakfast power drink with oatmeal at night and I will enjoy it the next morning. Homemade smoothies will keep up in the fridge for 1-3 days.