What LinkedIn Beginners Really Need to Know - Astrid Schmidtchen - ebook

Welcome to the powerful world of LinkedIn. Get in the driver's seat and take control of your profile and your content. But before you launch, it's wise to have a basic understanding, learn what you should do and what to avoid. In this compact guide you'll discover how to better control your image on the LinkedIn platform, you'll learn from examples and find help through expert sources. Written by a professional LinkedIn profile writer, this resource provides a quick, targeted solution for people new to the world of job searching and business networking. Both a general introduction for people without a lot of LinkedIn confidence or a large body of professional experience, it's also a quick refresher for anyone already on LinkedIn, providing some new, helpful nuggets that you can implement on your existing profile. Who's this book for? + career starters, career changers or people re-entering the job market who have never used LinkedIn or social media for business before + experienced specialists or skilled employees with no LinkedIn profile until now + recent graduates or university students seeking an internship or practicum + entrepreneurs, creatives or freelancers who've never considered using a LinkedIn profile before + people with a basic profile that needs improvement + members of LinkedIn with an empty profile (no content, no picture) What you'll get: + A fast introductory resource written by a professional LinkedIn profile writer & resume writer + Examples and concrete lists of do's and don'ts with short explanations + LinkedIn components explained: the headline, job title, summary, task descriptions, special achievements, role of networking and recruiters + Screenshots, insider ideas and tips to help you get your message across using limited field space +Learn to step into your readers' shoes and what business audiences want to see + Recommended sources for further information and inspiration for your job search and crafting a LinkedIn profile + Bonus Linked Background Graphics: A link to 14 customized graphics for your LinkedIn cover What readers have said: Maggie L., USA: "As a true techno-phobe, I was reluctant to dive into LinkedIn, until I found this book..." Suzanne M., USA: "I had never really ventured into the world of LinkedIn and never really considered how LinkedIn could be truly useful in promoting my activities and personal brand. This was a great food for thought introduction!"

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What LinkedIn Beginners Really Need to Know

What LinkedIn Beginners Really Need To KnowTable of ContentsAuthor's NoteIntroduction: Get inspired with a “How to Use LinkedIn” InfographicSection 1: Four Typical LinkedIn Must-Do SuggestionsSection 2: LinkedIn Basics & Bigger PictureSection 3: Learn And Borrow From Advanced Users & Experts – Some Sources To UseSection 4: Charts and Four LinkedIn SuggestionsSection 5: LinkedIn Examples and Explanations3 Other Things to Know About LinkedIn5 Main Takeaways for Your LinkedIn ProfileFinal ThoughtsAbout the AuthorAbout The Career Love Series, Free Downloads & Bonus MaterialCopyright

What LinkedIn Beginners Really Need To Know

Introduction and Short Guide for People New to the World of LinkedIn 

The Basics and Big Picture in Creating Your Own LinkedIn Profile

CareerLove Self-Help and Workbook Series  

Career Love   /  Astrid Schmidtchen

Table of Contents

Author’s Note

Introduction:  Get inspired with a “How to Use LinkedIn” Infographic

What we’ll cover – what you’ll quickly learn

The LinkedIn infographic that will help us

The 5 main sections of the book

Section 1:  Four Typical LinkedIn Must-Do Suggestions

Using infographics & general checklists

The big picture behind general LinkedIn advice

Turning the big picture into specifics

Section  2:  LinkedIn Basics and Bigger Picture

Who is LinkedIn for?

What kind of people use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has different purposes for different people

Moving forward: Identify why you need LinkedIn

Define your profile style: A high impact or a “nothing profile”

The 'social' aspect of a social media business platform

Your audience expects a high impact profile with focus

Section 3:  Learn and borrow from advanced users and experts: Some sources to use

Section 4:  Chart and Four LinkedIn Suggestions

Infographic Suggestion #1: Ensure you have a professional looking profile

Infographic Suggestion #2: Fill your profile with keywords

Infographic Suggestion #3: Get plenty of recommendations 

Infographic Suggestion #4: Connect with relevant recruiters in your industry

Section 5:  Examples and Explanations

The Headline – with basic & advanced examples

Insider Tip: A creative example of combining keywords in your headline and current position

The Summary section and description of your activities - with basic & advanced examples

Describing your tasks & responsibilities - with basic & advanced examples

Describing your special achievements – with basic & advanced examples

LinkedIn background banners and bonus

3 Other Things to Know

5 Main Takeaways

Final Thoughts

About the Author

About the CareerLove Series, Free Downloads &  Bonus Material

Copyright and Disclaimer

Author's Note

Thank you for making the choice for this LinkedIn resource. 

Giant, comprehensive how-to handbooks like 'LinkedIn for Dummies' are already out there. Inspired by my clients who need a quick, targeted solution and people who are new to the world of job searching and business networking, my aim here is to provide a general, realistic introduction about using LinkedIn for people without a lot of LinkedIn confidence or a large body of professional experience. You can benefit from the information here if you are:

a recent graduate

an ambitious university student seeking an internship or practicum (either in your region or internationally)

a career starter, career changer or someone reentering the job market who has never used LinkedIn or social media for business before

a specialist or skilled employee with some years in the field but no LinkedIn profile until now

an entrepreneur, creative or freelancer who has never considered adding a profile to LinkedIn before  

a specialist or skilled employee with a LinkedIn profile that's been started with some initial content - but not yet optimized or carefully crafted 

a member of LinkedIn with an empty profile (no content, no picture) 

This book is a compact, practical guide to the bigger picture approach that also sheds light on selected must-have components such as the headline, job title, summary, task descriptions and visual components such as your background image and photo. You’ll learn about stepping into your readers’ shoes and what the business audience wants to see. You’ll understand more about the purpose behind your approach and using an intelligent, down-to-earth strategy for the content you include.

Since examples are so important, the last two sections include four charts with concrete lists of do’s and don’ts and short explanations. There are also several pages of examples and scenarios illustrating the kinds of content that a beginner could use, contrasted with the type of sample phrases that intermediate or advanced users could use. You’ll also get a few screenshots and some insider ideas and tips to help you get your message across using limited field space. In addition, I make some recommendations about further helpful resources and sources of inspiration along your job search journey and in crafting a LinkedIn profile (links are included). Based on my LinkedIn profile work with clients, we can cut right to clear, real life nuggets that will help you craft your first LinkedIn profile that's relevant and effective. 

As a bonus I've included access to a LinkedIn background image bundle I've created especially for LinkedIn beginners like you. Further details and instructions are found in Section 4 and in the last section of the book. 

Some examples from your bonus banner bundle

Introduction: Get inspired with a “How to Use LinkedIn” Infographic

In an information-overloaded world packed with massive portions of social media, business headlines and new trends, I’m grateful for any nutritious, easily manageable snacks that feed my brain. Infographics - which are short nuggets of information or data represented in an appealing graphic form - can be very powerful, especially when they clarify something practical in the working world, or explain an aspect of business etiquette.

In my mind, I picture infographics as cute little waiters who pass by with their trays, offering me samples of new and unknown foods and drinks. I can get a taste of the possible complexity and uniqueness of the flavours. Without pressure, I can pick the samples that are attractive, appetizing and capture my interest.

Now imagine your cute little waiter passes by with a sample cup of a mysterious drink. You take a sip of a complex, special and interesting blend of flavours. But you’re not sure exactly what it is.

Now imagine tasting LinkedIn flavours for the first time...

Interesting, but still with some unknown and mysterious ingredients.

Think of LinkedIn as a new mystery flavour you’ve been exposed to. It’s temptingly yummy, yet you want to find out more before you go any further.

Since infographics don’t provide a ‘nutritional chart’ or ‘list of ingredients’ - that is, background information or deeper explanation - it’s up to you to find out about the exact meaning and implications. Before running to the buffet to pile up your plate, it’s smart to step back, plan your approach and choose your calories wisely.

This is exactly why I wrote this compact e-book about LinkedIn: To outline a few key considerations and background things for you to keep in mind as a LinkedIn beginner, newbie and first-timer. As a professional resume writer, I create LinkedIn profiles and content for my clients. I help people at all professional levels who are using LinkedIn for the first time and who aren't exactly sure what to include or how to phrase their content. Now I want to save you some time and energy by giving you the highlights and must-do’s.

What We’ll Cover – What You’ll Quickly Learn

In this e-book we answer basic questions such as: Who can best benefit from a profile on LinkedIn? How and why can you use LinkedIn? We discover what the popular advice “you should network on LinkedIn” really means. You’ll become clearer about how LinkedIn beginners and career starters can benefit from using LinkedIn and you'll discover some tips to craft your headline, summary, adding content and your visual elements (headshot and background cover).

The LinkedIn Infographic That Will Help Us