Traumflüge - Angelika Schütgens - ebook

Traumflüge ebook

Angelika Schütgens

72,99 zł


Many grade-school children have difficulties sitting still and concentrating. Fantasy stories may help them to better concentrate, to better perceive their own feelings and to achieve a higher level of self-confidence. Fantasy stories are also appropriate for reducing feelings of stress – a phenomenon now not unknown to even the youngest children. They provide a feeling of inner peace, relaxation and creativity, and they strengthen the children´s optimism in life and their sense of reality.Two goblins and a cloud dragon accompany the children through the fantasy stories and provide an easy introduction to new and fascinating worlds. They tell the story of some of the little sensory joys that may be discovered in everyday life: the wind in your face, sand running through the fingers of your hands, the smell of fresh mint, the sound of bubbling water …The insightful drawings by the author round off the joy provided children in reading these stories, which can be used either as introductory or as meditative images. They are also available in color from the publisher´s website.

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