The Scarlett Effect - J. Garcia - ebook

The Scarlett Effect ebook

J. Garcia



In a city crawling with supernatural creatures, the sultry and free spirited Scarlett Stone thrives for the attention of Gabriel, a dazzling mysterious nightwalker. Meanwhile, Vincent his twin brother develops an insatiable affection for her. He envies Gabriel the more he sees her chasing after him.

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J. Garcia

The Scarlett Effect

Twin Lovers

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The Scarlett Effect Twin Lovers

J. Garcia

Copyright ©2018 by J. Garcia

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Unzipping my leather high heel boots was easy getting out of them was not. I bent silently behind the large tree slipping them off. He was far away enough to hear my heart beat. He would only be here for a cherishing hour. This was my chance for a clear shot. I'm going for. Call me fearless or just plain stupid but I wanted to capture that nightwalker so badly.

“Alright,” I salivated my shivering lips.

One, two, three and go.

I jumped from behind the tree crouching on the cold itchy grass. My bare feet were to be the sacrifice of triumph. Positioning the lens gingerly I snapped quickly once I had him in the scope.

I worked out the digital camera like a teenager on graduation day.

Sneaking back to the tree I checked the shots. They came out better than I would’ve hoped. He was beautiful. Man, what I would give to kiss that piece of perfection. So pale and grim. It tempted me. Excited my soul. Things I never felt from my own kind. I sounded pitiful yet it was still the truth. Gabriel, come and rescue me. In my dreams you do. In reality it looks like I'll have to come to you.

I'm so tired of waiting of watching him. Such a reserved creature, one I long to fill with happiness to give him a kind he's never known.

I brought the small screen to my lips. My beautiful nightwalker. Even these faint images of him made me melt. At least I have something to keep selfishly.

I was determined to catch sweet pale mug from these new sharp lenses. I learnt his routine following it so I could eventually get some decent snaps of him.

I scrambled for my boots dusting the grass dirt off them. For a moment I imagined myself walking to that wooden bench offering him a wave asking to sit beside. I wanted so bad to tell him I wasn’t afraid. I wanted to know how it felt to rest my head on his shoulder while gazing with him at the bright sky.

I couldn’t explain what overcame me when had first glimpse this pale ridden, solemn man. It was like a powerful force that drew me in.

I checked the time on my phone. I'm late for work.

I stooped for a last peep. His neck switched to the side. I stooped lower behind the tree.

Could he smell me? Hear my heart pumping? If he did, why didn’t he swiftly disappear like he always does. He instantly turned into a beam passing my eyes. Goodbye.