An Offer She Can't Offer Refuse - J. Garcia - ebook

An Offer She Can't Offer Refuse ebook

J. Garcia



The Sequel has arrived and more jawdropping then before!Angelica is shuddered in hysteria and disbelief when she learns that her cousin has gotten himself into deep trouble with a bunch of gambling sharks. Little does she that he also owes them a considerable amount of cash that could threaten his life as long as he breathes. She has no othercjoice than to ask for Johnny's protection.

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J. Garcia

An Offer She Can't Refuse Vol 2

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An Offer She Can’t Refuse

Volume 2


J. Garcia

Copyright©2021 by J. Garcia

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“You snake, why didn’t you tell me you wanted to buy our property?”

I snapped pacing down the front steps. He won’t set those expensive designer shoes even half way to the door, not if I have something to say about it.

Two bulky men in suits whom appeared to be bodyguards glanced to Johnny. He flipped his palm and they're backs were immediately turned giving their employer and I some space.

“Nice to see you as well, Angelica.”

He said irked by my confrontation.

“To be fair you ran off without letting me finish our conversation. I intend on buying out every store in that area it’s suitable for the Winery.”

“There must be another such area you can use. My father has had that Pasticceria since I was five. It’s worth far more than a fat check you can write us.”

He stared at me weird.

“Mr. Kimper didn’t tell me anything close to that when we discuss the matter.”

“Forget what he told you. We're in rough situation at the moment and its influencing my father's decision.”

I elaborated keeping my information vague.

“Then he's smart to accept my bid. Your whole sentimental value to the property has absolutely nothing to do with me.”

He stated blunt.

My head dropped emotions overflowing. It was pointless he would understand our attachment to a place basically brought to life.

“Why are you so distressed, cara?”

He asked lifting my chin.

I grabbed his arm urging him to let us continue the conversation further down the street where nobody see us from the living room window.

The daunting men whom could’ve passed for brothers judging by the tall height and buff muscle build the two shared, tailed us at a steady alert pace. They maintained a fair distance sufficient not to be in ear’s length of their boss, or me. My guess was they were trained to respect his privacy while on the job.

“Your father mentioned his huge expense. You want to both have your family Pasticceria and have the bills dealt with, huh.”

“Don’t mock me, Johnny.”

I pulled my chin to step away from him. He wouldn’t let go.

“So, now you end the formalities.”

He inched closer, too close another inch and he would collide with my lips.

“I can help you, Angelica, make all your worries vanish by tomorrow.”

My furrows widened.

“You can keep what’s precious to you if I get something I find precious.”

I gulped feeling distorted. “What’s that?”

“You, I want you.”