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Der Internetpromoter Benjamin Fischer lebt mit seinem 9-jährigen Sohn Dominik in München. Bei einem Spaziergang im Park lernen sie den 12-jährigen Jungen Tom Bailey kennen, der von Amerika kommt. Er wurde von dem schwerreichen Geschäftsmann und Zauberer Lawrence Gordon nach Europa gebracht. Benny und Dominik begleiten Tom nach Amerika, und geraten in ein brandgefährliches Abenteuer.

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The Revenge Of The Hitmons

The Revenge Of The Hitmons

written by Lewis Cowley

Important NOTE:This story and its contents are protected by copyright. Any kind of duplication, whether in technical, optical, chemical or any other way, will be prosecuted and punished with high fines or even imprisonment. LINE * COM LTD is using all available means to fight robbery.THE STORY:Because this had thwarted his biggest blow, Martin Gordon sent his arch rival, 10-year-old Tom Bailey and his famous Hitmon Rauruk to Europe via a mysterious spell. There they became friends with the internet promoter Benny Fischer and his 9-year-old son Dominik. They agree to help them. So they fly to the USA and land in the middle of a brand-new adventure ...

Content:Chapter 1: New creationsChapter 2: Today No Rocket LaunchChapter 3: NikiChapter 4: The Little Benny

Chapter 5: New FriendsChapter 6: RemindersChapter 7: AmericaChapter 8: Many HitmakersChapter 9: Niki's Success RecipeChapter 10: Where the Fruits FallChapter 11: Searching for TintuChapter 12: The Strange SurpriseChapter 13: "Freeing NikiChapter 14: The Dream of Father and SonChapter 15: Benny's RevengeChapter 16: The CelebrationChapter 17: Visit to Germany

CHAPTER ONE: NEW CREATIONSDear Reader. Do you know what a hitmon is? A Hitmon is an animal-like creature that can be monster-like, big or small, and can strike violently in its own way. A hitmon is a species of animals that can not be compared with any other on our planet, although there are certain similarities. A Hitmon can originate from different animal species. Hitmons are special breeds, which were once developed by a doctor. Most have been known, some of them even became world-famous. And this was due to a boy from Munich. The hitmons lived almost exclusively in the American Florida. Many of them lived in the forest, others lived together with their coaches in cities like Miami or Lansdale. They had grown accustomed to life with their coaches, while the out-of-the-way hitmons, some with or without a coach, lived outside in the wilderness. It all started about 15 years ago when the well-known researcher Dr. John Kiviat made his first attempts to produce talking animals. At first he did not know what kind of animal he was to take. He had an old tired tiger in the cage, but he did not know if it would be a good idea. Dr. Kiviat thought for a long time. Purely theoretically the experiment should succeed. So he let his old tiger out and attached scanner cables to him. In the computer, he created a kind of tiger and stored the data on the hard disk. With his software, he managed to create a kind of tiger. At first only on the computer, but then he succeeded the miracle, which he had waited for so long. From the test tube developed a small life form, which soon grew to a kind of tiger. The professor was speechless, that he could do just that. Fortunately, he had saved the DNA chain. It was huge and encompassed several thousand pages. But that is exactly the secret of creating new life. The new form of life grew until suddenly the glass was blown. The new being had grown too big. Dr, Kiviat was thrilled until the creature jumped and bite into his hand, though it had no teeth. It also played with a dice. "You're quite aggressive," the professor said. "What do you mean? You're a real hit monster. A hitmon. How about Cubi. " But the Hitmon hissed again and again and jumped at Dr. Kiviat several times. Nevertheless, the researcher succeeded in taming the Hitmon.

Soon Dr. Kiviat noticed, that this new animal had a special gift. It learned to speak very quickly. But it was aggressive and he attacked the professor again and again. Dr. But Kiviat was not discouraged. He showed Hitmon a piece of bread. "This is bread." "Breaaaaaad!" said the creature, and bit into it. But then the bread was thrown away. "Aaaaahhhhh!" It came as disgusting. Then the Professor put a piece of meat at the Hitmon, as he called it. The creature bit into it. "This is meat," Kiviat explained. "Meaaaaaat! Greaaaat!”, said the Hitmon. Dr. Kiviat had to grin involuntarily. As a fan of wild animals, he went to the next experiment. It was supposed to be a snake, because an acquaintance of him had an anaconda as a pet. He immediately called him. "Yo Frank. Can you lend me your snake for a short time? I have an experiment ongoing and could use it. " Already in the evening Frank emerged. He was a bit younger than Dr. Kiviat. He had his little anaconda with him. Fortunately it was summer and very hot. A temperature which is perfect for snakes. "What are you up to?" asked he. "Do you see this little tiger-like fellow there?" asked Kiviat. "Yes, what about that?" Frank wanted to know. "He is the result of a fantastic experiment," explained Kiviat. "I've created it with the help of my old tiger, It took years to make this vision come true, I want you to be a witness to my new experiment." "How long does it take?" Frank inquired. "About half an hour." said Dr. Kiviat. "Then you can take your snake back." Frank thought for a moment, then said, "All right, John." "Can we?" asked Kiviat. "You're welcome." Frank confirmed. Already Kivitat fixed his scanner cables to the snake, which showed no movement. "She seems to be used to cables." he noted. "She has to go to the doctor regularly." Frank explained. "He then hangs them on different cables to examine them." "Aha." slipped it from Dr. Kiviat out.

Shortly afterwards, the experiment was finished and Dr. Kiviat said: "If you have time, you can visit me tomorrow or soon, maybe it's worth it." "I have time, then I come." replied Frank. "I need to discuss something important with you." "Why is?" Kiviat wanted to know. "Not today." Frank replied. He grabbed his snake and continued: "I'll be late because I have to tell you something." "So, then, to overmorrow." said Kiviat. Kiviat closely watched his creation. A worm grew in a large glass. At least the Dr. Kiviat. But the worm grew bigger until he looked like a snake.Two days later Frank reappeared. "I have to talk to you." he said in a hurry. "Well, then sit down." asked Dr. Kilian. "Thank you." Frank sat down on a chair, which Kiviat instructed him. "So what are you doing there?" Frank began. "Do not you want to know what has become of the clone of your snake?" "You're cloning animals?" "Not directly." improved Dr. Kiviat. "I try to create different creations from animals." They are supposed to be similar to the original and yet quite different. " "I can already imagine what you mean by that." replied Frank. "Did not you mention last year that you would dare?" "Right." confirmed Kiviat. "And now I'm the result of my research, I've already created an animal, it's a hitmon named Cubi, it can even talk." "And now you think this serpent, or whatever it is going to be, can you teach me to speak?" asked Frank. "I am firmly convinced of this." said Kiviat in a certain tone. "It will learn as much as Cubi. "How do you call it?" Frank wanted to know. "I do not know that yet." admitted Kiviat. "I want to inquire about his qualities, and I did the same with Cubi." "Tell me about it." asked Frank. "Well," began the professor. "It started with Cubi playing with the little dice, so I called him that. "And the other term?" Frank continued. "It hit and was aggressive." explained Kiviat. "Probably all creations will be that way, so I call them Hitmons.

"What I wanted to tell you before." began Frank. "I do not like what you're doing." "Why not." Kiviat wanted to know. "Because it's just too dangerous to mess with something like that." Frank explained. "You can not just draw life forms." "Why not?" asked Dr. Kiviat. "I did not research for years." "That simply does not work." replied Frank. "For the very fact that the whole thing can get out of control, and what you are doing is simply a rape of nature." "Are you sure of that?" Kiviat asked. "Have you already tried the theory in practice?" "No not that." confessed Frank. "But what if the animals suddenly multiply uncontrolled, what do you do then?" "I take this risk." said Kiviat determined. "So really, John." laughed Frank. "Do not you think of anything better?" "I do not know what you think of me, but I'm not a fool, you know, I'm a man of practice." No, the question I ask you is that you are the breeders of Hitmons, or whatever you call them, what value do they have, would they want to buy someone, and how much would they pay? "No, I forgot that." replied Kiviat. "But I really did not want to sell them. They should live free." "And if the whole thing gets out of control?" Frank inquired. "I just want to warn you." "That will not happen." said Kiviat. "I keep the lid on it." "I hope you are right." said Frank. "For my part, I wish you all the best and stay on the carpet." "That's always me." replied Kiviat. "But you can visit me again soon, if you want." "Why, surely." Frank replied. "I'd just like to know what's going to happen." "Then just come over next week." said Kiviat. "Until then she has grown." As soon as I have a gap, I'll pass, "promised Frank," Shall I call you before? " "That never hurts." grinned Kiviat. "I'm not always in the lab." "So then, next week." said Frank, got up and gave Kiviat his hand. "See you." it came back from the professor.

Frank had already disappeared. Kiviat was still watching his new creation. He also wanted to teach her to speak, but the animal did not seem to understand the language. Or was it too early? As in the first experiment, the second ended with a broken glass. The serpent might be one meter long and resembled the borrowed Anakonda. But how long would it be? After all, she had become a meter in two weeks. Dr. Kiviat tried to teach her to speak, but he did not succeed. At least he thought so. But quickly he noticed that the snake gave him an ink-pen, when he had only thought of it. Could she read about thoughts? Dr. Kiviat tried again, thinking of his writing pad. The serpent gave him that too. Now the professor started his third experiment. He thought of his coffee cup. He also got the snake. Kiviat was convinced that the snake could read thoughts. But what would she like to eat? Kiviat had scarcely thought of the idea when the snake fell on the salad bowl and slapped the salad greedily. This was enough for the professor to be the last proof. But what name should the Hitmon get? Kiviat thought of the ink. So he called it Tintu. The next day he got a visit from his friend Frank. He really only wanted to see what had become of the new snake. "She is developing magnificently." reported Dr. Kiviat. "And I've found that she can read thoughts." "How did you find that?" asked Frank. Kiviat reported and did not forget to place the serpent's merit in the brightest light. When he had finished, he added, "So it's quite clear that the snake must be a special being. Do you admit that?" "Well, I do not know." said Frank. "I still believe that the serpent is dangerous, and the matter of thinking, whether it is true or not, will be only a beginning." "What do you mean, how big can the snake be? "Not really." admitted Kiviat. "Cubi is almost as big as a normal tiger, but that does not mean anything. After all, he's already two months old." "Then you have to expect him to get even bigger." feared Frank. "And with the serpent it is certainly no different, who knows how great it is." By the way, what is her name? " "Tintu." explained Kiviat. "And she will not be my last creation, I will continue."

"Think about it, John." Frank warned. "Cubi is already so aggressive. Do you still want to challenge fate?" "Nothing will happen, I know." Kiviat reassured him. "I'll keep the animals in check." "You can not do that now." uncheck Frank. "What if this goes on and you lose control of the animals?" "That will not happen." Kiviat reassured him. "You said that before." said Frank. "But I'm skeptical, and I want to bet you do not get the animals with the animals, what kind of animals do you want to make?" "I do not know that yet." admitted Kiviat. "But I'm sure there'll be more." "But you do not know anyone who has a pet." Frank contradicted. "On the contrary." said Kiviat. "I know many who have a pet, and I will create more." The time passed and the hitmons were getting more and more. Meanwhile, Kiviat had created a harmless herbivore called Krauti and also a stern-like hitmons, which he called Kuti. There was also a big, bull-like hitmon named Crusu. Now Professor Kiviat ventured into a new experiment. As with all his predecessors, he was not confident whether he would succeed, because he was now trying with an octopus. Here, too, he had borne such an animal, for now he wanted to create for the first time not only a male but also a female. He did not know why it had just occurred to him, but he could make up for it. While he entered the data for the new Hitmon, he made a sensational discovery: the other hitmons were bisexual and could be both males and females. At one point in his file, he discovered an XY chromosome that turned into a YY chromosome and later returned. Dr. Kiviat discovered that the Beings could also bear birth. Hopefully, the whole thing would not get out of control. The fact that he had just created turtle-like hitmons, which he called Bratokas, did not make the problem easier because he discovered that they could throw water. Dr. Kiviat was careful not to get out of control because the hitmons actually increased over time. It was very slow, but it was still time. Nevertheless, he did not lose sight of the latest experiment with the Kraken. But he got to work. He realized that the other hitmons were in the hair. It was not easy for him to finish the fight, but the hitmons finally obeyed him. But would it always go on like that?

When the new experiment with the Kraken was finished, the creature grew in the glass. But then Dr. Kiviat, that they were two Krakenwesen. How had that happened? Hardly anyone could imagine what was going on in the Professor. Now he remembered that he had changed the XY chromosome in the DNA chain. Whether that was the reason. He did not know. The fact was that now two octopuses grew in the glass. Dr. Kiviat was so impressed by the result that he wanted to keep animals alive. "This is the matter of God," he said. Now he did nothing more, but took care of his creations. But not for long. Kiviat had stalled everything until he tried to make a humpster a hitmon. Until then, he could not have guessed that this would be his biggest success. Again the experiment was successful, but even this hitmon did not want to learn to speak. So far only Cubi was capable of speaking. In addition, Kiviat had discovered something: the new Hitmon, like Tintu, could read thoughts. He did not know why he had succeeded. Had he overlooked something in the DNA chain? Speaking, the hitmons, apart from Cubi, did not learn at first, for the professor took little time for his creations, because he was constantly busy with the breeds. He was so obsessed with the idea that he often fell asleep in his lab. As a lonely man, he could also decide to decide whether he came home or not, for he mostly forgot not only his stomach but also his time. The professor found out something else: Hitmons needed teenagers to train them. This could make a hitmon powerful. But which of the countless hitmons could it be? The professor had now found out a lot about his hitmons. There was not only Cubi. The Hitmon, which once came from a tiger, could not only hiss, but also kill fast-speed. Cubi fed on meat of all kinds. It probably even fed on other hitmons. Nothing could escape him, for Cubi could even hover and blow from the air. And there was Krauti. The harmless creature, which feeds on plants, but could fight hard. It was very resistant. The only hitmon that had no enemy was Tintu. The snake-like hitmon, now larger than an anaconda and endowed with immense powers, had no other creature to fear, for his teeth were the strongest and could break bones. No wonder why many hitmons hid under a tank or developed other skills. But the most celebrated hitmon was Rauruk, the hamsterlike creature. His best ability was to analyze the thoughts of other hitmons. Only Tintu had not had any success. However, it had even learned to read. There were bratokas. They looked like turtles and could spit water, but not from the mouth but from the hands. But there were also problems: The hitmons, first, did not come together at all. Again and again there were disputes among them. Dr. Kiviat could not reach an agreement between them because he suddenly died of a heart attack. His friend Frank found him by chance. This was the end of the great breed. Nobody had the professor's ability and so no new hitmons could be created. A very regrettable thing, for now nothing went on. The Hitmon Rauruk was smart. He knew Dr. Tracy, who was also busy with Hitmons. Perhaps he could make more breeds. Rauruk, who had just learned to speak, immediately sought the researcher. "What do you want?" Asked Dr. Tracy. "You have to help and make new hitmons," said Rauruk. "We need to talk." "And what do you expect from me?" Asked Dr. Tracy. "I can not make any new hitmons and I can not teach them to speak. This could only be your creator and he has been dead for a month. " "You have to do it," Rauruk demanded. "We need other hitmons." "How am I supposed to do that?" Tracy. "I can not get any hitmons and not teach them our language. It's not working. Dr. Kiviat is dead. Only he could do that and nobody else. " "But you must be able to do that too," said Rauruk. "You've learned so much from him." "I have not learned anything from him," Tracy explained. "I can not make a hitmon. I've never met Dr. Kiviat worked together. " "But we need more hitmons," cried Rauruk. "That may be," said Dr. Tracy. "But I'm definitely the wrong man. How am I supposed to do this? I do not have the knowledge of him. " "But maybe we can find something to help you in his papers," Rauruk said. "I ask some friends who can help me." Rauruk did not know Tom Bailey at that time. But one of the first coaches was a certain Clifford, who knew quite well with computers. He might find something. Rauruk rushed to Clifford. He was a quiet and somewhat timid guy, but he knew about computers.

"I should have the documents of Dr. Kiviat? "Asked the latter. "Do you know how many of them are there? I'll need countless months, if that's enough. " "But somewhere he must have left behind, how he created Hitmons," explained Rauruk. "Perhaps he did not write this down, but stored in his computer. You have to check. We've got him back in the big room, as far as I know. " "I want to see what I can do." Clifford said, ran to the back computer and started him. But whether he could read anything out? Finally, he did not know whether the deceased professor had ever filed any data. An hour later, however, Clifford encountered a file that was only open by a certain software, but when he tried to open the file, only the window appeared that the software was not there. Clifford looked for a few of the existing floppy disks, but he was not allowed to charge them all. The hard drive was too small for it. But then he found, as if by chance, some disks, on which a strange program was spooled. He had never heard of it. Curious, as he always was, he spun the program on the hard drive. And then ... actually, he could now open the file. There were different numbers and numbers to be seen. Clifford could not do anything with it. Immediately he reached for his cell phone and called Dr. Tracy. "Hello Doc, here Clifford," he said. "I have found here among the things of Professor Kiviat a software that opens files with different digits and other things. Perhaps this has to do with the breeding of the hitmons. " "Where are you now?" Tracy asked. "In our computer room," Clifford explained. "Come quickly." No half an hour later, Dr. Tracy arrived in the said room. "Look at that," said Clifford. "Perhaps these figures have something to do with the old breeding." "You can be right," Tracy said, looking at the data. "It looks like a DNA chain, and that is huge." Dr Tracy looked at the file. 10 minutes later he confirmed: "These are actually these data. But I have to analyze them so I can recognize them. " "Then do it," said Clifford. "I think we've discovered the secret now." Tracy immediately took the disks and analyzed the data stored on them. At first he was still uncertain until he actually came across a trail that was to change his whole mind. 2 weeks later he had deciphered the data. He immediately drummed together.

All those were Clifford, who brought him on the trail, Calvin, the woman's hero, Maggie, the ever-cheerful girl with the red hair, and Rauruk. "I've discovered how Dr. Kiviat has created the hitmons, "he reported. "Maybe I can do it, too." He was right. With the help of the data provided by the deceased Dr. Kiviat, the doctor Tracy actually, to create the Hitmon Burny. A being that did not resemble any animal on the earth. It was spirited and consumed everything it got between the teeth. Also plastic. It could fire fire. One day Dr. Tracy visiting a stranger. It was Frank, the friend of Dr. Kiviat. "What can I do for you?" Tracy asked. "My name is Frank Turner." the stranger introduced himself. "I was a friend of Dr. Kiviat, and I found him when he died." "I'm sorry." said Tracy. "But what do you want from me?" "I have learned that you are continuing with the breeds." Turner explained. "If I may give you a well-meaning advice, let it be. There are some who know enough about these beasts." "I have, so to speak, the legacy of Dr. Kiviat." said Tracy. "And I will continue." "I have already warned Dr. Kiviat." Turner explained. "What you are doing is a rape of nature." "I would not see that." said Tracy. "And besides, I am convinced that the whole thing will get out of control." said Turner. "I have less impression." said Dr. Tracy. "I am much more of the opinion that I have everything under control." "You are of the opinion." Turner replied. "It's probably better if you stop doing that." "Until now, everything went very well." laughed Tracy. "I do not think it gets out of line." "But I am already of the opinion." said Turner. "There are already too many of these hitmons." "But not enough for Rauruk." replied Tracy. "There can not be enough hitmons for him." "Rauruk is the hamster hitmon." recognized Turner. "Why do you work with the hitmons?" "Because it just makes me happy." the professor explained. "Besides, I'm doing something good."

"I had asked you to stop." Turner repeated. "It's not like building a building, it's hitmons that are growing uncontrollably." "But they mostly have coaches." corrected Tracy. "They show them where it's going." "Still, I'm against it." admitted Turner. "Stop it." Drr Professor thought for a moment and said, "I'll think about it." One day Professor Rauruk asked. A 9-year-old boy was with him, he wanted to be a Hitmon coach. Calvin, who was there, giggled involuntarily. Rauruk should get a coach? That was ridiculous. This hitmon was much too spirited. Nobody had been able to do it. "Did I hear right?" Clifford asked. "Rauruk wants a coach?" "Dr. Tracy said it, "Calvin replied. "I thought I heard wrong." "That can not be true," said Maggie. "Rauruk does not stop anyone." "Well, let's just go," said Clifford. "Maybe we'll find out." No half an hour later, everyone was with Rauruk at Dr. Tracy has arrived. "Good thing you come," the professor greeted. "It is best to have witnesses. The strange boy is in the next room, and Rauruk is quite excited. " "I see that," Calvin confirmed. "He runs like a small tiger back and forth." "Is he curious about the strange boy?" Maggie wanted to know. "We'll find that," said Dr. Tracy. "It is clear that I am doing an experiment here, and this can happen only once. Because, no matter how it goes, we have to look at it. And that is why I need witnesses. " A little pause took place, then Clifford said: "All right, Doctor." "Shall I open the door?" "Yes." It came at the same time from the mouths of the friends. Slowly and with measured steps, Dr. Tracy to the door and opened it. An about nine-year-old boy went through the door and looked at the others. But before he could say anything, Rauruk rushed toward him. He screamed. Rauruk had already overthrown the boy and littered him with morsels. "Rauruk stop!" Maggie shouted. But the Hitmon did not think of it. The strange boy screamed, but Rauruk continued. "You must stop, Rauruk!" Maggie continued. And slo ... the Hitmon was gone. The strange boy slowly stood up. He blew in different places.

"This is Tom Bailey," Professor Tracy said.  "Are you actually 10 years old?" Asked Maggie.  "No." said the strange boy. "I'm only 9."  "Then you can not train a hitmon," said Maggie.  "Wait, I'll do it," said Tom Bailey.  "He should be physically examined and treated," said Maggie.  "That I can take over." came from Dr. Tracy back.

CHAPTER 2: TODAY NO ROCKET START Time passed. In the meantime, we had the year 2013. The world of hitmons and their trainers had changed a lot. The trainer had grown older and Tom Bailey, the best of all Hitmons coaches, was very mature for his age of 10 years. There were more than 400 hitmons. 42 of them, Tom had already trained, but his little Rauruk, the most famous of all Hitmons, remained his No. 1 in every respect. In addition, the big coya league was the Hitmons coach and Tom had the intention to win. The Coya League took place annually in a stadium, which had been abandoned years ago. There were no sports activities. But for the Coya league it was still good. The Coya League was a competition between Hitmons and their coaches. The rules were simple: anyone who could conquer the current Coya master became the next. Last year a certain Paul had won. He was a strong young man. But that did not matter, because it was necessary that the hitmons should fight against each other. Tom had intended to win. Since his first encounter with Rauruk, Tom had never been attacked by him again. Rauruk was still temperamental, but now he protected the boy and helped him where he could. Last year, Rauruk lost in the Coya League, he wanted to do better this time. Now it sounded from the loudspeakers: "All participants please to the Arenaleitung. All hitmons and their coaches must be registered and registered. " Tom went with his whole squad to the registration office. He discovered Paul. So he was there again. No wonder: after all, he was now the arenalist and wanted to defend his title. But Tom decided to win this year. When Tom's turn came, he said, "My name is Tom Bailey. I was here last year. Maybe you still have the documents from then. I now have a lot of hitmons that I want to register. " "Then call me," the man said. Tom counted all his hitmons and then said, "This year I will win." "Well, there you have something to do, boy," said the man. "Let's see if you can do it. The biggest number of hitmons you already have. " Tom sat back in his seat. He remembered a scene at the cemetery.

It was on a Friday in a cemetery of the city of Lansdale, near Philadelphia, where Tom and his mother lived. Tom had just visited the grave of his twin sister Kelly. A few years ago she had fallen victim to the mighty and elusive Martin Gordon. Tom had sworn revenge, but he did not know how to do it. He was only a boy, and Gordon's shelter resembled a fortress that could not be taken. Protected by about 80 men as well as the highest technical devices was not to be approached, but Tom wanted to reach his goal no matter how. His friends, Casanova Calvin, the cheeky Maggie and the quiet Clifford, were present at the funeral. Next to Tom was Rauruk, who hardly moved from his side. Although Rauruk looked completely unimpressive, it had become the most powerful of all hitmons over the years. His already mentioned ability was to be able to make contact with other hitmons telepathic. This could affect all the other hitmons so that they followed him. But it was also very spirited and even with his messy teeth could even crush bone, and not only his opponents, but also his trainer Tom himself already felt. Since then, bites were nothing special to him. His body was already full of scars. A result of her first encounter, only his face remained unharmed so far. However, there was a hitmon that did not respond to Rauruk's telepathic abilities so far. The gigantic, snake-like creature with the name of Tintu, larger than an anaconda, and at the same time the most dangerous of all Hitmons, for it was not only invulnerable, but possessed teeth which Rauruk himself was not capable of crushing even trees dangerous like no other hitmon. Tintu could not speak for a long time by mouth. Also his ability was telepathy. But as he was better acquainted with it than Rauruk, he had been able to defend himself against his thoughts. But Rauruk was not the hitmon, which gave up easily. Meanwhile his language skills had also improved. Now it was with Tom at the funeral and did not dare the slightest movement. Although Tom's friends had not known his sister Kelly, they were depressed. Tom, who was so strong, looked broken. Even Rauruk, who was always cheerful, remained unusually quiet today. After the friends had left the cemetery, Maggie asked: "Surely you are in the arena tomorrow, Tom." He looked up. In his hitherto sad and expressionless eyes rose again the intrepid victory glow that his friends loved him. "Sure," he replied firmly. "I will certainly win, because no one has as many hitmons as I do. Besides, I've also trained them very well. "

"Hopefully you're right," said Clifford. "In any case, we'll keep your fingers crossed for you tomorrow." "Thank you, folks," Tom said. "It will work out." The next day it was time: in the Hitmons-Arena it was like on a bazaar. The audience seats were full and some coaches had finished with their hitmons. It was important to know who had the most hitmons and who was the best coach. The 40 coaches and about 250 hitmons were present today. Tom sat in the front of the stands. Next to him Calvin, Clifford and Maggie, who almost always held the little Kuti in her arms. Kuti looked like a mixture of hedgehog and star. Crimson with huge eyes, an almost shapeless nose and a cheeky little mouth. Now Maggie remembered how she had met Kuti. She had taken a walk in the forest, and soon saw how a star-shaped creature, caught between two parts of the tree, shouted loudly for help. "Kuuti, Kuuti!" She cried. Maggie quickly understood what Hitmon wanted to say. She reached for a thick branch that was lying on the floor and said, "I will set you free." With all the strength of her body, she pressed the branches with the help of the thick branch. Kuti already jumped into her arms. Maggie picked up the little hitmon and asked: "Well, are you feeling better now?" A faint grunt let the Hitmon hear from him and nestled in Maggie's arms. At that time, the girl could not yet guess that the Hitmon was now almost always a companion. No matter where she went, Kuti stayed by her side. Maggie did not know yet what the Hitmon would like to eat, but very soon she had noticed that she liked to eat leaves. Even now in the Coya League, which was regarded as the greatest and most difficult, Kuti sat in Maggie's arms. Expectantly and his victory surely, Tom followed the whole ceremony. Tom did not have much time, because he still had to fight against Martin Gordon. Gordon was the heavy businessman and had the intention to subdue the world. His latest method could have shaken the whole earth if one had learned of it. Professor Tracy, who was both a brilliant physicist and a hitmons expert, had recently commissioned Tom to dig Gordon's camp. Though Tom had other worries, he did so and discovered some of the details that he wanted to tell Professor Tracy. As Tom had learned, Gordon had four French hydrogen bombs built, with which he wanted to extort all the powers of the world, and then to get himself into power.

But Tom and Rauruk should succeed in thwarting this plan. At that moment Tom remembered the individual events: He and Rauruk were only a week before with Professor Tracy, the Hitmons scientist. Tom told him about his latest knowledge. "And you're sure there are hydrogen bombs?" The professor asked. "There are some," Tom replied excitedly. "And I also know they should start next week and where. One flies to England, one to Russia, and the others are supposed to hit somewhere in America. That's all I've figured out. " "Then I need the targets of the other two missiles and their target vectors," said Tracy. "But the four of them. Only then can I decipher the code and direct the rockets into space, where they can not do any harm. That means you have to pay two visits to the stadium and it will not be easy. " "But they have dogs," cried Rauruk. "They smell us." Professor Tracy grinned. "Not necessarily." He went to a closet and opened the glass door. From this he took a bottle with a green liquid. "This bottle contains an extract of certain plants," the professor explained. "When you drink it, the body gives off a strong plant odor that can cover the body. Unfortunately I have to say that it can drink only hitmons. For humans it is poisonous, but not bad, it only provokes diarrhea, but I get that also still under the handle. So Rauruk must go to the headquarters and the data alone. " Tom looked at his hitmons. "Do you think you can do it?" He asked. Rauruk hopped with pleasure and shouted: "Huki, Huki! Of course I can do that! When do I have to drink, and how long does it work? " "Drink at least an hour before your mission, Rauruk," Professor Tracy explained. "And the effect lasts about 12 hours. At least the tests showed. But first this extract has to be tested on you, then I know more precisely. Are you ready?" "Huki!" Shouted the little Hitmon.

Two days after the test, Tom and Rauruk had arrived near the headquarters. Rauruk had already taken the extract to himself and crept with his trainer almost to Gordon's fortress. "There goes, Rauruk!" Tom said softly. "Huki!" The sweet voice of the brown hitmons. Rauruk was the only hitmon to read and write. He carried a piece of paper and a clerk with him, and sneaked secretly, silently and quietly through the various rooms. You could hear different voices. Rauruk crept under the computer cabinets directly to his goal. An almost endless time elapsed before it had overcome the several hundred meters of creeping, peeking, and waiting. But then it had finally reached an airlock and slipped into it. In the launching center, the individual rockets swung. Unintentionally it reached the folding door to the codes. The number of the rocket and the target course vectors were quickly recorded. Then he slipped to the other rockets and repeated his actions. Silently it crept away from the center. No one had noticed his appearance. It was as quiet as nois to Tom. He had already expected his hitmon. "Do you have the data?" He asked Rauruk. "Huki, Huki." Whispered his friend and handed Tom the note. The read: "Rocket 1: 47-11-23-17. Rocket 2: 42-18-55-12. Rocket 3: 29-63-55-19. Rocket 4: 29-63-59-11. " He looked up and said softly, "We have to go to Dr. Tracy. " As fast as they could, they ran to the Hitmons professor. He had already received her longingly. "Well, how was it? Have you achieved anything? " "You can say that!" Tom panted. "Rauruk has the target vectors." "There!" Cried Little Hitmon, handing Tracy the note. The professor read everything. Then he turned to a door, and cried, "Miss Howard!" Immediately afterwards, a picture-beautiful, red-haired young woman appeared in a nurse's clothes. Earlier, she worked in a hospital for Hitmons, but later she had applied to Professor Tracy to continue her scientific education. Tom exclaimed with delight: "Sister Julie Howard, I do not believe that!" "Huki, Huki!" Rauruk exclaimed. "Hello, Tom!" Julie greeted him. "Little surprise, huh?" "I can tell you," Tom said, astonished. "How do you get here?" "I stopped at the hospital six months ago to continue my education. And there was Dr. Tracy the best. "She asked, "You called me, Professor?" "However," said Dr. Tracy and handed Julie the note. "Can you decipher these coordinates?" Sister Howard took the document from the scientist and recognized the digits.

"It looks like target vectors for rockets," she said. "There are some," Tracy said. "What do you see?" Julie looked more closely at the numbers and the places around them. "The first double digit determines the continent," she reported. "2 stands for America and 4 for Europe. Specifically in this case: Rockets 1 and 2 are set on American targets and the other two on Europe. The second double number is for the country of the continent. The next two digits show the directional control and the last two digits indicate the exact position. Am I right?" "They've learned a lot," Tracy said. "And you are right with everything. It now only applies to the last four digits. If we can still decrypt it, we can reprogram the missiles. " "But you said the whole digits set the target," Tom said. "The third group is not," the professor recalled. "She is responsible for flight and direction control. And that makes the problem more difficult, because the rockets do not fly in their direct flight to their targets, they are buzzing over countless curves. " "What for?" Tom asked.