The Prosody of Dubbed Speech - Sofía Sánchez-Mompeán - ebook

The Prosody of Dubbed Speech ebook

Sofía Sánchez-Mompeán

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This book offers a descriptive and practical analysis of prosody in dubbed speech, examining the most distinctive traits that typify dubbed dialogue at the prosodic level. The author's unique perspective - as both a translation studies researcher and a voice-over professional - helps to bring these two aspects of the dubbing process together into a coherent study for the first time. Supported by corpus analysis of English and Spanish episodes of US TV show How I Met Your Mother, she examines aspects of prosody in source and target languages, including features such as intonation, loudness, tempo, rhythm and tension. This book will be of interest to students and scholars of translation and interpreting, media studies, television and film production, as well as dubbing professionals.

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