The Night Shift - Dorian Blaze - ebook

Cassandra Wilson is rich. She has a wonderful life. She gets everything her heart desires. Her life is one big party. But the party is about to end and possibly with deadly consequences. Will she be able to save herself in time? 

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Dorian Blaze

The Night Shift

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The Night Shift…



Dorian Blaze









The Night Shift… Copyright © 2017 by Dorian Blaze.


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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organiza- tions, places, events and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.


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ISBN: 978-0-9983423-4-4


First Edition: October 2017


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Dedicated to:


This book is dedicated to God first and foremost. I do understand that many of my works are secular and gritty. I am giving the reader a glimpse of life right or wrong. I do believe that he has given me the gift to write. I also dedicate this book to my family, close friends and the person who inspired me to publish this book, you know who you are.



Preface -


I have always considered myself a good person, a good girl even, but something happened or changed in me last summer. I think that I was tired of being the average woman, the average person. I think that I was tired of being me. Maybe I was just bored. Maybe I was just tired of people reminding me that I what I am, of who I am. Last summer I proved them wrong. I experienced tragic things last summer and I grew from the experiences, but I can't tell when if it made me a better person or not. It allowed me to experience and to open up the deeper parts of my being, maybe the dark parts. Yes, I proved them definitely wrong.


Cassandra Wilson, that is me. An average woman, somewhat fair female, with curly brownish reddish hair that just hits my shoulder and freckles all over my body. I guess that was my trademark my freckles, I got them from my dad. It was typical summer in Georgia and the pollen filled spring gave away for the stifling hot summer. I remember how when I would leave my $10.00 job, how my clothes would stick to my body and the dripping of my body's water soaked my underwear. I normally would have to wash three or more times a day, just to feel fresh. Even though I weighed about 170 hundred pounds, there is no possible way that anyone could tell. My body was beautiful. I had always felt confident about my looks, and I rate them about an 8, which is not just bragging. I mean, many people thought I was beautiful. A big beautiful black woman.


Last summer, I fell into a deep dark hole and I almost didn't get out.






Last Summer






I’m rich BITCH! I have everything that I want, so yes I am spoiled. I have a kickass car, only the best for me. I have the IPHONE 17.. Yessss, I have connections (wink, wink). I have gold rings, bracelets, necklaces and I don’t wear that cheap ass 10K or 14K gold. That shit is for losers. Walmart, KMART, Dillards, Sears, I could go on and on. These are places where losers shop. I drive past those stores. I always had the finer things in life and I deserve it. I had a new car at the age of 15, all the clothes that I ever wanted and trips to places beyond the average person's imagination or wallet. I get my nails, feet and hair done weekly. I positively live at the spa. I EAT great food and I have wonderful friends. This life is tough and I need the pampering. My parents lavished me with all sorts of material things as well as love. I am special and I know it. On a regular day I normally just hang out. Meaning, I relax. Relax by the pool, go shopping and go to a steaming hot club. But, last summer something tragic happened….


My father sat me down one day last summer and wanted to talk to me very seriously.


He told me to get a job.


“A JOB???” I almost spit out my drink.


I couldn't believe it. I thought to myself. My father wants me to learn some independence.


As I lay across my bed, I stared at the check that I received from my job after two whole weeks. The portion that was sent to me, which was chipped off piece by piece from the government and all those other thieves such as FICA and Medicare, after that there was not much left.

"A fucking $10.00 an hour job!", I thought to myself. I can't imagine how I would only be able to get ten dollars an hour job. A college graduate! That is the reason why I didn't leave home (well that wasn't the only reason). I have a check for $200.00 stinking dollars. That would barely buy me a pair of shoes. Oh well, I thought to myself as I tossed the check on the bed… I guess I will use that for gas money.


I drove my seductive new hot red mustang convertible to work and jumped out. I worked at ONLY4DIVAS where I fit in perfectly. The store has cutting edge clothing for women, sexy tops and blouses, jewelry that you wouldn't find anywhere else. I walk through the door, put up my purse and clocked in. Vicki is my manager. I am surprised to see her because she usually wouldn't come in until after the afternoon. Vicki always wore tight clothes that almost always pushed the limits of indecency. It really didn't look so bad, but she definitely got a lot of attention. Today she had on a deep purple leather skirt with light purple paisley sweater. She smelled like CK1 perfume. I could just see it as a light purple smoke swirling around her head and body. She looked fine, I guess. She looks great in a short skirt; her legs are so long and lean. My legs are more muscular and thicker with strong calves and a taught butt, but mini's ride too far above my hips. Her mini is neatly tucked underneath the curve of her ass. Needless to say, I have on some black low rider jeans.


"Cassie, please go and tighten up the sweaters for me?

Vicky asked when she turns and walk over to me.

"Ok." I said and proceeded to walk toward the sweaters. As I was folding the sweaters, which seemed like a couple of hours, Vicky's boyfriend Kelvin walks in. Kelvin came to pick up Vicky like he always does every Saturday so they can drop her daughter off at her mom's and then head out for dinner and dancing at Cream, the hot nightclub.


As he opens the door, it was as if the time slowed down, I could see the movement of his jeans when he walked swish, swish. I could see the V-line on him when he walked through the door, he normally wore is pants low, very low and it was very sexy. He glances slowly toward me and then looks around the room for Vicky. His eyes finally settle on her behind the cash register waiting on customers. Kelvin spoke to Vicky for a second and then walked over to me. As he approached, he moved slowly almost deliberately and sleek like a cat. I looked at him up and down, but slowly, ever so slowly. From his legs all the way to his light pale green eyes with flecks of brown. I seductively licked my lips.

"Hi, Cassie". He said with that sexy half smile.

"Hi, Kelvin". I said back to him.

Constantly flirting. I am constantly flirting. I love the way I feel when I flirt. It makes me feel very very sexy. I mean what's the harm? I haven't done anything.


At least not yet.


He moved in closer to me and whispers lightly in my ear, pretending to pick up a sweater "You look nice today, Cassie". I smile quickly and then tried to hide the smile. The closeness of his skin near mine causes the hair on my neck to stand straight up and it causes a slight tingle to crawl slowly down my back. The tingle crawls lower and lower. I could smell him. I could smell the mustiness of his personal body scent mixed with the smell of warm melted caramel.


His legs were so strong and muscular from playing professional baseball and the shirt that he wore stretched tightly across his chest. Again, I could smell a faint scent of musk drifting off his skin and then I started to hear Debarge playing in my head,

"Hey baby, I like everything you do, the way you comb you hair and everything you do that shows how much you care, hey babe, every time I look at you I get chills up, down my spine.. and I like it".

I started thinking to myself that I wanted to get to know Kelvin a little better. Definitely.


Vicky spoke in a commanding tone by the door after she had gotten her coat and was ready to leave. Kelvin turned around quickly to let her know he heard her, but not so fast as to draw suspicion. He started walking towards her with such a smile on his face that quickly cancelled any negative or suspicious thoughts that was in Vicky's head. When he grabs her hand she melted. She starts to smile. When they left the store, I proceed to finish folding the sweaters.


The music in my head had stopped.