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A wonderful love story from our time, ispired by a real story.Spirituality and romance, humor, charming descriptions.Selena, the protaginist of the story, is 23 years old and she bored by her office life and dailylife in general. She decides to take an acting class, where she meets famous people, one of these is Mihai, a famous actor. He ask her to play in a movie with him. During the practices, they fall in love. During the trip with all the people from the acting class, they have a night full of passion. Other stuff happen...but you have to discover them! Enjoy one of the most romantic love story from our time!PUBLISHER: TEKTIME

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Gabrielle Queen

Splendid Passion

Fan fiction Marius Manole

Original title: Splendida Pasiune

Translated by: Ciochina Doina

Publisher: Tektime

Twilight was fast approaching. But Selena felt like the day was just starting for her. She still needed to socialize, to know people and to chitchat with friends. That night she did not go out. She stayed home, watching the shadows transformed by the sun light in grotesque darker figures on the wall. That night, Selene felt how life and memories were tickling her fingers.

Years were passing above the city cover with fallen leaves, thousands of rubies part of the city’s hidden richness. Leaves and hearts. In this corner unknown by anyone, all the hearts once loved. In this grey and dusty city, love always bloomed – fragile and shy buds, warmed by a gentle and soft sun which protects them and helps them to bloom to life. Love’s muds bloom even in the hidden and insignificant places on the earth. Someone gently mysterious is taking care of them up there, a dreamer god who keeps the world in a cupping of hands, sometimes blowing over her silvery powder. In some places, dreams spread less, swallowed by people’s wish of increase, money and power. In others, dreams settle as a gentle snow of stars on houses windows, over dusty antennas, getting in the eyes and mouths of rushing and worried people about daily problems.  In the city where the story is set, dreams give an eternity, finding, probably, here more hearts full of gentleness and benignity.

Table of Contents

I A boring class

II Curtains rise

III A hell class

IV Nocturnal Adventures

V Blue Butterflies

VI Perplexities

VII Weekend at the beach

VIII Fairy

IX New Life

X Retrieval

XI Lorelei’s Mask

XII The Letter

XIII Happiness


I A boring class

Office life wasn’t as she had always imagined it; always the same things to do, a lot of work and also hard, always the same people to go out with. At some point it becomes monotony. Walks in the park in summer,eating cotton candy and ice cream, going to restaurant and disco; during winter cinema, theater, and concerts. A dull love life too. Selena began to feel as if she had done everything you could do in a lifetime.

Her dream had always been to play in movies, so when she randomly found a course of theater and television on the Internet, she decided immediately to apply, especially as it was not so expensive and it was expected to be held by personalities from show business. At least I’ll meet new people, she said to herself, without having any illusions.

At the office, her co-workers listened to her with scepticism, like all people do when they have a weirdo news:

What are you going to do there exactly?

I have no idea actually… we will film, I will act, I’m going to meet actors, directors… it is going to be nice, probably. I will see how is sitting behind the camera, how actors really are, I’m going to meet a lot of people… It is actually about being brave trying new things, avoiding the routine.

Maybe you are going to fall in love with an actor, one of her co-workers was joking. Like George Clooney or Jhonny Depp.

Oh, I don’t think so; you know I don’t trust them. Today they are dating someone and tomorrow is another one, they are always getting divorce, they get married again and again, I don’t need something like that… I’m going to observe a lot, I will try to have some fun at least… To forget Adreea’s face. They both smiled. Their boss was not the best person for them. She was too cold, too picky and she did not even tolerate the smallest transgression to the hundreds of rules that transform that firm into a firing squad. Who was not careful enough, was penalized or directly fired.

After a few weeks of emotions and impatience, where she dreamed about being a new Audrey Hepburn revolutionizing the cinema world or being a new Natalia Oreiro of telenovelas, the course’s first class arrived. She’s being told that they would have filmed most of the time. She was seeing herself on the stage, filming a hot sex scene with a handsome man, half naked… what if the director would want a compromise? She asked herself if she would accept it. Hmmm…it depends on the director, she giggled, turning on her heels in front of the mirror, admiring her curves that the dress showed up. It would not be wronged; she smiled, putting behind her ear a lock of hair. Who knows what waves could bring her this new occupation ... Anyway, her dream was Hollywood. Looking in the mirror, she felt she slightly resembled to Nicole Kidman…the same expression that makes go crazy all the men. A brunette variant with green eyes and some more kilograms. Despite that – in her opinion – there were enough men that considered her more that attractive…Selena was convinced that personality and charm are the most important things. Meh, she was not a star yet, but she knew she would have been one soon! What do stars have more than her? Less kilograms! And a lot of luck! At 23 years old she could still dream, she could still think that she can do something important in her life. She had not told it to anyone, but she was taking her dream really seriously.

If at 23 years old you are not taking yourself seriously, when will you? At 50 years old? Anyway, her opinion was that you can do whatever you want at any age, you just have to be brave enough…feeling that what are you doing is important and deserves to be done.

The first class was not such a big deal: the group was about twenty girls and JUST three guys; they introduced themselves a little bit, and the guy who was taking care of that class, Emilian – a skinny dude, with weirdo mustaches that seemed to defeat every gravitational law – start to talk about the class, schedules etc. Unfortunately, some schedules were not good for her, because they were during the day and she was a little bit pissed about that. She was already thinking about her boss’ face when she would have said: you know, 3 times per week I have to leave at 2 p.m. when she usually worked until 6 p.m.  

What explanation she would have given? The acting class? No way! She asked herself if her boss had another dream in her life that is not being in front of a computer, continuously writing emails, sometimes even forgetting about lunch break. Was this a normal life? Would this kind of life was around the corner even for her, after the thirties? Now, she had the chance to avoid all this.

Unfortunately, the first acting class was not a big deal, not even the second one, and not even the third one. Her enthusiasm was going down: yes they were filmed when they introduced themselves, then they all had to read some news from the journal in front of the camera…but nothing else special. Elimian talked to them a lot about journalism, how news are created for the television. They invited a news presenter to talk about the process of news research and creation, which would have been nice if Selene would have wanted to be a presenter or a journalist…but this was not actually her dream. Probably I did not read well the information about this class, she told herself, but she was sure she heard about meeting directors and actors from telenovelas and even film these kind of scenes…even if she was a wide awake dreamer, she knew that these details in the ad were absolutely real.

She was already thinking to give up or going less often, she did not like anyway the environment or the dark building where the classes were given. She was already thinking: The last hope taken away in this city where nothing happens and boredom is the only thing sure.

All this since…

…Since the day she has met Mircea, one of the most famous actor and presenter. She did not really like him, because she knew him from television and she thought that he was super childish and not even a good actor. Selena liked serious men. He, instead, was the most famous presenter and his show was one of the most followed. If so, he would have known something at least, she thought. She had the possibility to convince herself that being him the guest of the day, other important people will follow at the next classes.

He did not seem the same man from the television, but she was impressed at the beginning about his personality – he was definitely cuter that on the screen, his sense of humor was childish but in a cute way, he was very smart, and his charm was and his self-esteem was a surprise for Selena. What a thing, she thought, how much television can transform you. It was such a pity that he did not used this side for a large public but he preferred, instead, to act like an idiot.

Every time he was talking, she was listening very carefully at everything he was saying. He was not too tall, with brown hair and dark eyes full of joy, where you could read the sweetness but also the melancholy. He seemed a nice guy, the same opposite she would have thought about a celebrity. Suddenly, she asked herself if he was married, but she tried to banish this kind of thought. She read somewhere that he was married and he had a child…but she thought faster something else: usually, nice guys are all taken.

At the end of the class, each one of them had to invent a show and present it shortly. Selena said that would have been nice a show where different celebrities meet regular people and see if they could fall in love. Shortly, the idea was to see if a celebrity could have a relationship with a non-celebrity. While she was talking, she was looking at Mircea. She was surprised when at the end he told her that was a great idea and it could have been nice to think seriously at this kind of project for the television.

Embarrassed, excited, with the head in clouds and with her heart full of dreams, Selena thanked him and smiled at him in a way that spoke for her… She told herself: I would like to film with you the first episode. Unfortunately, Mircea could not read her thoughts. That night he left the class charged with lots of contradictory emotions: she liked him, but what she was going to do?

During the class, she had the impression that he looked at her often. Or she was just imagining this? Often she observed his melancholic look. In front of everyone he was joyful, but when nobody was looking, he had a sad expression such a dog without a master. Selena could not stop on asking herself why…he was rich and famous, he had a family, everyone loved him,  what could he miss? She wanted to ask him her phone number in a moment of impulsivity, but he was married, famous… She was intimidated by his status. Probably he would not even consider her, why was she even thinking about a love story? She had to limit herself just on looking at him. She had anyway to see him during the class…that finally started to be interesting

II Curtains rise

Spring was coming, and the fresh and warm air seemed to announce a thousand of new and improvident meetings…Selena leaved her balcony door always open, so she could smell the breezing acacia’s perfume that was over the little river in front of her work building. Very often, to take a break from the computer, she left herself transporting by the amazing view, and between the blooming flowers she was seeing Mircea’s face.

He came two times at the class. Days were longer so she could observe him better, gestures, words and attitude. She liked him every day more and more. She liked even his childish appearance. She never imagined that a famous man could be so simple and modest. He was always doing his job very professionally and in a smart way, but she was always seeing that sadness in his eyes, a resignation mixed with a mute desperation…She would have wanted to ask him what’s wrong, help him if possible and she decided to do this as soon as possible, because even she was ashamed, his friendly attitude made her to approach him without having the impression of disturbing. If she was trying to become friends, nothing was right, wasn’t it?

Easter was coming, and Emilian told them that he had a surprise: a trip. He did not tell them the details, but he needed to know how many were available to come. Mircea was in, so Selena gave her answer right away. She thought that probably she would have had the chance to approach him more…

She thought about the trip all day long and how she could approach Mircea when a new “teacher” arrived.

She arrived super late once at the class. Andreea told her to finish all the work that she had in her office before leaving. Selena was doing that and cursing in her mind, she blamed herself for choosing this kind of life. She regretted for not choosing another field of study, she could have chosen an university career, being in contact with books and not standing in front of a computer doing the boring job that nobody wants to do. And now, to arrive at her acting class she had to take the metro and then a bus, outside was raining, she was all wet, full of mud, one of her shoe broke and to end…she had her period. She arrived finally at the building and while she was trying to open the big wood door she was asking herself if she would have seen Mircea that day. She threw the umbrella in a corner and she run on the stairs to the second floor, grumping about the fact that there was not an elevator. She started running in the hall that was bringing to the class but there was nobody; probably she was really really late.  While she was trying to look at the time on her watch, she hit someone she did not see in the dark. He arrived from nowhere. The hit almost made her fall but two strong arms caught her. The stranger supported her for a while, trying to make her find the equilibrium. Her head was spinning a little bit but she apologized as fast as possible and she looked at him.

He was a young man, brown hair, tall with a deep look. His eyes were so deep that Selena felt scared for a little and she felt like she had to beware, even if he saved her from falling. She murmured again some apologies and she run to the class, trembling over all her body.   She hoped she had never have to meet the stranger again.

But her wish was not accomplished.

A new professor for movies and theater was announced. Emilian was talking in such a way about him that he had to be important and quite famous. Everyone, including Selena, was thrilled about the news. There were complaints from everyone in the last classes, because all the students wanted to do more acting that journalism and news presenter. So, Emilian, decided to hire a professional actor for a separate class so everyone could have the possibility to practice more. The class would have been more complex, mixing movie and theater elements; there would have been more meetings with professional and famous people and it sounded interesting. Selena was more and more surprised by Emilian. He was thinking about everything and he wanted to always to do more stuff. She underestimated him, she had to admit that.

Now, when she was waking up in the morning, the first thing she was thinking about was if that day she had the acting class. Slowly, her new obsession took over her mind almost all the time. Her coworkers, by seeing her distracted like that, stopped to mocking her and started to look at her as someone who had other thoughts than work in mind. Only Andreea did not know…Even if she would have known who cares. We are talking about the free time of an employer who could use that time without giving explanations. Selena regretted just the fact that she was missing a lot of classes because of work, her schedules made her stay at work most part of the day and Andreea gave her extra thing to do which she had to accomplish in the best way possible. She should have dated someone rich so she would not have these troubles, like make money for living. She thought about this very often but at the same time she liked her independence. She had to be a robot at work for nine hours, of course, but after that she was free like a bird to do whatever she wanted to. Selena was living in a small apartment that was hers, and that was making her almost happy. Independent. The fact that she was having her own place made her avoid to pay the rent or not sleeping a during a lot of nights because she had to share a small bathroom and a bedroom when she was a student. A real nightmare! At least now she could have her privacy, silence and a lot of free time that she used for: small shopping sessions walks in the parks (she loved nature, summer and green), and mostly restaurants and cinema. For someone who does not this kind of life, it could seem a little bit superficial, but Selena struggled during teenage: her parents’ divorce, the sufferance caused by her dad leaving just like that without even calling since then, her mother leaving in another country and the moving in a new big city that made her feel abandoned between strangers. A city that seemed to her terrible, huge, tiring, where she was not able to find peace and sleep. Without hope, she often cried during the nights, but she was strong and she managed to finish university and to find a job after that helped her to become independent. And now, she had a chance to try something new, discovering that there was some fun in the world, she did not want to waste this occasion. She promised herself to enjoy youth without falling for superficiality seeking new pleasures like other girls. By taking her childhood as an example, she tried to add some optimism and enjoy life at its fullest.

And a new acting class seemed to her the perfect occasion to have fun and make new friends. And maybe also become a celebrity. Why not?

So, a new “professor” came in, a famous actor: his name was Mihai Bohalteanu. He was 30 and he was the star of the Romanian theater, considered the most talented of his generation. Tall, black hair, serious, charming like Johnny Depp, he was a heartbreaker. He was very handsome: when he was in the front of the camera was impossible to not stare at him. He was a powerful presence, and Selena had a little shock when she recognized him: he was the same guy that scared her in the hallway after she saved her from falling. She was intimidated now. The annoying thing was the girls around him. If he was moving, they were moving in the same direction. Selena have not seen one of his pieces (she did not go often to theater), she knew him because of his name and now she was able to meet him in person. She was a little bit attracted by his arrogant attitude. It seemed pretty clear that he was not used to talk to fangirls and who knows why he accepted to come at this class. All of them were there to learn something new, so his “Mr Professor” attitude did not like her so much, she just did not like bosses. Also because the first time he was meeting her, he basically insulted her by telling her that she seemed super distracted, arrogant and superficial. Nobody insulted her that way, not even her boss at her worst. As an answer she told him that he was arrogant without human heat, that if he was a little robot she would not even know her was an actor. Her colleagues were shocked. So what? Let him to understand that she was not a stupid fangirl he was used to.

But his words always returned to her like an echo. Arrogant, superficial…was it really the first impression that men had about her? Was it really true?

III A hell class

April was almost gone. Trees were already green, spring was almost gone and summer was in the air. Selena was kind sick of her job, of her boss and she was not in the mood not even for her acting class. She was not in the mood to stay in a dark place, she wanted to see sun, green and butterflies, running in the parks and maybe someone to date. Soon she would have be 26 and she have not found her soul mate yet. This melancholy was deeper when the spring was arriving, when couples were everywhere. And yet, for her, the time did not arrive. The true is that she did not do so many efforts to find a soul mate. She always had the sensation that if it has to happen it will.  She knew that the right man was out there and she will meet him eventually. Meanwhile she was trying to enjoy life and…her class. At work she was already a little star:

Are you going to play in movies? Her colleagues always asked her

It is true that you take classes with Mircea Marin and Mihai Bohalteanu? God, I should apply too.

Selena made some colleagues to apply for this class and this gave her a 25% off which was nice, but she did not care so much. She was more worried about the gossips about her at the office.

She started to enjoy more the classes and she had the impression that Mircea liked her. She knew very well that he was married and she should not think about him that way, but every time he looked at her, or talked to her she felt the butterflies in her stomach…