Social and Emotional Education in Primary School - Carmel Cefai - ebook

Social and Emotional Education in Primary School ebook

Carmel Cefai

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This book synthesizes concepts, findings, and best practices for a complete guide to planning, implementing, and evaluating social and emotional education (SEE) programs. Emphasizing "caught" as well as taught lessons, it offers a whole-school framework for SEE, with content, rationales, assessment tools, and age-appropriate strategies. Interventions are also included for use across subjects, to engage learners and assist students with behavioral and emotional difficulties. And the lessons travel beyond the classroom, involving the whole school, families and communities.

Key areas of coverage include:

  • How SEE can be taught and assessed as a core competence.
  • Classroom and whole school frameworks to enhance SEE.
  • Examples of targeted interventions for at-risk students.
  • Techniques for enlisting parents and communities in supporting SEE.
  • A complete online set of SEE class and homework activities.

Social and Emotional Education in Primary School is an essential resource for scientist-practitioners, educators, and other professionals as well as researchers and graduate students in special and general education, child and school psychology, educational psychology, social work, positive psychology, and family-related fields.

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