Simultaneous Catalytic Removal of Diesel Soot and NOx - Wenfeng Shangguan - ebook

Simultaneous Catalytic Removal of Diesel Soot and NOx ebook

Wenfeng Shangguan

476,79 zł


This book not only explores catalysis processes in redox reactions but also proposes a potential after-treatment strategy. Summarizing the authors’ major works, it offers a guidebook for those working on environmental and industrial catalysis. It presents insights into reaction kinetics in a variety of materials and analyzes the external conditions influencing the reaction. As such it is of particular interest to engineers and scientists in the field of material chemistry, chemical engineering and automobile industry. With novel images and illustrations, it provides a new perspective for interpreting soot abatement material and understanding the reaction process and inspires scientists to design new catalysts with moderate redox capacity.

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