Selbstreguliertes Lernen in der dualen Ausbildung - Johannes Rosendahl - ebook

Selbstreguliertes Lernen in der dualen Ausbildung ebook

Johannes Rosendahl

176,78 zł


This doctoral thesis is the first to examine in an empirical study the different learner types of apprentices. Apprentices with a school-leaving diploma after 10 years of secondary schooling (Realschulabschluss) for example learn differently than those with a university-entrance certificate (Abitur). The author discusses the conditions necessary for self-regulated learning as well as the interconnection between the school context, emotions and motivations on the one hand, and learning behaviour in the framework of the dual education system on the other. Though the results of the study are based on an investigation of future bank managers, they are applicable also to other jobs for apprentices.

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