Secret Diary of a Zombie Lover - Georgie-May Tearle - ebook

Secret Diary of a Zombie Lover ebook

Georgie-May Tearle



Following the success of her critically acclaimed debut novel, Model Behaviour, Georgie-May Tearle presents a completely new perspective on the zombie apocalypse novel. Written from the first person perspective of a young woman living in the post apocalyptic universe, Secret Diary of a Zombie Lover is a darkly comic tale, written with the skill and passion readers have come to expect from Tearle.

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Secret Diary of a Zombie Lover

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All the characters in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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ISBN- 978-0-9555520-6-9

6913 Press 2013


My lost generation and the man that found me. 

Hell is empty and all the devils are here
-William Shakespeare.
In The Beginning…
Zombie Parent
Organic Diets
The Cave
In The Shadows

In The Beginning…

Once upon a time there was finally a love story that didn't have a happy ending...

By the year 2030 the nuclear holocaust has destroyed most of the United Kingdom. The chaos began with the uprising against the Islamic domination of Europe.

As you'd expect the World rapidly changed after the bombings started.

Television doesn't exist, literature is no longer written and even education doesn't exist anymore. We still have schools but they are solely to teach us how to kill and hide from Zombies. I'd like to learn about Mathematics and Chemistry but I guess Zombie psychology and Zombie history is more important.

Apparently calling them 'Zombies' isn't fair according to my teacher whose name is ironically Mrs Karen Iller, yup that's right Mrs K. Iller. So anyway, according to her we're meant to call them the 'Resurrected Victims of the Holocaust'. Personally I'd rather call them 'Brain Consuming Undead Bastards', but saying that kind of thing in school isn't exactly going to go down well, especially when the school is considering hiring a Zombie as our gymnastics teacher. I guess it would make us run faster. Everything is a bit ass backwards. School is a bit odd, instead of textbooks and pencils I take a crossbow and a map of the Town to school, the Map is so I know good hiding places just in case I get chased or attacked. Some students also carry diagrams of the human/ Zombie body to ensure an accurate shot even though we all know that the only effective hit on a Zombie is to the head. Those bastards can literally walk the streets with limbs and organs hanging but if you take out the brain you're home free.

It's difficult having a crush in school nowadays as you're always hoping they're going to get eaten before you, you look at them like bate and if need be you will push them in front of you to save your sorry ass. I did fancy one boy in school, Jordan. He wasn't the best looking boy in the World but he was kind to me. He lent me his weapons to 'play with' and always walked me home when my Dad couldn't collect me because of the undead surrounding our apartment. It didn't end well for Jordan though, as you can imagine his kindness got him killed. Well, eaten. Being nice in this day and age is foolish. I can still picture it, he was walking me to the food depot after school and one came from behind us and bit him straight in the neck. They're sneaky bastards. Blood sprayed from his jugular like something from a ridiculous horror film from the 70's.

Yes, I watch old films. Black and white movies are my favourites.