Satellite Geology and Photogeomorphology - Lambert A. Rivard - ebook

Satellite Geology and Photogeomorphology ebook

Lambert A. Rivard

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The twin sets of figures in the manual are presented as examples that demonstrate how the interfacing of stereo airphotos and satellite images in visual qualitative photogeomorphology studies can yield more geospatial information than can be derived from either source independently. The airphoto coverage in each satellite image is indicated by a frame. The photos and images are ordered into eleven sections according to the author’s taxonomic classification of genetic groups as used in his Atlas and Glossary of Geohazard-associated Geounits. The figure sets of each section are preceded by characterisations of their genetic classification context. Some airphotos are taken from those used in the Atlas, the satellite images have been down loaded from USGS Global Visualitation Viewer. 

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