Rostock and Warnemünde - Wolf Karge - ebook

Rostock and Warnemünde ebook

Wolf Karge



Over 50 color photos show the most beautiful views of Rostock. With a chronology, captions and 2 maps.

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Harbor and skyline

St Peter’s Church


When does the history of Rostock start? – And why does it start right here?

1218 is considered the earliest known date of receiving the town charter. Roztoc – the Slavic city name means »river widening«. It points already to the benefits of local conditions: the mouth of the river Warnow joining the Baltic Sea – with the possibility of a passage to Scandinavia. Therefore, it is not surprising that the history of human habitation began here, long before the city was founded. But when exactly, no one really knows.

The face of today's city is a repeatedly lifted, painted and embellished one. The oldest wrinkles in the brick walls of the churches may be 700 years old.

Rostock had great luck in its history twice. In the Middle Ages the city become a member of the Hanseatic League and gained wealth – the first stroke of luck. The enormous Gothic churches are proof. St Mary’s Church is the largest and most important one. To this day it stands as a symbol for Hanseatic self-assurance. The brilliant construction started 1290 based on the model of the church of Luebeck, which is bearing the same name. However, the oldest part of Rostock is located on the east, on the Hill of St Peter’s Church. The city gates correspond to the medieval need for representation – four of the former 20 gates and wall towers have been preserved. The old city wall itself has a considerable length of nearly two kilometers. But today, its conquest is easy, because of the many passageways and openings.