Neue Qualifizierungsansätze für die berufliche Bildung - Alexandra Brutzer - ebook

Neue Qualifizierungsansätze für die berufliche Bildung ebook

Alexandra Brutzer

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The current need for skilled workers requires radical rethinking with regards to sourcing potential new talents. Skilled worker recruitment must not focus on young people with good or very good starting conditions only, but also on individuals with unfavourable or less favourable backgrounds. Low threshold concepts could open up entirely new vocational perspectives. This work was created within the scope of the research topic "Personalised/household-related services" of the chair for Vocational Education/Didactics at Justus Liebig University in Gießen. The conclusions collected within the context of this research focus are considered specifically as part of the theoretical findings presented here. The empirical and conceptual findings are based on the model project BertHa "Competence development for household-specific services. Vocational qualification - recognised certification" (Kompetenzentwicklung für haushaltsnahe Dienstleistungen. Berufliche Qualifizierung - Anerkannte Zertifizierung). The aim here is to identify concepts, as well as implementation and application options for low threshold qualification in vocational training. The professional field of home economics is examined in particular in this context.

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