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LOVE ISN'T ALWAYS ON TIME by Tiffany Forbes Love isn't about how much you say I love you, it's about how much you prove that it's true. A fine blessed man like Zayvion Black can have any woman he wants but he only has eyes for his baby, Jonelle Todd. He tries to give her everything to prove his love from the beautiful home, spoiling her with expensive gifts, to being the perfect husband and father. Going above and beyond to prove his love is never enough for Jonelle. He learns you cannot give a woman the world who is only ready for the city and who is not ready to settle down. She comes up with every reason in the world why she is not ready to be the woman Zayvion wants and needs her to be.Jonelle feels like marriage and motherhood hold her back in life. Living life in the fast lane she would rather push things to the limit than slow down to appreciate how blessed she truly is. She has no problem saying she loves Zayvion, but never shows and proves it. Finally growing tired, Zayvion finds out the girl of his dreams is a beautiful nightmare, he decides to stop looking for love and focus his attention on his what matters most to him before she destroys him.Will  Zay find the right love at the wrong time? Or will Jonelle make time to see that she has the type of love that most women dream of before her time runs out? Follow Zayvion and Jonelle to find out that LOVE ISN'T ALWAYS ON TIME.

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Tiffany Forbes


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Love Isn’t Always

On Time



Tiffany Forbes


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To my loves Ke’Shayla and Jaylah ❤



Chapter 1 ZAYVION














Everywhere I go there is a woman trying to get my attention and today was no different. From church to the grocery store, there is always an overzealous female who seems just a little too friendly or is just outright bold. Impatiently waiting for my change and my receipt I stand in line at my favorite store, Walmart. The bold female licks her lips spreading the silver colored matte lipstick across her lips looking as if she just ate her fair share of powered donuts. To top that off she had thick black liner outlining her lips. For that reason alone, I could not take her serious. The cashier, whose name was Moni, scribbled something down on the receipt so fast it was almost illegible. Pressing the change and the short strip of paper in my hand she winked, batting her long faux eyelashes. I guess that was an attempt at a seductive sexy gesture.

Hell, I don’t know but I was tired. I stopped by the store after work to pick up some bottled water laundry detergent, and a few snacks. I had been at work for over twelve hours and once I got home I had no plans of coming back out tonight.

Smiling she showed her one gold tooth in the front when she spoke, “Zay, baby you need to stop playing and hit me up sometimes. Shit, I get off in five minutes. I can get you off. What’s up?” She put the last item in the bag with my snacks, coming around the register to place my bag in the cart. I guess she wanted to show off that big beach ball booty behind her. She certainly did have an ass. I smiled because I liked the view. It was nothing wrong with looking but she was off the chain getting straight to the point like that, I had no words for that. I was always told if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything so I just kept quiet.

She eyed me all over like a piece of meat the way a lion does its prey. If I was down for asking her to roll with me I’m sure she would have made time to play right now. I guess she was waiting for a response. I was not about that life. I was faithful and dedicated to my girl.

Standing at over six feet, 6’5 will dark chocolate skin, the ladies love me. I play basketball and go to hit the gym up in my free time so my body is nice. I won’t say I’m the most muscular brother around but I’m not slacking either. I spend long days walking a lot at the warehouse where I work at as supervisor. Damn near all day long, twelve hour shifts five or six days a week I’m active and on the move. So yeah I had a nice body. Never cocky or conceited I know I’m a handsome guy so I was used to shit like this now.

“Moni, a brother is tired and I need to be getting home.”

I was trying to avoid being rude and here she was smiling like she won the lottery. I didn’t need her getting all confrontational and crazy causing a scene because I turned her down. Looking at the high yellow blonde cashier standing across from me she wasn’t ugly and she just wasn’t my type. I was taken and that was all that mattered.

She knew this because I came in this store daily often with my family, she just didn’t give a damn.

“Make sure you use that number baby. I know what a fine man like you needs after working all day!” She cackled as I walked away pretending not to hear her.

After putting my items in the backseat, I looked at the address and phone number I saw that she didn’t live too far from me. As soon as I pulled out of the parking lot I threw the number out the window. I was completely faithful to my fiancé Jonelle Todd; I didn’t have any use for it.

Zayvion Black is my name. I'm a twenty-four-year-old father and fiancé. Right now my ambition and goals kept me going; I had a family to feed and they were depending on me. I was working hard because I had goals to buy my girl and daughter a house before we got married in a year. Not the least bit interested in another woman I had everything I wanted right at home. I couldn’t wait to get home to see the light in my life Jonelle. We were years in our relationship and had the type of relationship that most people wanted. If things would have been different Jonelle would have had my daughter after she had my last name but I loved her and I was going to make her Mrs. Black so it didn’t matter. She was all that I needed in life.

I’ve had my share of women from dark skin to light skin, from black to white, thick to thin but no woman can compare to my baby Jonelle. Jonelle is a slim brown skin bombshell with a cute button nose, full lips, and big almond eyes, her skin is the color of rich hot cocoa. Her looks have always captivated me. She had model qualities and she knew it. Just thinking about her made me smile and I couldn’t wait to get home to my beautiful girl.

In no time I had made it to our luxury apartment. I couldn’t wait to see my baby after being away from home all day.

Balancing the stuff in my arms I opened the door.

My smile I had quickly turned upside down as called out, “Jonelle!”

Not playing any games, I brought the thirty-six pack of bottled water and two shopping bags in with one trip. I was not going back out to the car making a second trip. I set everything down on the counter before I dropped anything. Walking into the kitchen of our spacious loft style three-bedroom apartment Jonelle was nowhere to be found.

Dishes were piled up in the sink and garbage overflowed out the trash can. How could one person make such a mess in twelve hours?

The place was spotless when I left because I cleaned up last night while Jonelle sat on the plush oversized sofa with a facial mask on, with flexi rollers in her long hair that cost me damn near a check, with that barking ass little dog beside her watching Love and Hip Hop, completely ignoring me. She sipped on a tall glass of ice water with lemons, with all her undivided attention on her show.

Last Night

“Move back Zay. I can’t see with you in front of the tv. You’re going to make me miss the good part.” Jonelle spoke with her deep raspy voice.

I moved out the way. A brother couldn’t even get a hug or hello. She was like that when her shows came on. The way she carried on she should have been on a reality show. Right now, my reality sucked.