Lebenslanges Lernen und Emotionen - Wiltrud Gieseke - ebook

Lebenslanges Lernen und Emotionen ebook

Wiltrud Gieseke

156,78 zł


Emotions play a central role in further education. Providers of adult and further education invest much of their time into relationship building in order to provide their students with the best possible support during the learning process. The completely reworked edition of the standard work analyses how emotions affect the educational process and depicts the current state of research. The key topic of the volume is the assumption that the development of skills is closely linked to differentiated emotions. The author analyses the topic from a psychological, neurobiological and educational science point of view taking the neighbouring disciplines into account. The scientific work also includes a new extensive chapter on emotional variables of influence within the process of social, political-emotional learning. The chapter is also focussed on resentments, bias and stereotypes.

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