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Jesse Jess: Agent on the Move ebook

Stjepan Polic



Sophisticated and fictional mission of glorious agent Jesse Jess - Double J, leads you through the European continent travelling and visiting true destinations very good known to the writer. Basing the story on real places visited, the writer is offering you generously to become a part of one serious and deadly mission, staying close to the glorious agent and his companion Irina, the beauty that wins all with her appearance. Driving down south Europe, facing always increasingly difficult obstacles and having the beauty next to him, famous agent is combining his well-known skills and his connections to make his job done. Dynamic interwieving of actions, catchy dialogues, love scenes and new plans are making this story absolutely unrepeatable and unique. Dear readers take a ride down south, staying with them until the unpredictable end … enjoy the drive!

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JESSE JESS – agent on the move



Stjepan Polic

Copyright © 2016 by Stjepan Polic

Table of Contents
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Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
Chapter VIII
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Sophisticated and fictional mission of glorious agent Jesse Jess - Double J, leads you through the European continent travelling and visiting true destinations very good known to the writer. Basing the story on real places visited, the writer is offering you generously to become a part of one serious and deadly mission, staying close to the glorious agent and his companion Irina, the beauty that wins all with her appearance. Driving down south Europe, facing always increasingly difficult obstacles and having the beauty next to him, famous agent is combining his well-known skills and his connections to make his job done. Dynamic interwieving of actions, catchy dialogues, love scenes and new plans are making this story absolutely unrepeatable and unique. Dear readers take a ride down south, staying with them until the unpredictable end … enjoy the drive!

Chapter I

Austria is quite nice place to live ..., very safe country with great tradition.

Great history, beautiful nature and representative Vienna as the capital, made Austria one of the top destinations in Europe.

Other bigger towns in Austria are not that big like Vienna, having mostly population of maximum two or three hundred thousand inhabitants.

Towns like Salzburg on north, or Graz on south of Austria were ideally designed to have a good and interesting life there and in the same time, being away from rush and traffic jam of big towns.

Vienna was a true capital, with around two and a half millions souls living there, having a millions of tourists each year, having many events every day ..., it was a real world city in the true sense of the word.

I used to be there many times, but I always preferred to live in smaller towns ..., in my case it was Salzburg ..., hometown of world famous composer of Classical era ..., home town of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

Born in the mid of 18th century in Salzburg, he inspired an entire city allowing to all residents a very comfortable life on the foundation of his genius.

Mozart was always trademark of this beautiful city situated on the frontier with Germany, divided into two parts by river Salzach, having an imposing fortress situated on top of salted rock, which separated town in two parts ..., old town and new part of the city!

Totally beautiful and charming place, connected in one whole with few bridges over river Salzach, Salzburg was a target for millions of tourists from around the world.

W. A. Mozart was present at every step across the city, doesn t matter we were talking about classic music, about musical instruments, about Mozart balls and medallions, souvenirs … he was everywhere!

Residents of Salzburg did exploit his name, to develop tourism in unimaginable proportions!

My parents owned a house just two minutes away from his birth house, in the street parallel with Getreide gasse staying connected with it with a few small and very lovely passages, decorated with exclusive shops and coffee bars.

I was living here for last two decades actually Salzburg was my ..., let say hometown, when I was off the duty.

After stressed tasks, I did like to recover here, enjoying atmosphere of this beautiful town, having my loveliest places to visit and talk to my friends and kiths.



Chapter II




I used to be always very secretive and restrained speaking about my life and my job.

It was characteristic my friends didn t like, because they always tried to find out what I do for living ..., becoming always undefined answers in return.

Sometimes I used to have compunction, giving them such an answers, but my mentor always used to say, do not give too much informations about yourself it could be deadly in our business!

Unfortunately he was already trashed ..., he died three years ago in age of 87, he was a good person and an excellent agent ...., he was like father to me and his death did hit me hard, making me sad and anxious.

My job was always more or less secret, due to its delicacy and confidentiality … doing it, I was considered as agent of highest trust!

My name is Jesse, but everybody used to call me JJ, or “double J”, “JJ” was practically abbreviation of my name Jesse Jess.

I used to be the best agent in the field of shipment of goods or documents, which were not for everyone s eyes …, jewelry and big cash, secret patents, kidnappings and murders have been part of my activity too.

I never used to deliver any kind of narcotics and weapons! These two things I did refuse always, considering it as dirtiest work possible!


All I conveyed and delivered had a common feature ..., to stay secret and hidden, like nothing happened! Most important thing was, trying to avoid every kind of control or questions ..., to whom you are delivering, why you do this, who is paying you for this kind of job and similar questions!

Interesting job that required concentration, complete balance of body and soul, commitment to every task, perfect shape, fighting skills, armed skills and most important thing ...., predicting of possible events to avoid unnecessary complications!

My old mentor always said ..., JJ ... your task is not to play a hero … your task is to do successful delivery! Do not forget, the best skill is to predict what can happen and avoid all possible complications!

His invaluable advices did make me No 1 agent and did save my life in many dangerous and tough situations!


I was half Brit half Austrian … my father was UK borned citizen and my mother was ex Austrian top model from Salzburg. They were living partly in London and Salzburg having very harmonious marriage, giving me a lot of love and attention while growing up … later on too of course.

I possessed a bachelor s degree in economics …, I was brilliant in English and German and very fluent in Spanish ..., my Spanish enabled to coping me in Italy with no problems, because of similarity of languages!

My two favorite sports were always tennis and boxing, sport arts that sharpen reflexes, explosiveness, speed, strength, anticipation, combinatorics, mental skills …!

I was 42, with my height of 1.94 and weight of 90 kilos, I was really in fantastic shape. My daily program when I was in Salzburg did consist of several hours of sport ..., tennis, boxing and running.

I was doing my job for last fifteen years and I loved it ..., it was dynamic, interesting, sometimes very dangerous and very responsible, but excellent paid too!

My favorite drink used to be cocktail HW - Harvey Wallbanger, mixture of stirred vodka and orange juice with ice in the same glass floated with Galliano liqueur on top, garnished with Maraschino cherry and slice of orange.


Decency and trust, were the most important characteristics, sought in that kind of business ...., do the job and never talk about it, or better to say ..., simply forget what happened!

When I was delivering documents, I was usually travelling by cars or by airplanes, but delivering of jewels, big cash and some other kind of goods, have meant travelling by car mostly, or by train, buses and sometimes ships, when it came to overseas delivery.

If you ask why ..., answer was quite simple ..., documents were valuable papers leaving no special trace going through airport scanners, but the other kind of merchandise was not so easy to carry around, especially when it came into a bigger quantity or bigger amount.


Having excellent contacts in many countries and first class reputation, I was practically overbooked and in position to work with no breaks. I realized very early, it is important to stay normal and not too greedy, because the biggest earn was coming by choosing the best deals ..., not by doing every job offered!

To make a break between two jobs, to recover and to full my batteries, was very important and this enabled me to stay focused and fresh for every new challenge!

I was working always on call, waiting for the work that my agent arranged as a liaison between him and the customer.

Chapter III

A week ago, one of my favorite intermediaries did foreshadow a great job for me.

I was told, it supposed to be excellent paid, best until now, but quite unusual too.

On my question ..., why and how unusual, he just told me to be ready and compromising ..., saying he will inform me, when I have to show up in Holland.

Well, I didn t ask any further questions, trying to enjoy fully days before my next action!

All my jobs were perfectly paid because of me … I used to be a synonym for efficiency and trust.

One Friday, a good friend of mine did invite me to Munich, on some kind of charity event for some reason!

I didn t think too much saying him I ll be there, not dreaming about what will happen and how it will reflect on my future life.

Munich was lovely town, respectable tourist destination and I loved to be there, It became the most attractive town in Germany in two past decades, famous for many reasons ..., I was there last time two months ago, being present on a big concert of Georg Michael!

Charity event was located in Schwabing, in one huge private house!

I have to admit there were plenty of beauties around, showing their attributes, wearing very daring dresses that revealed a lot, leaving nothing to imagination!

Just because of that, my attention was attracted by one quite toll and elegant brunette dressed in a decent mini black dress which was not too short, black stockings, short red jacket and red high heels. Her red lips were so sensual and desirable, quite narrow face made her so elegant and sophisticated. Her dark hair was short, just until her shoulders, big red ear rings were in accordance with her jacket and high heels. Her figure was slim and elegant, but she possessed quite big breasts, which looked even bigger on her slender body.

Our eyes crossed few times …, but chance to get in contact with her never came up, because she was always accompanied by an older man …, it was an enigma to me!

Such a beauty around 30 or younger with an old man ...., he was around 60 I guess, but it looked he was very important person surrounded by many guests.

I was tracking her with my eyes, trying to come closer to her, hoping to make some contact but without success ..., she was never alone, the old guy was always somewhere around, leaving her never alone, realizing probably she could be a someone s prey. Actually, her decency did attract men around much more, than nakedness of other women present.Informing me about this old man, my friend Joachim told me he is one of the richest men in Europe owning different companies with very profitable ventures in Europe and North Africa.

He is a billionaire, half - Russian half - German, but he is spending a lot of money on charity activities.

Asking my interlocutor about this beautiful brunett I ve got an answer, JJ … she is his right hand in business, half – Russian too and she is extremely heavy person ..., arrogant and pretentious, a real bitch ... he added ironically.

Well, money makes people to feel they are God-given sometimes ..., was my comment!

At one point, I turned into direction I saw mentioned beauty couple of minutes ago …, realizing she is watching me … being caught she moved her eyes away, starting a conversation with a few women around her.

Drinking one more Harvey Wallbanger I didn t find all this that interesting to me anymore and I slowly left the place rejecting my friend s proposal to sleep in his house, wanting to drive back to Salzburg, it was just an hour driving time away. I didn t want to disarrange my daily schedule back home for tomorrow ...., running, two hours of tennis and boxing in the afternoon.

Driving back to Salzburg I already forgot everything about charity party and about brunette ...., I just left that behind me, being aware I am not gonna see her again.

My parents will arrive in few days from London and I wanted to be at the airport, to pick them up and drive them to their house. They were living one floor above me leaving two upper floors to renovate saying … son, it s your job to renovate a bit when you ground a family. I wanted to be with them for a while, because I did love them so much. I ve been thinking already on mother s kitchen and excellent food she always used to prepare, she was not just ex beauty ..., she was a real mother dedicated to her family ..., she always was!

In two days my girlfriend will be back too staying in Tunisia right now with two other girls and I did miss her, but just a bit ..., actually I ve found myself not thinking that much about her during her absence and it was bad signal ... my opinion was that our relationship was coming to the end!

I didn t want to think about it, just letting things happen!

Fourth day after charity party my agent mediator did call, telling me to be in Amsterdam in one week and to be ready to spend some time doing my job. He didn t talk about details ..., it was our routine, less spoken information ... that better. We have always preferred talk face to face of course!

I was satisfied, having enough time to be with parents and maybe to cut my relationship ..., I was not emotionally involved anymore, so perhaps it was better to split!

The day my girlfriend was back to Salzburg, was practically our last day together, we did talk quite a lot concluding together it has no sense to stay together. Uschi, my girlfriend used to be angry, blaming me mostly telling ...., Jesse you were unknown to me whole the time, I never realized with whom I am dealing with, you were so mysterious to me ...., it is best for us to split ...., I agree with you!

Thank you for understanding Uschi ..., was my comment!

My parents did arrive three days before I supposed to go to Amsterdam and we spent three days together, being very happy, seeing us first time after four months. Of course, I took the chance to enjoy the food prepared by my mother … she was a great cook!

Chapter IV

Saluting my parents, I flew to Holland, landing at Schiphol around 1 pm.

Going directly to my agent and friend, I was very curious about my new task, asking myself ...., how long it will take, will it be dangerous, what kind of goods I am going to deliver and first of all, where I have to go ...., stay in Europe or go overseas to Africa, Asia or America?!

Entering representative building in Amsterdam Leidseplein, being salute with great respect on the reception and told ..., welcome JJ, H… is waiting for you.

In few seconds I was on the top of the building, entering Horst s office, one cool person with a great temper like all Irish who did respect me fully and we used to work without contracts, giving just the word to each other, that job will be done.

Seeing me, H... rose out of his armchairs embracing me as the sign of warm welcome ...., he was cognizant I am his top man and aware I am bringing him super income and best reputation!

H... or Horst owned the biggest and the best detective agency in Europe. He was dealing with most powerful corporations around the world, in a field of delivery of important documents, cash, jewelry, rare and most expensive pictures, other cultural heritage and other values, which should been transmitted to the various parts of the world, with no issues at border crossings! He was taking also cases when it came to kidnapping, homicides … sending me always to solve biggest cases.

Two other agents were there too, staying in front of the window, watching me with some kind of envy ..., they used to know my special status dealing with H...!

Talking with me, he was always asking ..., JJ... would you like to do this or not, always leaving me possibility to accept or to refuse the mission.

Hearing him talking with other agents, I testified talks when he was using ..., you do this or you are out, or you have to accept it, or you are not going to get next task! His way of talk with the other agents was the principle of employer and employee ..., talking with me it was conversation among partners and friends … based on both sides respect.

I remember the day fifteen years ago, when he used to say to the whole personel in the lobby after one delicate and risky mission … from now JJ is talking and dealing only with me, nobody has right to ask him anything, my best man is untouchable and he can do whatever he wants.

It used to be a special day, when I brought Melanie back home after taking her away from her kidnappers … it has been my first big mission.

Since that day, I spent few fantastic years together with beautiful Melanie, but our relationship didn t finish with marriage, because I was just too young to get married and finding her pressing me to quit my job I just fly away.

Thanks God, regardless to this we stayed in excellent relations as friends, phoning each other from time to time, meeting us from time to time, remembering old days spent together.

Pouring us drinks, he asked me … you want some Scotch or you are still drinking that bloody Harvey Wallbanger?

Hearing my affirmative answer he told me … you are running out of imagination Jesse, how you could drink the same drink for last fifteen years, are you out of you mind, make some changes in your life, do not be so stubborn man.

Give me a break H it is not your business to choose what I am going to drink. I admire to Gloria enduring you so many years besides her, you turned into one old grumbler.

You watch your mouth and show a little respect, I am still older and if you continue you are not becoming a dinner … whatch out, Gloria is always on my side.

Providing our usual talking we started laughing leaving two present agents just step and stair in disbelief.

Turning to one of the agents, Horst told him … agent, tell to waitres to bring him this fucking Harvey Wallbanger, saying that H took my glass putting it aside.

He started to inform me about mission, putting me on the knowledge it will be highest paid mission, but unusual too.

Why you find this so unusual H ..., I asked.

Jesse ..., you have to convey two things ..., watching my eyes he started to laugh loudly ..., when you hear you will dam me, but you ll make me your debtor, because it means a lot to me!

Speak out H..., what a surprise you have for me, but just to let you know you are using exactly the same words like when you asked me to rescue Melanie, fifteen years ago.

Hearing me, he just smiled continuing … you are right this time is also about one woman.

First, you have to promise, you are not going to knock me down when you hear, but it culd be also a very pleasant task for you double J, it could just verify your Casanova reputation too …, he was still laughing!

Come on H..., cut the speech tell me what is going on!

Well my friend, you have to deliver a big quantity of jewels, big cash and one beautiful woman. Saying this, he was waiting for my next move!

H... you know I am a lone wolf doing my task, what kind of tricky mission is this?

No my friend it is not tricky, it is important more than you can imagine, this is the client who do not ask for the price ..., if you do job good as always, it will have a great echo in business world.

Well H..., what to say ..., I ll take a chance, it is also a challenge for me, something new …!

Thank s Jesse ..., tomorrow you are going to meet the young woman, in meantime you ll stay in my house as usual..., my wife and kids are waiting for you impatiently, honestly I don t realize what they see in you loving you so much.

They love me because they can feel all my good human qualities H!

They must be blined I have to talk with them very seriously!

We laughed again loving our way of talking it was some kind of our relaxing communication.

Yeah, I almost forgot ..., take the best car for you from our garage and try not to demolish it doing your job. Dam it, last time you wrecked new Mercedes and therefore I am paying insurance 10 % more for all my cars …, fuck you Jesse I have to live from something, you push me into poverty …, I have a family …, could you think about that please!

After that he turned to the other two agents saying ..., look … double J is the best, just do not learn from him how to demolish new cars!

We all laughed on his words ..., H did pat my shoulder friendly saying ..., have a lunch downstairs in the restaurant, or you prefer to go to my house and let my wife prepare something for you?! Do whatever you like, I have to stay here in the office and we ll meet later on, when I am back home. Thanks for coming Jess ..., I always like to see your ugly face ..., he started to laugh hugging me friendly.

H..., I really feel sorry for your wife ..., going every night in bed with such a creature, I call that masochism ..., saying that, I left his office avoiding one big orange thrown at me, accompanied with words you would not going to like.

Before I moved to Horst s house, I bought some flowers for his wife and some sweets for the kids … they did like me very much through all these years.

Later in the evening, H... and his wife did invite me for a dinner and we spent lovely evening together.

Chapter V

I finished my breakfast around 9.30 am ..., it was time to go, H was already in the office and he told me to be there at 10 am having to talk about important details and at 10.30 am will come mysterious beauty! Horst didn t want to say any word about her, ignoring my questions about ...., always saying ...., you will see and be sure you will love it, she looks great but arrogant too.

Exactly at 10.30 am, Horst s secretary announced coming of young beauty followed by two bodyguards.

Seeing her entering I was strucked by lightening, it was huge surprise for me and for the young dame …, at least it looked so!

H... did notice my astonishment, asking if something is wrong.

Everything is fine … few days ago we attended a charity ball in Munich and of course, it is big surprise for both of us, to meet us again in different circumstances. To be honest, young dame was the most beautiful woman there, without any doubt!

Wow, that is interesting, let me introduce you ..., JJ ... this is Miss Irina ..., Miss Irina this is Jesse Jess or Double J, our top and far best agent, match for each task.

Nice to meet you Irina I said, extending my hand with a smile on my face ..., shaking hands Irina stayed composed giving me barely visible smile.

Well, I would like to go back to business ..., were the words spoken out by H..., it is top confidential and just three of us can be present here ..., Miss Irina, you Jesse and I!

Agents please leave us alone, thank you for accompanying Miss Irina ..., since now, she is with us and she is our responsibility.

Two bodyguards did leave the office in a second, leaving us to our plans.

H... continued ..., double J and Irina … it is going to be very confidential and dangerous task!

Jesse, you did deliver jewelry and cash many times, but never that big quantity, never that worth and never that required goods. Of course, you have never delivered one woman who is going to stay with you all the way down to Casablanca.

Mr. Severusk did insist Irina has to be with merchandise whole the time, so I didn t have any option to change this JJ!

The goods was intended to one of the richest person in China and very powerful man, who is having huge constructing corporation, providing huge infrastructure works in Angola and Morroco. His name is Chen Li and Irina knows him quite well, because of his future joint venture projects with her uncle in Morocco and Angola.

Mr. Chen is opening world famous exhibition of diamonds and jewelry in Morocco and some other places … because of that he needs this shipment. You have fifteen days for delivering.

Mr. Severusk is the owner of shipment and he doesn t want to transport the shipment through the customs, because of some reasons and that s why he decided to engage us.

I have no idea if somebody is tracking the shipment … the mission suppose to be top confidential. As you know JJ, always when it comes to a big fortune somebody is looking to recapture it.

Irina ..., you have our best man, who has so many successful missions behind him, he is master in this field and you have to accept his advices and assessments in every minute, because his experience and his abilities are able to keep you away of troubles, or to get you out of troubles.

JJ prime is having his hidden connections across Europe and out of Europe ..., his connections are mystery to me too. These are his professional secrecies that allow him to make the job done.

Put a trust on him Irina, otherwise you ll face insurmountable problems to finish your mission.

When you close the door behind you and you leave this building, you are on your own and you Irina ..., you are in his hands … enjoy the journey and put a trust on him!

Your final destination is Casablanca ..., there you ll meet Mr. Chen Li! When he handed over the goods, you are returning to this office ..., that means to me!

You are travelling by car and you are going to cross Mediterranean sea by ship, boat, diving ..., I do not know, whatever ..., it is up to Jesse ..., it is your call!

In case you are in a deepest sheet, you can call me, but it never happened ..., Double J never needed my help!

That is all, have a pleasant trip down south … I love you both!

Leaving the building, I started mighty engine of my Porsche Panamera and in fifteen minutes, we were out of Amsterdam, driving to Den Haag.

Irina was silent adhering to the arrogant, expecting me to start a conversation, but I was relaxed and concentrated to discover possible unwanted companions.

Actually I was sure we ll face troubles very soon, because of value of our shipment and connection that connected two billionars.

To discover them in such a traffic jam was not that easy …!

After some short period, I already have found two possible candidates ..., one black Mercedes and one silver Bentley.

Mercedes was always close behind me and that showed me, my follower was not that experienced, or he was provoking me ..., the other driver with silver Bentley was much more composing and decent and he was a real threat to us!

I decided not to tell to Irina about our followers, not to make her nervous ..., I already used to have a plan how to get rid of them.

With Mercedes would be easier, I ll get rid of him on a big crossing Atwerpen – Gent – Bruxelles, of course in case I am right having them following us. I decided to make some maneuvers just to test them and make sure they are tracking us ..., driving a bit faster and risky.

Irina did notice my strange driving, asking me why I am doing this ...., double J... if you continue driving like that I am going to vomit, you do not need to impress me.

I just smiled, saying nothing and that made her mad, prompting her to ask ...., are you always that communicative double J ..., or is it some kind of exception?! Her voice revealed impatience and habit to get quick response!

I was staying cool, placing counter question ..., are you keeping yourself always that unfriendly and pretentious!

She looked at me furiously saying ..., it seems we are not the best to each other, don t you think so JJ…?

Well Irina, we ll see about this ..., we have something to end together and we ll do this professionally, doesn t matter we like each other or not!

Yes sure we have our mission, but we have to become acquainted a bit and it seems you don t want it!

Could be I am just a shy guy, afraid of beautiful women, or perhaps I am too focused on my duty, maybe we just need some more time to feel us more comfortable.

Next fifteen minutes she was unstoppable, talking with no break ..., it was fine to me, because it enabled me to stay careful and focused, watching our followers.

After some time, Irina did realize she is talking whole the time and she stopped at once, becoming aware, she entertains me …, in her mind it supposed to be vice versa. It made her angry, which was visible on her face.

To make her more mad I ve added ..., Irina you have such a beautiful face, especially when you are mad a bit!

She didn t answer, making sullen face!

To be honest she was beautiful all over, wearing pants and short jacket ..., something like business suit that made her official and elegant in the same time!

Rotterdam was behind us and we were approaching Roosendaal, crossing Belgium s border with no stop ..., slowly the time was coming to get rid of one of our followers!

I ve planed to make it logical and visible we are going straight to Bruxelles, but my plan was to make turn in the last moment going to Gent ...., letting my first follower proceeding driving to Bruxelles with no chance to make a turn or drive backwards.

Coming fast to the choosen crossing, I told to Irina to hold on tightly ...., watching my follower in black Mercedes right behind me, I turned right in the very last moment, leaving him going straight to Bruxelles. It was dangerous turn and Irina has screamed, completely frightened saying ..., you are mad JJ..., do you want to kill us right at the beginning are you out of your mind?

I was just watching another car, silver Bentley ..., the driver was surprised with my maneuver, but he still managed to stay behind me on a decent distance.

Becoming no answer, Irina did figure something is happening ...., her face was worried and she said ...., JJ… somebody is following us ...., that s why you have done such a turn, am I right ....?!

Yes Irina, you are right, we have a followers for a while, since we left the building practically. We still have another one in the neck … not for long I suppose!

Telling this I used to phone my friends in Brugge, to ask them for a little help, which made them happy! I told them to be in twenty minutes at the small gas station on the two-way street Gent – Brugge, saying them to provide car crash with my follower.

Hearing all this Irina did look at me with worried face, saying and asking nothing, her green eyes were wide open and shaking hands did show her nervousness and fear.

I told her with calm voice ..., don t worry Irina, it is going to be resolved in half an hour, you stay in the car and you wait for me ..., is this clear to you!

She just nodded her head, keeping looking in front of us.

Descending from the highway I slowed down, having my friends online, explaining them what to do ..., they were already there waiting for us!

When I slowly passed them, parking my car behind the building, I stepped out of my car telling Irina to wait for me ..., moving few steps back, just to see the moment when my friends did hit Bentley hard, making it unfit for further driving.

Two bad creatures from Bentley came out swearing and threatening to my friends and it was moment I showed up, knocking them down with few punches, leaving them to my friends. They will take care of them for next few hours enabling us to disappear.

Staying few minutes with them while tying both, I left the spot quickly, driving to the first crossing, doing turn ..., heading Bruxelles.

Asking Irina for her mobile phone, I took out her SIM card, replacing it with one of my prepaid SIM cards …, the same procedure I made with my phone, explaining it with necessity, not to be located via mobile phone.

Irina was just looking very scared, asking me is it necessary …, becoming an affirmative answer!