Jesse Jess - Agent on the move - Chasing the Time...Saving the Pole Dancer - Stjepan Polic - ebook

Jesse Jess - Agent on the move - Chasing the Time...Saving the Pole Dancer ebook

Stjepan Polic



Interesting fictional story based on true journey made by writer, who used to visit all states and cities mentioned in his story. This fine story is going to let you to identify yourself with the main characters, staying emotionally involved, offering you a chance to join the deadly mission of young handsome agent who is on the hunt, trying to save kidnapped pole dancer, which is one beautiful and exceptional woman ... Melanie! Staying on the begining of his career agent Jesse Jess - Double J, started to build his own mode of action, creating authentic style that will bring him to the stars. Having already some very own habbits like drinking his favorite Harvey Wallbanger cocktail, he wins his readers with his manners, his honesty and sincerity, his humanity and intellect and after all with his very own way of acting. Very estimate readers ... take the bull by the horns sailing across excited Mediterranean together with Jesse Jess being a part of his race against time ... a few days is not much time, but every second was of vital importance for kiddnaped Melanie ...! Happy sailing ...

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       JESSE JESS  - agent on the move


Copyright © 2016 by Stjepan Polic

ISBN: 9783961123049


Interesting fictional story based on true journey made by writer, who used to visit all states and cities mentioned in his story. This fine story is going to let you to identify yourself with the main characters, staying emotionally involved, offering you a chance to join the deadly mission of young handsome agent who is on the hunt, trying to save kidnapped pole dancer, which is one beautiful and exceptional woman ... Melanie! Staying on the begining of his career agent Jesse Jess - Double J, started to build his own mode of action, creating authentic style that will bring him to the stars. Having already some very own habbits like drinking his favorite Harvey Wallbanger cocktail, he wins his readers with his manners, his honesty and sincerity, his humanity and intellect and after all with his very own way of acting. Very estimate readers ... take the bull by the horns sailing across excited Mediterranean together with Jesse Jess being a part of his race against time ... a few days is not much time, but every second was of vital importance for kiddnaped Melanie ...! Happy sailing ... 

Table of contents
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
Chapter VIII
Chapter IX
Chapter X
Chapter XI
Chapter XII

Chapter I

It was last year of 20th century, summertime in Luxembourg and all over Europe ... dam hot!

Luxembourg Airport used to be one of the busiest airports in Europe and excellent getaway for many destinations across the world.

Rich state, very well organized and maintained, with highest standard of living … seeing from outside it looked everybody here was happy with his life, not caring about future.

Unfortunately, it was one family that used to be very concerned about their daughter in her late twenties.

She was beautiful, but it didn t make her happy, having some bad relationships behind her and bad memories when it came to it.

Melanie was her name … beautiful blonde with a great body that persisted imagination men around. In one word she was woman to remember, having interested and pretty elongated face with blue eyes, nice nose and full lips which were calling to be kissed. Outstanding body with long beautifully defined legs, lifted buttocks and fabulous tits made her desired object for every man that was privileged to see or to meet her. Hips were forming the beautiful body line with her shoulder being a bit narrower, but emphasizing her protruded buttocks.

Being well educated and coming from a very rich family, she used to be target for most of the men in Luxembourg and around … in one word she was an opportunity in every sense of the word.

Having father that used to run the biggest Luxembourg bank for years, she supposed not to care about her future … everything around her seemed to be planned in accordance to her parent s wishes.

Only one thing was out of control of her parents … her love live!

Being that controlled and directed whole her life, somehow she felt like a product made to sell, staying not satisfied with her life, having feeling nothing is done by herself. Of course, facing whole the time futureless relationships she was determined to make some big changes in her life, doesn t matter what it takes.

Like a girl from high society she was attracted little by little, with some things that used to be totally confronted with common meaning, especially with meaning and thinking of her quite conservative parents.

Having few years of working experience in the bank ruled by her father, she decided to find additional work that could pull her out of depression, in which she used to fall last couple of months, breaking her last relationship.

As a person who likes dancing, especially pole dancing she used to practice for last couple of months,

She decided to find dance engagement in one of the most famous nightclubs in Frankfurt am Main in Germany.

Frankfurt am Main was quite dangerous place when you consider those places like nightclubs, which attracted always different people and very often, people from the other side of the law and normal way of living.

Realizing what a shock it is going to be for her parents and people used to surround her, she was doing this job only over the weekend, hiding it avoiding unpleasant questions of her parents … where and why she is away every weekend.

Giving to her parents always undefined answers she probably forced her father to investigate where and what she is doing over the weekend.

Becoming all necessary information about her new additional job he was deeply shocked and her mother as well.

It was Thursday evening when they both pushed her to the edge, telling her to quit with dancing or to leave the house, explaining her how embarrassing is this for them and how the other people would react.

Now it was time for her to stay in shock trying to explain them why she is doing this … unfortunately not becoming understanding for this she was doing.

Facing these two options given to her … she decided to leave the house, leaving her comfortable life behind her, going into for her, unknown and indefinite direction.

Taking her stuffs with, leaving her home in tears she drove to Frankfurt, becoming a promise of night club owner to have some nice place to sleep, providing her pool dance five times in a week.

Being confused but defiant and determined to leave her home, because of not understanding her by her parents, she moved to Frankfurt Friday morning saying nothing to her friends.

She just vanished from Luxembourg, leaving to her parents to explain to the others where and what is she doing now.

Staying stubborn like her parents, she decided not to contact them in coming period, not knowing how her life is going to change … unfortunately in a bad way.

Her wish to change her life, because of some frustrations present, led her into one different world … world she didn t know, world of prostitution, blackmailing, trafficking …

Coming to Frankfurt am Main in a different way as she used to do before, she was facing very soon quite different treatment by her employer.

It was not anymore relationship between employer and very well standing beauty determined to change her boring and programmed life, engaged by night bar owner who was happy to have such a beauty to offer to pool dancing fans … it changed into relationship between experienced member of underground and the girl in trouble seeking for help.

Definitely Melanie was not aware in what she was getting into!

Staying stubborn wanting not to go back home, she practically agreed with offered possibilities that changed into some kind of relationship … have a good money, do what you are told and never ask too many questions.

Not realizing and recognizing at the beginning what is going to happen, accepting gladly position and status of main dancer, she awoke one morning in bed having naked guest next to her.

Touching her pussy with fingers, she realized she has been fucked having his seed on her thighs and pussy lips. Being in deep shock she jumped out of bed not knowing where she is, taking her clothes she ran out. Stepping out the room she recognized it was room that was used by Heinz as place to rest and to have sex with other dancers sometimes.

Being sure she was drugged somehow, she called Heinz asking him for explanation what happened.

His answer was … baby you got what you were looking for, nobody did force you to fuck him, but I have to admit you did help me to make my VIP guest satisfied and it was obvious you did enjoy doing this. Everybody of us was in position to hear you screaming and begging him to fuck you all the way down.

I think, you just tumbled the barrier that tied you up … be happy my dear, with your body you can make hot every man and earn a lot of money.

You are disgusting fat pig Heinz, I am going to quit with this, leaving your night club as soon as possible.

It is your wish baby, let me sleep now and we ll see us around 2 pm as usual during rehearsal, than we can talk about everything.

Saying this, he did cut the line being resolute not to allow her to run away just like that. He remembered the words of one Arab who used to be his best client … Heinz, my Boss wants her in Middle East, think about it … if you change your mind call this number, you can make a fortune selling her.

Actually Heinz didn t know too much about him, but his wish to earn a big money just like that pushed him to call given number.

The answer from the other side of the line was … just keep her one night longer and let her leave tomorrow afternoon, all other leave to us and you ll get your big cash.

It was end of April when she left Frankfurt am Main driving her car back to Luxembourg. Making a stop close to Trier in one restaurant late Friday afternoon, having a late lunch and a short chat with her parents, saying where she is in the moment.

Chapter II

I was spending a lovely weekend in the Alps having a beautiful girl besides me.

It was beginning of spring and nature was blooming, making us feel real good, enjoying fresh air … observing awakening of nature.

Being in the room during Sunday s morning, exactly in bed fondling the girl next to me I heard my cell phone ringing wishing to carry on with fondling … intended to call back the caller later on, but the caller was so stubborn leaving me no options to ignore his call … taking the phone I saw Horst s name on display and I was sure something wrong did happen, when he calls me over the weekend.

Horst was my agent having the biggest and the most famous European detective agency, actually I started to cooperate with him a couple of months ago being recommended by one old agent, who believed he discovered my big talent to improve in the field of various tasks one agent could provide.

Philippe was his name and he used to be top agent with excellent reputation working on many delicate cases including killing, kidnapping, transporting, protecting, securing …

He retired few years ago, but staying active in recruiting and consulting process, bringing Horst some of his best coworkers.

As I heard, I was his best selected man since his retirement and Horst used to test me, giving me some simple cases to handle … being satisfied with my efficiency.

Hearing Horst s voice I realized something happened, something that pushed him to contact me, doesn t matter we made agreement to keep me out of duty for a couple of weeks. Actually my engagement was not as regular employee, it was more based on relation of freelancer.

His first words were … sorry JJ, but I need you desperately … my best agent has been badly injured in car accident last night in Frankfurt am Main providing one investigation about missing girl. The girl is daughter of my very good friend and VIP person from Luxembourg … please double J, every hour is important … girl disappeared Friday evening, could be very bad … actually it is very bad already having my best man out of action, but I don t think this accident is connected with his investigation. I used to check flights to Amsterdam finding nothing, but we can meet us in Trier where it all began. If you see me coming personal to Trier, you can imagine how much it means to me, so please do not waist any minute to start … we meet us in Trier in castle Monaise in five hours, it is the place we can talk in peace and it is quite close to the restaurant where all happened.

I wanted to tell him I need some more time to be in Trier … please JJ, do not let me down, be there in five hours. I am starting right now too!

Having no other option, I left the hotel in a hurry driving my girlfriend to Salzburg, leaving her in front of her apartment avoiding any answer what is going on.

Taking some of my necessary personal belongings with me I left my hometown in a hurry, storming highway to Munich being aware it is hell of a drive in front of me.

It was five hours and ten minutes of driving behind me when I used to be in front castle Monaise, seeing Horst and one of his man, walking impatiently in front of the entrance.

Seeing me coming out of the car he smiled saying and pointing my car… Jesus JJ, how did you manage to be here that fast with this wreck car?

Buy me a new one … was my short answer.

He looked at me staying surprised with my sharp answer, recognizing nervous tone in my voice.

Trust me JJ, you are not going to be sorry doing this for me … it is personal favor to me and it is going to be very profitable for you, much more than ever … first you ll get brand new Porsche and super reward if you make it. All your prize money until now will be a peanuts comparing with this … also some other benefits are following.

Spending just half an hour in conversation with Horst, becoming all information needed I left the place. Becoming money and his credit card to use, he gave me the key of his Mercedes whishing me best of luck adding … do not forget how much it means to me JJ I am not going to forget it. Call me any time day and night to tell me what is happening.

Driving fast to the place where Melanie was seen last time, I tried to find some other details that could be useful hunting probably kidnapped beauty. Actually, my injured colleague didn t find anything useful yesterday being here before he went to Frankfurt, to visit the night club he was told by Melanie s parents as the last working place of their daughter.

Unfortunately, it was not much to dig out … late afternoon, two waitress were there, no one in the restaurant and they just remembered the beautiful girl who left the restaurant, after being there for about one hour having her meal.

Thinking intensely what to do, I was noticing one of the waitress is avoiding my eyes ... I felt she wants to say something. Being told by her Boss to go on with her work, she was interrupted in her intention to say something, which showed me his possible intention to hide something.

Keeping looking at her I realized her eyewink in bar direction … she wanted to show me something, but I was not able to discover what she is trying to show me, seeing nothing unusual behind the bar.

Asking the owner to see snapshot cameras I was refused becoming an explanation that cameras were out of function.

His attitude made me mad and determined to find out what is he hiding asking him … well, your cameras are covering parking lot, but I am surprised you are having no cameras inside the restaurant.

Automatically he looked in bar direction, showing me with his eyewink practically the same direction like his waitress … just his eyewink was not provoked by his good intentions as it was by her.

He just discovered me something wrong happened Friday evening, something I shouldn t know, or better to say something he wanted to hide.

Moving in front of me, he placed him at the beginning of the bar not allowing me to check what is the purpose of their eyewinks.

Scanning space behind him, discovering small camera between two bottles of whiskey I asked him to show me a screen shot … becoming an answer it is private property.

You don t understand my friend, I ll get this doesn t matter you want to show me or not. Saying this I pulled out my gun placing it against his belly, causing shifting in his behavior, but he stayed still stubborn.

It really pissed me on and I knocked his head lightly with pistol grip saying him … buddy I am not going to shoot you, I ll make you a cripple, is that what you want me to do?

Looking my eyes he decided to be more helpful showing me screen shots from yesterday.

Seeing everything, staying astonished with clearness of the movie, I was able to recognize some details of my interest.

First, I saw Melanie realizing her beauty and as the next I discovered two men entering the restaurant after her and leaving the restaurant practically in the same moment like she did, giving her just a few seconds to be in front of them. Looking at Melanie approaching her car I saw them attacking her from behind, pushing her into their black Peugeot, doing all this in a few seconds, which showed me I am dealing with top kidnappers.

Recognizing some details that could be of a big help to me … tattoos on toll man s neck, scar on his left underarm and very specific short cut hair friseur by short guy, I used to be satisfied visiting this place.

Accusing the owner for kidnapping I was becoming an answer … I am not involved man, I just don t want to be connected with anything and I don t want my restaurant to be pointed as the bad place, it could ruin my business.

Did you show this to my colleague yesterday, was my question … becoming negative answer I continued.

You are such an idiot man, how could you do this, how you are going to explain to the police what is her car doing on your parking lot … you are in trouble already man, your only hope is me, if I find her in next few days otherwise you can be accused as companion in kidnapping.

We make a deal … I am not going to talk about this and you keep your mouth shut too, including your staff, do we have a deal?

Yes Sir, do not worry I am just caring about my job.

If somebody asks you about this car outside, tell it belongs to one client who will come to pick it up in a week or two … is it clear?

Whishing not to lose any second, I left the place going directly to Frankfurt am Main hoping to see kidnappers in pointed nightclub, or to find any trace that could be useful in finding Melanie.

Driving to Frankfurt I was asking myself … why she has been kidnapped practically on open road, why not in Frankfurt, why not in Luxembourg, was she just at wrong place in a wrong time or what? Is she kidnapped for the purpose of trafficking, or as revenge, or for some third reason?

I hoped trafficking is not an option, because it should be the worst solution … dealing with these criminals, involved in selling beautiful girls was almost worse than dealing with drug smugglers. They were mercy less, ready to kill and most important, they were covered by some states led by those Sheiks or different dynasties in the Middle East. To track the girls was practically impossible, they made them disappeared in the wilderness of the deserts or in the urban jungles.

Anyhow, if she is a victim of professional traffickers the most important thing was time factor … if you lose more than a few days, you lose your chance to find wanted person, because the traffickers are moving away immediately after collecting certain number of wished girls. They were using mostly cars, yachts and boats, much less plains in transporting them into whished direction.

Entering Frankfurt late night around 10 pm I was not losing my time going directly in the neighborhood of mentioned nightclub, hoping to see something interesting to me before opening time at 11pm.

Watching staff people coming, going in and out I decided to supervise the back door of a nightclub, it was always much more interesting to the people like me … everything that counts goes in and out through back door. Scanning the people coming I discovered how many gorillas are going to be present and I was sure I recognized who is the Boss … fat guy coming in black Mercedes, being saluted by few men in front of the door.

My decision was risky but determined with mine being short of time … I decided to move in together with first visitors, trying to find an opportunity to contact the owner of the nightclub.

Around midnight the atmosphere was already hot with a lot of visitors around and I decided to undertake something contacting the bartender, asking him if it is possible to rent the nightclub for five nights in coming week because of private parties.

Telling me to wait he moved out of the main hall, wanting to ask the owner about my request about renting the nightclub.

Coming back soon I was told to follow him. Leading me in the rear part of the building where the Boss was sitting with two of his gorillas, having the whole main room in front of his eyes, staying separated from the crowd with a thick tinted glass.

Facing fat ugly looking Boss I started to present my proposal and explanation why I want to rent his nightclub … listening me carefully he was probably thinking what amount of money he is going to earn, asking me to rise offered amount for about 35 %, half cash – half on account.

Being very content with deal he called staff people to bring some food wanting to discuss further details about next week, saying to one of his gorillas … do not let us to be disturbed, stay at the beginning of the corridor and do not let anybody in.

Having now situation to undertake something, I pulled out my gun kicking his gorilla hardly with a pistol grip disabling him for some time, becoming an opportunity to handle the Boss. He was scared not knowing what I am looking for … hearing my questions about Melanie he denied any possibility to be involved in her kidnapping saying … I don t know what you are talking about man, who are you?

Scanning him carefully I noticed his fear and nervousness being sure he is lying … to make him cooperative, I placed the silencer on the tube of my gun telling him … fat pig, you have ten seconds to tell me where she is, or I ll make you a cripple for the rest of your life.

Becoming no answer I took the napkin putting it into his mouth to prevent his screaming, than I shoot his right hand giving him another ten seconds to answer on my question.

Facing my determination to keep on, he spat the name ... Vaduz - Lichtenstein – nightclub Orange.

Asked about names and his contact person he whispered … Rudolph the owner.

What are their intentions to do with her … was my question?

To sell her to the Middle East that is all what I know, I swear!

Good, they ll be very happy realizing you betrayed them. How shall I recognize Rudolph, how he looks alike, what is his habit, is he staying in his nightclub till the end, what car is he driving, does he has wife or kids … speak out bloody bastard, don t push me to heart you?

Hearing my words his face paled, being aware he is probably dead meat if been recognized as betrayer.

To make him clear I told … if you keep your mouth shut I am not going to point your name to anybody, it is your choice and choose wise. For you the best option is to take care of yourself and vanish somewhere very far and very fast.

It all took me less than five minutes … becoming all information, making him sleep by kicking his head hard, I left the room going out knowing I have another bodyguard to face.

Seeing me coming out, he was not suspicious at all saluting me …

Stepping out through the back door I run away as fast as possible reaching my car in a few seconds, driving out of Frankfurt, being not convinced that fat Boss is not going to warn his contact person – Rudolph in Vaduz nightclub Orange.

I was on the road at 1.15 am … calling Horst, I told him latest news, making him frighten and concerned as rarely before.

Please JJ do something for Christ s sake, don t lose any second, shall I contact the police … what do you think Jesse, is it wise or not, they can have a mole in their ranks and they are so complicated and slow, fuck … do you need any kind of help so far, these trafficking guys are deadly dangerous, please be careful.

Jesse, if you solve this you are not going to regret, I ll promote you into my top man, will be nobody above you … please do your best, her father is president of the main and biggest bank in Luxembourg, I owe him some things and you can imagine how grateful he is going to be!