Introduction to the Theory of Radiopolarimetric Navigation Systems - Kozlov A.I. - ebook

Introduction to the Theory of Radiopolarimetric Navigation Systems ebook

Kozlov A.I.

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The book highlights three types of technologies being developed for autonomous solution of navigation problems. These technologies are based on the polarization structure, ultra-broadband and the fluctuation characteristics (slow and fast) of the radiolocation signals. The book presents the problems of intrinsic thermal radio emission polarization and change in radio waves polarization when they are reflected from objects with non-linear properties.

The purpose of this book is to develop the foundations for creating autonomous radionavigation systems to provide aviation with navigation systems that will substantially increase its capabilities, specifically acting where satellite technologies do not work. The book is intended for specialists involved in the development and operation of aviation-technical complexes, as well as for specialists of national aviation regulators and ICAO experts dealing with the problems of improving flight safety.

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