Intersemiotic Translation - Aba-Carina Pârlog - ebook

Intersemiotic Translation ebook

Aba-Carina Pârlog

239,10 zł


This book explores the practical aspects of Intersemiotic Translation, examining how different signs and sign sets can be transposed into different kinds of semiotic forms of reference. Drawing on theories from translation studies, semiotics, philosophy and stylistics, the author seeks to understand what happens when texts are translated from one genre or modality to another, and makes use of examples ranging from written texts to advertising, images, music, painting, photography, and sculpture. She also analyses related topics such as the differences between Romance and Germanic languages, the difficulties that arise when attempts are made to translate figures of speech or elements of authorial style, and how this interdisciplinary field relates to traditional language-based translation. This book will be of interest to students, teachers, translators and researchers working in the fields of translation studies and multimodality in particular.

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