How they live... Owls - Ivan Esenko - ebook

How they live... Owls ebook

Ivan Esenko

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From 6 years oldCome and discover the wonderful life of owls ! Learn about their environment, their physical features, what they eat and much more ! The “How they live” collection is a must-have for children and other members of the family who are eager to learn about nature and animals while having fun.EXTRACT Owls are adapted perfectly to night life. The numerous light-sensitive cells in the retina of their eye allow them to see in the dark. Unlike most birds, their eyes are positioned on the front – rather than the side – of the head, which helps them to assess distances and to be successful at hunting. Their inability to move their eyes in the sockets is compensated by their ability to rotate their head round 270 degrees. Owls also have excellent hearing, helped by their facial feathers, which direct sound into their ears. They fly silently, aided by their soft plumage and the serrated edges of the flight feathers, which smooth the flow of air during flight. Being able to fly silently is very helpful to owls when hunting, as they can surprise their prey. Most owls hunt small rodents, amphibians and reptiles; smaller species of owl also hunt insects on the ground; the large Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) can capture hedgehogs, rabbits and even young deer.ABOUT THE COLLECTION The collection "How they live..." is about wild creatures and their relation to our lives and the environment.In the "How they live..." series : • How they live... bats• How they live... birds• How they live... amphibians- How they live... reptiles• How they live... rodentsABOUT THE AUTHORSIvan Esenko presents the world of nature and invites the reader to learn more about the world that we are part of. His camera is his most faithful companion and its lens particularly likes to ‘capture’ those animals that live in close quarters to man. We take them so much for granted that we no longer seem to care for them. Ivan is their voice, he has become their ‘personal’ photographer.David Withrington from Britain has spent most of his professional life working for the official agency, Natural England, where he was initially Author/Editor and latterly Senior Freshwater Adviser. He has a particular interest in birds and butterflies. He has many contacts across Europe through his voluntary work for youth and environmental conservation, including friends in Slovenia, a country which he has visited 34 times.ABOUT THE PUBLISHEROkaši is a Slovenian publisher with a vibrant programme.At every turn, nature reveals its new face and discloses a myriad of secrets. This is why we have devoted a special place to it in our publishing house. We are the creators of books that delight curious children and their parents in their discoveries of nature: in the home garden and the nearby park, but also further afield, in the fields and forests. At Okaši we keep pace with the times which is why have embarked upon several electronic editions of our books. We have added sound to these publications and hence a new dimension to the contents already there.

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