Himalaya on the Threshold of Change - Vishwambhar Prasad Sati - ebook

Himalaya on the Threshold of Change ebook

Vishwambhar Prasad Sati

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This book provides a unique and comprehensive assessment of the changes that have been taking place in the Himalayas. It describes in detail all the aspects of change, both natural and cultural, along with their implications, and suggests policy measures to help mitigate them. The book is divided into two major sections – on natural changes and cultural changes – and 11 chapters: an introduction, six addressing changes that concern natural aspects, and four exploring cultural changes and presenting the book’s conclusions. The content is based on a study conducted using a participatory observation/empirical method. Time series data from secondary sources is also included, helping to analyze the various changes. The findings are presented in the form of color graphs, models, maps, photographs, and tables.

The book offers a valuable resource for policymakers, and will prove equally useful for all other stakeholders, e.g. researchers, students and development agents.

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