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Even on a family space cruiser tradition has to be followed and Halloween is an important day.Therefore the offspring of the owners have their plans.So have their parents… Warning: The story is sexually explicit and intended for adult readers.Trigger warnings: Foot fetish, implied mpreg

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Bealevon Nolan

Halloween in Space

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Halloween in Space

Bealevon Nolan


Copyright 2016 Bealevon Nolan


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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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Chapter 1


Sam held his index finger into the metal bowl of the sonic wash hand basin. This triple-damned body paint stuck like glue. He peered closer. No, worse than glue. After a resigned look at his hands, he took them out of the basin and picked up a microfiber towel. Without looking at the mess, he smeared the paint into the formerly pristine cloth. Shrugging, he added it to the washer load.

Which reminded him of the blinking red light on the diaper wash machine and he gnashed his teeth.

If I ever lay my hands on the salesman again…This is the third time we’ll need a mechanic.

With a frown, he stuffed the towel into the duct leading to the service level on the space cruiser. Sam took a look around, noticing the mess of clothes and toys on the floor, in the bed and on the diaper changing table. Today was Halloween and the nanny and most of staff had a day off—it showed. Torn between tidying up the whole room and leaving, he threw everything not made out of cloth out of the cot into one of the huge rectangular drawers and kicked the overflowing piece of furniture back into its hole in the wall.

With a slight guilty conscience, he stepped out of his youngest son’s nursery and walked quickly through the corridor to the master bedchamber. No time for a fully kinky outfit, just a tiny…bait. From the back of the wardrobe Sam picked up his most beloved black leather trousers. The good old piece had seen a lot of action in the past, till nine years ago when a certain redhead had peeled him out of them for the first of many times. Stepping into them in front of the mirror, the reflection showed the anticipatory twinkle in his eyes along with the crow’s feet. The trousers flap had two ways of fastening: one was the lacing on the front, the other patent fasteners. Thankfully, due to his religious use of the fitness room, even the patent fastened cod piece still closed. Rushing, he threw his silk morning robe back on— funny name for a garment he wore all day since they'd become parents— and tied the sash. Hesitating in front of his black leather boots, he instead chose comfortable silk slippers. The teal nail polish on his toes glittered promisingly before he shoved his feet into the shoes. Changing hadn’t taken two minutes before he stormed out of the bedroom again and crossed the hall to the living room.

Rory already sat on the genuine leather sofa, a steaming mug at his elbow, giving the space cruiser’s visual system orders in his deep baritone.

“Find offspring number one. Follow until further notice. Activate sound thirty percent.”

A blur occurred in a square meter about two steps from the couch when the system followed the verbal request. Sam’s eyes lit up at the second steaming mug on his side of the couch.

“I don’t know how you cheated, but next year, you will dress up John Bell!” With a sigh, Sam sank into the plush cushions, making sure his robe covered his legs entirely. Rory MacSimmons's freckled nose scrunched and a massive hand hit his Polo shirt in the vicinity of the heart.

“Dearest, you don’t suggest I, your loving husband, would cheat at pulling the shortest straw?”

Sam’s lips formed a moue. “This is the third time in a row I dressed up our youngest for Halloween.”

An arched eyebrow. “So? You had one kid to prepare, I dressed up the other three.”

After the first sip of his fine cocoa, Sam responded. “The other three are big enough to help and not hinder proceedings. I swear the whole changing station is covered in paint. Which reminds me: the diaper washing machine is only working on the emergency program and needs fixing again.”

Rory groaned and closed his eyes briefly before he muttered, “Good thing none of the guests need the machine on this trip with all passenger kids being four years and up.”

“Mmh-mmh. But we’re the only commercial family space cruiser, and reservations show that on Sirius V, two children under two years are already booked. So contact the company again and give them a swift kick in the butt. And no more excuses! Tell them to bring a replacement; I don’t care for a crappy lemon.”

A warm hand stroked over his robe-clad arm. “Sure, honey, will do. But now let’s sit back and watch our offspring trick-or-treat, all right? It’s Halloween, after all, and we have a day off as well.”

Sam turned and pulled his partner's head forward. “You’re right.” And for the thousandth time, Sam’s lips tingled and sent urgent messages to his abdomen as he kissed Rory. Since he had first locked lips with the masked man at the Fetish Party on Earth, his body lit up like a comet every single time. With a sigh, he sat back in his own seat.

Rory grinned. “Don’t be surprised, the kids reached a solution with the mechanic.”

Sam’s eyebrows rose. “They did?”

“Wait and see…”

Chapter 2