Geometrical Theory of Satellite Orbits and Gravity Field - Drazen Svehla - ebook

Geometrical Theory of Satellite Orbits and Gravity Field ebook

Drazen Svehla

573,84 zł


This book on space geodesy presents pioneering geometrical approaches in the modelling of satellite orbits and gravity field of the Earth, based on the gravity field missions CHAMP, GRACE and GOCE in the LEO orbit. Geometrical approach is also extended to precise positioning in space using multi-GNSS constellations and space geodesy techniques in the realization of the terrestrial and celestial reference frame of the Earth. This book addresses major new developments that were taking place in space geodesy in the last decade, namely the availability of GPS receivers onboard LEO satellites, the multitude of the new GNSS satellite navigation systems, the huge improvement in the accuracy of satellite clocks and the revolution in the determination of the Earth's gravity field with dedicated satellite missions.

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