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Debbie Lacy

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An attractive couple, whose names are Bre'dron and Briana fall madly in love as high school sweethearts when their love relationship was criticized by his mother's consistent meddling; determined to keep them apart for her own selfish reasons. But regardless of her malice, they struggled to hold on to one another. After high school graduation, Briana's preference was to attend a historical black college in Atlanta and Bre'dron's dream was to follow his father and brother's footsteps in joining the Marines. They had hoped to spend the summer together before going their separate ways, exploring their future endeavors when she finds out his recruitment was much earlier then expected. Surprisingly while in military, Bre'dron became infatuated by an alluring love interest named Kiya, who is a fashion journalist; impelled to neglect his sweetheart, whereas their love began to slowly dwindle. Even though Briana was still madly in love with Bre'dron, she moves on with her life and while partying with friends for the holidays in Chicago, her beauty and sex appeal lands her a lucrative 2-year contract in the adult entertainment industry where she becomes a big star. Faith, triumphant as well as adversity transpired in both of their lives and in nearly four years they reclaimed their love ecstasy, but after deserting Bre'dron while on a job assignment in Paris, France, Kiya returns wanting him back compromising their wonderful relationship. **Adult Content**

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Debbie Lacy

Elements of Love

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A Sweet Greet on a Special Day

  The school bell rang when Bre’dron grabbed his books and was quickly out the door of his classroom.  Down the hall, at his locker, he reached in to grab his jacket and his science book when Briana approached him.  Mesmerized by her beauty he thought, “There she is, the girl of my dreams!”  Bre’dron was quite reserved and had to get used to being approached by many girls who thought he was quite handsome but it was something about Briana that made his heart skip a beat.  To him there was no other like her; she had long wavy hair, a very beautiful smile and a body that was so nicely proportioned, it was as if she’d been beautifully hand sculptured.  She was stunning!

“Hi Bre’dron,” she spoke.

“Hi,” he smiled.

 “Would you like to walk me home today,” she asked?

 “Oh sweetheart, I’ll do whatever you want me to do.” He thought then answered, “Sure!”

 “Cool!  Let’s go,” she demanded.

 They talked all the way home about all the things they enjoyed and before long they arrived at a very nice 2-story home surrounded by beautiful flowers with pruned landscaping.

 “Well, this is where I live,” she stated.

 “Oh!  Nice place,” he complimented walking her to the door.

 “Well, thanks for walking me home,” she expressed.

 “Sure!  I’ll walk you home anytime…I mean, whenever you’d like me to,” he explained.

 That's sweet offer meant a lot to her and to his surprise she was compelled to delight him with the sweetest kiss that aroused him.  Overwhelmed that she liked him just as much as he liked her; consequently, that special kiss sealed their affection for one another.

 “Will you come inside with me,” she invited.                                           

 “Okay,”  he replied.

 He stepped inside of a large foyer with a beautiful winding staircase.

 “Would you like to see my room,” she asked?

 “Yeah, but where are you parents,”  he inquired?

 “They are at work and won’t be home until late this evening.  Come on!  I've got something to show you,” she said grabbing his hands to lead him upstairs.

 When they arrived at her room, she discreetly closed the door behind them quickly kicking off her shoes,  she led him over to her bed and while he sat on her pretty lilac floral satin-cloth bedding, she bent over to kiss him once then twice.

“You know Bre’dron, I’ve been admiring you for quite some time and you’re not like all of the other guys at school.  I mean, you're always so kind and friendly.  Overall, just an affable gentleman and I like that and I'm sure all the girls at school admire those qualities about you.  But you know what, it would make me very happy if you would make me your girlfriend.  I'd like that too!”  He was quite amused and with much admiration for her beauty, he smiled when she graced him with her sweet and tender lips.

When he proceeded to speak, she placed her fingers softly over his lips to silence him.  She sustained his amused stare, while seductively loosening her blouse and eagerly stepping out of her skirt and in a sensual glare she pushed him back on her bed.

 “Oh Bre’dron, I like you and I think you’re so handsome!  I’m going give you something you've never had before!”  She confessed swiftly unbuckling his belt to get a visual of his aroused manhood. 

"Ooh, I see you want me too!"  She smiled.

That pleasure quickie was the most incredible and thrilling feeling he had ever experienced and that's when it all began on that special day. 


























Chapter 1

Things were going great between Bre’dron and Briana, they were having all sorts of fun together; many at their high school envied their relationship.  Of course, there were many female haters who wanted to be Bre’dron’s girl and often their relationship was compromised but nothing could come between him and his first true love, Briana.

 One Sunday, the family planned to get together for Sunday dinner at the McCall home.  Bre’dron told his mother he invited his girlfriend over for dinner.

“So you've got a new girl, huh?  Well, what is she like?”  His mother Clarice inquired.

 “Yeah Ma!  She’s beautiful and very nice!  You’ll like her!”  Bre’dron confirmed.

 “Well, you let me be the judge of that, son. Yeah, you go ahead and invite her.  I’d like to meet the girl who's been taking all of my son’s time from his mother!”

“Aw, Ma!  You’re still my number one girl!”  He empathized quickly kissing her on her cheek.

 Sunday at 3:00 pm, Bre’dron arrived with his beautiful Briana.  Everyone greeted her with open arms.  His uncles teased him saying, “Very nice Bre’dron! You’re gonna have to put the old ball and chain on her so she won’t get away!”  While his aunts and cousins held her hostage in the family room, he noticed his mother hadn’t said a word to her when she entered.

Bre’dron approached her in the kitchen and asked, “Hey Ma, come out of this kitchen and come to met her!”

 “Oh, I will baby, I just have to put these rolls in the oven.” She stated.

 “Come on Ma now! You’re acting like you don’t really care to meet her at all!”

 “But baby, I've got to finish –

“Come on Ma now no excuses, everyone else has met her except you, now come on!”  He admitted grabbing her by the hand leading her into the family room where everyone had assembled.

He guided his mother over where Briana and his three cousins were talking.

 “Briana, I like for you to meet my number one girl, my mother.”  He boasted.

 “Hello, it’s very nice to meet you, Mrs. McCall!”  She stated.

 “Same here dear but please call me Clarice!”  She informed.

 “Okay, Mrs. Clarice!”  She expressed.

 “Now son, let me get back to my dinner.  Make yourself at home dear!  Bre’dron get her some punch!  Dinner will be ready soon!”

 After dinner Bre’dron and Briana slipped away from everyone for some private time together out in his mother’s beautiful garden.

 “You have a very nice family Bre’dron.”

 “They’re okay, but I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself!”  He smiled putting his arm around her.

 “Your mother didn’t have much to say to me.  You think she likes me?”  Briana questioned.

“It takes Ma a little time to get to know you but I think she likes you!"  Bre’dron assured.

 Meanwhile, in the kitchen, his Aunt Viv and his mother were putting dishes away when Clarice glanced out into the garden at her son with his company.

 “What do you think of her Clarice?”  Aunt Viv asked.

 “I don’t know.  She’s attractive and all but for some reason, I feel she’s a little more advanced than Bre’dron.

 “Well, she seems very nice, very mannerly and quite sociable.”

 “Well, they all come across so innocent the first time you meet them to try to make a good impression.  All I know is she better not hurt my son!”  Clarice confessed.

 “Oh Clarice, they are young and in love.  And as long as Bre’dron is happy with her you should be happy for him too!  Come on now; let’s serve the dessert because I can’t wait to taste this apple streusel cake you made.  So call the kids in, bring the ice cream and let’s all have some desert.”  She commanded taking the cake and paper plates into the family room.

 Clarice lingered as she inconspicuously stared out at them for a moment before joining the rest of the family.





Chapter 2

The next week, a strong gas smell flowed through the air vents at school causing some students to get sick and pass out.  Expeditiously, the Principal announced there were a severe gas leak and classes were discontinued for the day.  It was an immediate early dismissal.  The faculty members were instructed to make sure all students leave the campus immediately.  Bre’dron was concerned about his sweetheart Briana and since he was prohibited from entering back inside, he waited out front.  It seemed everyone was rushing out of the building except her and he was beginning to worry when he received a slight tap on his shoulder.  So glad to see her, they tightly embraced.

 “Well, we got a half day off, do you want to walk down to the public library?”  She suggested.

“No, I don’t want to see another book today.  I’ve got a better idea!”  He offered.

 “What’s that?”

 “Let’s go to my house!  We can watch a movie and I’ve got a pizza in the freezer.  I just want us to spend some time together.  How does that sound?”  He asked holding her hand.

 “Oh, I don’t know Bre’dron.”  She hesitated.

 “Aw come on!  My Mom won’t be home until long after 5:00 pm.  We’ll have the house all to ourselves sweetheart!  I want to be with you!”  He beseeched.

 “Okay, I guess that would be alright!”  She smiled.

 Meanwhile, Clarice worked as a Court Reporter at the Municipal Court downtown.  She just finished with of her transcribing and was just piddling around in the office.  The judge walked in and noticed that she really had nothing to do.

 “Clarice, may I get the file on the Anderson versus Wilder case.”

 “Sure Judge Taylor!  I have it right here and it's ready to go!”  She concluded.

 He was about to walk out when he thought to ask, “Oh, and did you finish the Douglas case?  I know it was dismissed but I‘d like to review it a little further.”  He proposed.

 “Yes, it’s been finished several days ago!”  She concluded.

 “Excellent!  You are so proficient!  That’s what I admire most about you Clarice!  You keep me on my toes.”  He complimented.

 “Well, thanks, sir!  I’m just doing my job!”  She expressed.

 “And a very good one indeed!  So why are you still hanging around here?  Go home!”  He suggested.

 “Well, Agnes asked if I would help her with some filing down the hall and when I'm finished, I will definitely consider that.”  She smiled.

 “Good!  See you tomorrow!”  The Judge stated leaving her office.


Chapter 3

 Bre’dron and Briana had just finished fooling around in bed and while lying in each other's arms, Briana wanted to know a little more about Bre’dron’s family.

 “Bre’dron, you never really told me much about your father!  You just say he’s not around.  So where is he?”  She inquired.

 “Well, there’s not much to tell, he left Ma when I was very young.  I never knew the reason why.  All I remember is that it hurt her very badly.  If it weren’t for my older brother Marcus who helped raise me, it’s no telling how I may have turned out.”  He stressed.

“So you have an older brother?”  She asked.


“Well, where is he?”  She inquired.

 “Oh, he’s in the Marines!  He’s stationed over in Canada right now!”

 “Really!  Do you hear from him often?”

 “Yeah, he writes occasionally. Sometimes we get a phone call from him.”

 “When was the last time you heard from him?”  She asked.

 “Whew, it’s been a while.  Let me get his picture.”

 He crawled out of bed divulging his nakedness as he dashed to the bookshelf in the hallway to grab his brother’s picture then handing it her as he crawled back in bed.

 “Ooh, he looks handsome in that uniform.  I can see the resemblance.”

 “Oh yeah?”

 “Yes, he looks just like you!”  She added.

 “Well, he’s nothing like me.  He likes to read a lot and work with electronics and stuff.  He’s smart and great in mathematics.  I like to race cars mainly chargers.  I use to dream that someday I’d be pushing my Pontiac GTO or my Road Runner in a high-speed road race for the big win!  You should see my collection and I love science.  One day my mom bought me a telescope because I wondered if there was any life form on the other planets like Pluto, Neptune, Venus, Mars, or if it ever rained or snowed on those planets.  I was always curious about those sort of things.”  He expressed.

 “Wow, you had quite an imagination back then.  Do you think you’d ever pursue some of those dreams?”  She inquired.

“I sure hope so!  I mean anything is possible, right?”

“Yes, and if you believe in yourself baby, you can achieve those desires of your heart!”  Briana stressed.

 “Aw see, you’re always so positive and I love that about you sweetheart!  So enough about me, now I’d like to know what are some of your dreams?”  He inquired.

 “Well, there’s not much to say except I plan to be a doctor someday!”  She expressed.

 “That’s awesome sweetheart!  What kind of doctor?” 

 “An Obstetrician.  I want to deliver babies and stuff.”

 “Wow!  You must love children?”  He asked.

 “I do!  Unlike you, I don’t have any brothers or sisters, I had a cousin who use to come visit me some summers from Buffalo New York and sometimes I would go there to visit with her for two or three weeks.  She was a year older than me and quite mature.  We never really got along. We use to fight all the time about whose turn was it to be the doctor or the nurse when we played.”  She chuckled then said, “You’re gonna laugh but as tacky as this may sound, one particular day she wanted me to be the doctor for a change and I was glad because it was always a constant battle with her.  Just as I turned to get my toy medical bag she had gotten out of her panties to lay across my bed with her legs spread wide apart begging me to examine her.  That’s when my mother walked in on us and yelled, “Chutney, if you don’t get up from there and put your damn panties on!” She was quite embarrassed and she hasn’t been back to visit me since.”

“Oh wow, that’s hilarious!”  Bre’dron laughed.

 “I know!  She was a hot mess I’ll tell you!  So I think she had a lot to do with my decision of becoming an Obstetrician.”  She proposed smiling at him.

“You know what?  All this talk about you being a doctor and examinations has made me kinda horny, so why don’t you come over here and doctor on me.” He teased quickly throwing the covers over their heads as he starts to playfully fondle her when suddenly they heard a car door slam from outside his window.

 “Who is that?”  She quaked.

 “I don’t know!”  He replied as he leaped out of bed to look out the window to notice his mom getting out of the car with a grocery bag in her hand.

 Quickly he yelled out, “It’s Ma!”

 “What?  What time is it?”  She panicked anxiously jumping out of bed grabbing her underwear to put them on.

 “It’s 3:00!”  He uttered.

 “Oh, I knew this was a bad idea!”  She commented as she hurried to pick up her clothing off the floor.

 “No, she must have gotten off early.  Sometimes she does when she’s finished with her work at the office.  Out of all the days, why today?”  He confessed slipping into his jeans.

 “Oh Bre’dron what are we going to do?  I don’t want your mother to think badly of me!”  She protested.

 “Shhh!  She won’t but you have to be quiet.  I’m going to sneak you out the side door.  Do you have everything?”  He spoke softly.

 “Yes, I think so!”  She confirmed.

 They tiptoed out his room down the hall towards the side door.

 They could hear the front door open downstairs as his mother entered.  He quietly opened the side door to allow Briana to slip out to go down the steps.  He gave her a quick kiss and asked that she call him when she arrived home.  Briana eased down the steps while putting on her shoes; she ran across the lawn just as Mrs. McCall was coming out the back door to empty the trash noticing her.

“Look at that little tramp and where in the hell is she coming from?”  She uttered returning back inside then immediately upstairs she went.

 Bre’dron had just finished making his bed and picking up his room when he met his mom in the hallway.

 “Ma!”  He greeted.

 “Bre’dron, what are you doing home so early?  Did you skip school today?”  She exclaimed.

 “No Ma!  They let us go early today!”  He explained.

 “Early for what?”  She quaked.

 “There was a gas leak and some of the students were affected by the smell and getting sick so they let us go for today.  That’s all!”

 “You’ve been bringing any of those little fast ass girls in my house?”  She questioned him.

 “Aw, c'mon Ma!”  He stated while going downstairs.

 “Don’t walk away from me Bre’dron while I’m talking to you!”  She ordered.

 “Ma, you know I don’t so why are you sweating me?  There is only one girl and that’s Briana.”  He admitted while opening the refrigerator to grab a soda to drink.

 “Ah huh!  Well, that explains why I saw her little ass running across my lawn a few minutes ago.”  She sneered.

 “Dang!”  He thought as he stopped drinking his soda.

 “Ma!” –

 “Don’t Ma Me!”  She demanded.

 “Son I’ve told you about those little fast ass girls! They will trap you and ruin your life!  Now this girl you’re dating, I didn’t like her from the start and I surely don’t like her now!”

 “But Ma –“

 “Don’t interrupt me, son, when I’m talking!  Now I want you to stop seeing her.  She’s bad for you!  The next thing I know I’ll have a house full of babies running around here and I am not trying to have that!”

 “Ma, I love her!”

 “Aw son, you don’t know what you love, you too young to know what’s it’s all about!”

 “Ma, I am 18 years old and I think I can handle myself! I love Briana and I’m not ready to give her up!”

 “What about the love for your mother? Huh?  Who's gonna love me?”

 “Ma, this has nothing to do with you!  You’re my mother and I love you very much but this is my life!  Not yours!”  He concluded then immediately went upstairs to his room.

 Regardless of how his mother felt, Bre’dron kept seeing Briana.  One day Marcus called and was just traveling through Alabama on his way to San Antonio, Texas for about a month.  He wanted to see his younger brother so they met at the Old Fashion Hamburger Hut one of their favorite places as younger boys.

 “Man, you’re getting Big!”  Marcus commented.

 “You too man, you working out or something?”  Giving each other a brotherly hug.

 “Well you know that’s one of the benefits of being a Marine they keep you in good shape.”

 “Well, you look good man!”  Bre’dron complimented.

 “So how is everything?”  Marcus asked.

 “Aw man, things are great!  The school is fine and I've even got this cute little honey I’m seeing man.”

 “O yea?”

 “Yea man, she’s the light of my life right now!”

 “Well, that’s alright lil bro! What’s her name?”  Marcus asked.

 “Briana!  And she’s beautiful as well as fine!”

 “Ah! Well, how is” –

 “Aw man she’s all that and then some! She’s great man!”  Bre’dron interjected while giving each other a fist tap.

 “Well, that’s great man!  How’s Ma?”  Marcus finally got around to asking.

 “Ma is doing good man!  She still working for the Municipal Court so I guess she’s happy, you know she never says anything about it.  You should come by and say hello!  I’m sure she’d love to see you!  Bre’dron insisted.

 “Yea man, I will, just not right now.

 “Why? What’s wrong man? I mean, what's going on?”  Bre’dron inquired.

 “Aw man, it’s a lot!  I haven‘t been home in two years because of it all.”  Marcus concluded.” 

 “I know and that’s a long time man!  That’s why you need to come by and see Ma while you still can!”  Bre’dron expressed.

 “Hey let me ask you something!  Does Ma like your girl?”  Marcus asked.

 “Man – I don’t know, a couple of weeks ago she asked that I stop seeing Briana man.”

 “What?”  Marcus exclaimed.

 “Yea man!  She’s been giving Briana a real hard time man!”

 “Hey man, don’t give up on your woman for what she says!”  Marcus stressed.

 “And it’s sad man because Briana wants Ma to like her.  But Ma won’t respond to her!  Instead, she calls her all sorts of names and she’s a nice girl, you know?”  Bre’dron swore.

 “It sounds like she’s starting to treat you like she treated me!”  Marcus confirmed.

 “Oh, Yea?  Well, fill me in!" Bre’dron insisted.

Chapter 4

That afternoon, Mrs. McCall stopped by the beauty salon to get a wash and set and while waiting, she heard young high school girls talking and caring on over the partitioned wall.  She was actually amused by some of their silly ravings when after a while, she heard her son Bre’dron McCall’s name mentioned just when Angie, her hair stylist called her to the shampoo bowl.  Unfortunately, their voices were drowned by the shampoo and she couldn’t hear what was being said about her son.  Angie applied some conditioner and asked Mrs. McCall to sit for 15-minutes then she would be ready for a rinse.  Mrs. McCall went to have a seat but noticed there were very few magazines available and when she asked about them, Angie suggested that she look through the racks on the other side of the partitioned wall.  As she browsed over the stacks of magazines was when she found one of interest taking a quick glance over at the girls and immediately she noticed the tramp, the slut her son thinks he’s fallen in love with.  So she approached her with much disgust.

“Oh Hi, Mrs. McCall!  It’s a surprise to see you in here!  How are you today?”  Briana cordially asked.

 “I heard my son’s name mentioned over the wall and I said to myself, it’s just a few of my son’s admirers carrying on but I had no idea it was you over here raving about him.  Now you listen and you listen to me good because I don't want to have to say this but once to you.  I don’t know what kind of little scheme you're trying to play because you got my son’s mind all twisted up in your little game and I don’t like it!  I know your kind, eager to screw a man to get what you want and my son is a decent young man with big plans for his future.  You’re just a cute little piece of ass he’s screwing around with.  That’s all you are to him and it will never be anything more and I know he can do so much better!  So do me a favor and get out of his life while you still have what little ounce of decency left.”  Then she abruptly turned and walked away leaving Briana so embarrassed and humiliated in front of her friends she started balling in tears.



Chapter 5

Later, Marcus dropped Bre’dron off in front of the house.

“Aw man, I sure hate to see you go!  I miss you, Bro!”  Bre’dron admitted.

“Yeah man, I miss you too!”  Marcus admitted glancing at the place he once knew.

 “The place still looks good!”  He admired.

 “Yeah, Mr. Thomas still does the yard work for us.  You should see the garden out back.  Man, she’s got every flower you can think of planted back there.  She’s got quite a green thumb!”

 “Nah man, like I said, I’m not ready yet.  Hey, you remember what I said now!”   Marcus advised.     

“I will!  Thanks, man!”

 “I hope you enjoy your new cell phone!  Now you can keep up with all the honeys!”  Marcus mentioned.

“Oh, you bet!  I'm going to go charge it up right now!”  Bre’dron stressed.

 “Hey man, when I come back through for graduation, I’ma have a surprise for you!”

 “Okay!  I can’t wait!”  Bre’dron smiled while watching his brother drive away.


Chapter 6

Bre’dron walked into his bedroom to charge his new cell phone when he thought of his sweetheart Briana while admiring their prom pictures on his dresser.

“Let me call her!  I haven’t spoken to her all day.”  He thought.

 Bre’dron tried to contact her several times but was unsuccessful.  His mother arrived home late that evening and found Bre’dron moping around the house.  He didn’t have much to say about anything.  All he could think about was his sweetheart Briana.

 “What’s wrong with you son?  You look like you don’t have a friend in the world!”

 “I guess you can say that.”  Bre’dron confessed.

 “Aw son!  Come here and sit down and tell mama what’s wrong?”

“C’mon Ma!  Don’t try to baby me now!”  Bre’dron pleaded.

 “Aw, but you are my baby! And you will always be mama’s baby!  Now tell mama what’s bothering you?”  His mother stated with her arms around him kissing him on his cheek.

“I don’t know Ma!  I’ve been calling Briana all afternoon and I can’t seem to reach her!  I’ve left messages and it’s not like her to not call or anything!  I mean we always stay in touch with one another.  It’s just odd and I can’t help but feel that something is wrong that’s all.”

 “Well, son you know how these little fast ass girls are?  She’s probably hanging out with her friends or something.  And now you see what I’m talking about, she doesn’t have the common courtesy to call you to let you know where she is!  You know why?  Because she’s up to no good, that’s why.  That’s what I’ve been trying to get you to see son, she’s not ready for a real relationship.  But I can clearly say that you are! It’s just with the wrong one.  This is just a test of what’s to come and I would hate to see you hurt behind it.  Forget about her son; let her go, believe me, you’ll be glad you did in the long run.”  His mother concluded while walking away.


Chapter 7

The next week at school, Bre’dron could feel the tension all around him.  The girls would frown while turning their noses up at him and he wondered what was wrong.  He waited by Briana’s locker, as it was the first place they’d meet before the first period but she never showed.  He glanced at his watch thinking, “Where could she be?” As he lingered noticing that there were only a few minutes before the first bell would ring.  That’s when two of Briana’s friends walked by as if he were invisible.

 “Hey Brandi, Michelle!  Have you all seen Briana?”

 They stopped to give him a dreadful look when Brandi snapped, “Yes!  But she doesn’t want to see you!” Then Michelle added, “Yeah Bre’dron it’s true and she’s quite upset!  So seeing you would not be good for her right now.” 

 “What?  What are yall talking about?  C’mon now! What’s going on?  Where is she?”

 “You’re so scandalous Bre’dron McCall!  You weren’t man enough to tell her how you really felt so you put your mother up to do it and that was very low down!”  Brandi expressed as they walked away.

 “What?  My mother!”  He soared as the first-period bell rang.

He dashed off to his first-period science class before the tardy bell rang, there was going to be a pop-quiz he could not miss.

After class, Bre'dron stopped by some of Briana’s classes and asked several of her friends about her whereabouts but they all acted quite frigid.  Some of the guys tried to lift his spirits but nothing could take the place of the loneliness he felt for Briana.

 “C’mon man, why are you crying over spilled milk?  All you got to do is get you another glass!  You dig?”  The guys teased while giving each other a fist tap.

“Nah man, I have to talk to her first to find out what’s going on!  I need to know what happened!  That’s all.”  Bre’dron expressed.

Then his friend Jerome stated, “Well, you just might get that chance man.  There she is over there?”

 “Yeah, I see her.  I'll catch yall later man!”  He mentioned as he dashed off across the cafeteria area to talk to her.

Briana saw him coming towards her and quickly turned and went in the opposite direction.

“Briana!”  He called out as she slipped around the corner but he caught her by the arm just when the bell rang.

 “Look!  Let me go Bre’dron and leave me alone!”  She ordered.

 “No!  I won’t let you go!  I need to talk to you!”  He stressed still holding onto her.

 “Well, I don’t want to talk to you!”  She stated.

“Briana, look at me!  C’mon girl, what’s up?  Why are you avoiding me?  C’mon now, talk to me!”

“I’m going to be late for my class Bre’dron now quit it!”  Snatching her arm away from him.

Refusing to let her out of his sight, he grabbed her and pulled her under the stairwell out of the way of the crowd of stampeding students on their way to class,.  Some wondered what they were doing underneath the stairs, which was known to be a kissing place for couples.

“I’ve been calling and asking around for you and now you’re refusing to talk to me!  What’s up?  I mean, did I do something wrong?  You seeing somebody else...what’s up?”  Bre’dron pleaded.

“No I’m not seeing anybody else and you know it Bre’dron!”

 “Okay, then what’s wrong sweetheart?  Don’t you think I deserve an explanation?  I mean, couples just don’t quit each other without a reason?”

 She looked at him as her eyes filled with tears and said, “No they don’t and I don’t have a reason Bre’dron but obviously your mother does!”  She stressed pushing him away to head upstairs.

 “Wait a minute; my mother said something to you?”  He questioned.

Briana stopped on the top step then turned to him and stated, “Yes, she threatened me about you!”  She voiced then hurried off before the final bell rung.

Bre’dron suddenly became furious as to what he had finally found out that his mother was trying to come between him and his girl.

 Later, when the Senior class all gathered in the auditorium to practice for their graduation march, he stared at his beautiful Briana as she walked down the other aisle to be seated; when their eyes met and he could feel that she still loved and cared for him.  While they were all assembled listening to the instructions given by some of the faculty members, his mind drifted to the conversation he and his big brother Marcus shared on how his mother intervened in his relationships with his lady friends causing one break-up after another.  From what he told him two of them were his fiancées but according to his mother, no one was right for him.  Now, he understood what Marcus was saying and that’s why he refused to come and visit because he hasn’t forgiven her for what she had done. With that in mind, Bre’dron was certainly not going to let her come in between him and Briana.

Later that evening, he eagerly awaited his mother’s arrival because he desperately needed some answers.  It was 6:30 pm when she finally arrived home and for some reason, she was very happy when she entered the door.

 “There is my handsome baby!”  She rejoiced trying to kiss and embrace him.

“No Ma, stop that,”  he ordered.

“Aww, don’t be like that!  Give your mama a kiss,” she insisted.

“Stop!!”  He yelled then added, “You just don’t get it do you?”  He fumed.

 “What son?  What’s wrong,”  she queried?

“How could you do that to Briana Ma?  She has bent over backward trying to get along with you! Trying to make you like her and what do you do?  You scare her off by belittling and humiliating her!  That’s very cruel Ma and how could you do that to me?”

His mother casually walked over to the counter and said, “She’s not good enough for you, that’s all.”

 “How or what gives you the right to say she isn’t good enough, huh?  You know Ma, I’m starting to feel that there will never be anyone good enough for me!  Whether there is another girl or the one after that.  You know Marcus said you’d be this way because there wasn't anyone good enough for him either!”

“Marcus!  When did you talk to Marcus?”

“He was here Ma, a few weeks ago and he told me all about how you did him.”

 “Why didn’t you tell me,” she inquired.

 “Because he didn’t want to see you Ma!  He hasn’t forgiven you yet!  And at this point Ma, I haven’t forgiven you either!”  He concluded dashing upstairs.

 “Aww, now Bre’dron!  Bre’dron!”  She called out.

Clarice poised a perplexed look while shaking her head as she gazed out of her kitchen window at her garden.


Chapter 8

 Bre’dron and Briana remained friends but it wasn’t the love affair they once shared together.  She felt it was for the best and regardless, his mother despised her and she would always cause problems between them.  They would greet cordially but nothing more than that yet, amorously he truly missed her.  He felt forlorn and the only person that could relieve his despair was his Grandma.  So he walked to the corner on his block and caught the bus to his Grandma’s house about 15-miles away.

 Bre’dron’s Grandma Melba was very happy to see him but she could see that he was very unhappy about something.  They had some small talk until she offered him some of her spicy meatballs and that’s when she got a smile from him.  She poured both of them a glass of lemonade then asked him to join her out on the porch.  After a while, Bre’dron began to open up to her.  He told his Grandma what had happened and how furious he was with his mother.  Grandma Mel apologized for his mother’s behavior then went on to inform him of his mother’s past.  He found out that his dad left his mother for a much younger woman and how devastated she was when she found the young girl in her house with him when she arrived home from work early one day.  The funny thing about it though was that she thought he was having an affair with the girls’ mother after seeing his car parked at their house a few times.  So when she found out he was having an affair with the woman’s daughter that really distressed her.

“Listen, baby, she knows that she has some very handsome sons just as your father James and she thinks she’s protecting you boys from girls like that.  But she really isn’t aware of the damage she’s causing!  You understand what I’m trying to say to you, baby?"

 “Yeah Grandma, I think I do.  Wow, that’s messed up!”  Bre’dron thought.

 “So now you know.  I talked to Marcus also because he was having the same problems with your mother and I told him the same story.”  Grandma Mel stated.

 “Yeah but why didn’t she tell me what actually happened?”  He asked.

“Well, baby something as painful as that may still be hard to talk about.  So she hides her frustration and anger by trying to prevent you boys from getting hurt.  Now you have to forgive her baby.  She really meant well.”

 Bre’dron listened but didn’t say much after that.  Even though he understood his mother’s position, it still didn’t help bring back the love he lost and that was his sweet Briana.

 “I understand Grandma, but I lost someone behind all this and I just find it hard to forgive her when she hasn’t forgiven my dad because if she had, she wouldn’t be so quick to interfere in her son’s relationships and her actions have demonstrated that she hasn’t moved on! Grandma Mel, I love Ma with all my heart but I can’t forgive her right now!  Briana doesn’t want me back now and it’s all because of Ma.  She was my light, my energy and to tell you the truth Grandma without her in my life anymore, I hate getting up in the morning!”  He empathized.

“Aw baby, then you should go get her back!  Have you tried to talk to her?”  Grandma Mel asked.

 “Yes, many times but her mind is made up!  She would rather we be friends instead.”

 “Aw baby, you know true love never dies!  She’s just upset right now but give her some time and she’ll come around.  You’ll see!”

 “I sure hope so!  Thanks, Grandma!  Well, let me get on and Grandma those spicy meatballs were off the chain!” He said while giving her a tight embrace.

“Aw, you’re welcome baby!  You know they’re your favorite and it’s funny every time I make a batch you always seem to come around.”  They both laughed saying their good-byes.

 Later that night, Clarice couldn’t sleep, so she headed downstairs to fix herself a warm glass of milk when she heard some talking coming from Bre’dron’s room.  Quietly she listened outside his door.

 “Hey, Briana!  This is Bre’dron.  I just called to say I love you and I miss you!  I’m here if you want to talk…anytime so call me, okay?  I love you sweetheart!  Good-Bye!”

 Clarice just shook her head in disapproval after listening to him and continued down the hall.



Chapter 9

The following weekend, Jerome was having as Senior Bash party and everyone was there.  His homeboy through it down at the place called “The Spot.”  There were a great DJ, good drinks and plenty of food.  All the honeys came out that night and were looking hot!

The ladies wouldn’t let Bre’dron leave the dance floor because he looked so good.  Finally getting a break from dancing, he and a couple of his homies stood by checking out the festivities kicking it with their drinks in hand when surprisingly there she was.  She was positively alluring out on the dance floor in her short lustrous dress showing her beautiful shapely legs.  He focused in as she danced; he was so mesmerized by her beauty while gracefully moving her nice proportioned body made him want her.  Unexpectedly, she spotted him standing with his boys on the other side of the room while sinuously inviting him over with her body.  Never taking his eyes off her, he finished his drink and smoothly eased out on the dance floor to join her.  As they grooved together, she wrapped her arms around his neck showing him her beautiful smile, he held her neat little waist tightly and by no means did he intend to let her go.

“Hi,”  she flirted.

 “Hello beautiful,” he started watching her blush.

 “So how are you,”  she inquired staring in his eyes?

 “I’m much better now seeing you,” he admitted.

 “That’s good,” she smiled at him.

Then suddenly the DJ switched and announced an old time favorite slow jam, “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” by the Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes.  It was perfect timing because he wasn’t ready to let Briana go, subsequently, he smoothly pulled her close.  He could smell the sweet fragrance of her perfume that lustfully turned him on and when she cleaved him tightly, it was as if he were in heaven, a place he never wanted to leave.

 His homies hunched one another noticing the two of them together just as everyone did out on the dance floor that night.

 “I’ve missed you!”  She sweetly whispered.

 “Not as much as I’ve missed you!”  He swore looking into her eyes.

 Then he clinched her body so tightly consequently, she compressed into him and he was quite aroused.  While feeling her vibe he moaned, “Umm, so how good is it?”  He inquired.

 She looked amorously into his eyes and conveyed her sensuous smile then answered, “Oh it’s very good and wet!” 

 Magically, they kissed out there on the dance floor so passionately and for a moment they forgot where they were.  Consequently, the gargantuan applaud reaction from the crowd clearly displayed their gladness.  Just before the song ended he inquired, “You want to get out of here?” And she quickly responded, “Yes!”

 While holding her hand they eased through the crowd and out the door.

“Oh, it’s on now!”  His homies taunted as they watched them leave giving each other a fist tap.

Briana’s dad bought her a fully loaded brand new Jaguar for her graduation present and it was Bre’dron’s first time seeing it.

 “Aww, this is sweet!”  Bre’dron complimented.

 “Thanks! Get in!”  She offered.

 “You mind if I drive?  I want to take you to a special place?”  Sweetly he embraced her with a sweet tender kiss and she politely handed him her keys.

They drove to a private little place out on highway 69 where he acquired their room; he drove right up to door #1 of their rendezvous haven.

 “Oh, this is a lovely little place and there’s no one else around.”  She noticed.

 “That’s because it’s a new establishment, no one really knows about it yet.”  He responded.

 He opened the car door for her while holding hands he leads her through the door of an extraordinary room.  It was equipped with everything and exquisitely furnished.

Bre’dron watched as she admired the elegance then he easily dimmed the lighting and turned on the satellite radio to some soft R&B music, he reached into the supplied mini refrigerator and poured them a complimentary drink of Champagne while indulging in sweet conversation.  In the bathroom, he filled the round tub full of warm bubbly water as he applied the complimentary package of scented red rose pedals.

“Bre’dron, this is all so very sweet!”  She expressed.

 “I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.  And I prayed that if we got back together it had to be right.  We’re all alone here where no one can bother us, pass judgment on us and get into our business.  It’s just you and me baby here together and that's all I care about!”

 Those words sounded so sweet to her and how she missed him so much, yet she was still a little reluctant on taking him back but for that moment she was going to enjoy herself and see what happens later.

 After their relaxing bath together they made sweet and passionate love and drifted off into a deep slumber but Bre’dron had quickly awakened before her and realized he had his beautiful sweetheart lying in his arms.  As he watched her sleep, noticing how her beautiful long wavy hair laid on her face down her shoulder covering one of her voluptuous breasts.  With gentleness, he sweetly moved her hair away from her face to tenderly kiss her softness yet, waking her with a libidinous urge to make love to her again anxiously cresting her body for a recap of hot passionate lovemaking.  They went on for hours when her entire body trembled as she held him so tightly.  He could deeply feel her sensual impulse and affection as she moaned with intense ecstasy in tears of joy.

 “Ooh sweetheart, your loving is so incredible!  I can’t seem to get enough of you!”  He expressed while catching his wind.

 “Umm baby yes!”  I guess we’re just good together, huh?”  She breathed.

 “So is that what you’re saying we’re back together again?  Because sweetheart I got to have you in my life again!  You’ve become a part of me.  You’re my air, my energy, I can't breathe without you!  And with all of this good loving we just shared, I can’t let you go!  So don’t leave me, sweetheart!  Stay with me!  I love you!”  He pleaded smothering her with kisses as they eased back under the covers.


Chapter 10

 The next week, Clarice was busy working in her garden pulling out dead weeds and watering her beautiful flowers preparing for Bre’dron’s surprise graduation dinner party.  Old Mr. Thomas came by to help bring out extra tables and chairs from the backyard storage and to manicure the yard.  Shortly, the telephone rang when she went to answer, it was a Marine Recruiter calling to speak with Bre’dron.  She expressed that Bre’dron wasn’t in but asked what the call was regarding.  The recruiter mentioned that Bre’dron signed up in school several weeks ago where recruitment was available for young men and women who were interested in considering the armed forces as a career.

 “Oh well he never mentioned anything to me about it but let me get your name and telephone number and I’ll have him get back in touch with you.”  She advised.

 She went back out on the patio thinking that she wanted one of her sons to attend college.  Then she realized that they were just following their dad’s footsteps by being in the military.  After all, they can still get their education while being enlisted.  James became an Aviation Engineer; he was quite successful in aviation technology in designing and testing parts for planes and jets for Boeing.  He sends Bre’dron an $800 check every month.  Even though he doesn’t care much about him, a boy needs his father’s love and guidance other than financial support but consequently, he wasn’t hurting for anything.  Marcus became a successful Electronics Programmer and as for Bre’dron, who knows what he’ll become but she knew whatever he chose to be, he would be quite successful.

 “Oh, my son is graduating!”  She thought dabbing tears from her eyes.

 Later that evening, Bre’dron arrived home and noticed a note his mother left posted to the refrigerator to call Richard Hanley Armed Forces Recruiter.

 Excited to have received the call, he grabbed a soda from the refrigerator and ran up to his room to call him.

 That Friday night at the Baccalaureate ceremony, a fantastic orator from Howard University spoke to the seniors on the topic, “In What Direction Will You Go?”  Some powerful words from that speech stuck with him as he made plans in his mind of his direction for life.  His mom, grandma, aunts, and uncles even the Pastor of his church came out to support him.  He took pictures with the family and some with his homies.  After the ceremony, his mother suggested that they all come over to eat Enchiladas but gladly Bre’dron saw Briana in the crowd and wanted to say hello to her and her family before leaving.

“Hey, we’re going out to eat Mexican food, you want to come,” she asked?

“I’d love to but Ma made Enchiladas and invited everyone over so I guess I’ll be with them.”

 “That's too bad,”  she flirted.

“Why do you always do that,” he asked?

 “What?”  Briana inquired.

“That little sexy flirty way you move your body.  You know that turns me on,” he whispered.

“What?  This?”  She repeated smiling at him.

“Oh, yea!  That’s it!"  He shook his hand.  "I've got to go!  You guys have a good time, sweetheart!   I love you!”  He said giving her a quick kiss on her lips.


Chapter 11

It was Saturday morning, Bre’dron slept late but was awaken by the irksome noises and the wonderful aromas streaming from downstairs.  He glanced at his clock and it was 10:50 am.  Quickly jumping out of bed, he ran down to see what was going on.  His Aunt Viv was over and she and his mother were in the kitchen preparing dishes that smelled very good.

 “Oh, there is my nephew!”  Aunt Viv acknowledged embracing him.

 “Well hello, sleepy head!”  His mother greeted.

 “Hi Ma and Aunt Viv!  What are yall doing?”

 “Well, what does it look like we’re doing? We’re cooking in your honor.”  Aunt Viv stated.

 “Well, I guess it isn't a surprise anymore!”  His mother scowled at her.

 “Aw, y’all didn’t have to go to all this trouble.”  He confessed while grabbing a sausage biscuit and some juice from the refrigerator.

 “And since we’re doing all this in your honor, Aunt Viv wants you to taste this Roasted Chicken slice and tell me if it’s too salty?”  She asked.

 “Umm!  No, actually it’s pretty good!”  He commented.

 “Really!”  Okay great!”  She stated.

When taking his sausage biscuit from the microwave, Bre’dron ambled into the large family room, he noticed that the curtains to the sliding glass window that opened to the garden room were closed hindering the view of the beautiful garden.

 “Hey, Ma, why do you have the curtains closed?”  He asked attempting to open them.

 “Because I want them closed, now you just leave my curtains alone and go upstairs to get yourself together.  Your graduation is at 3:00 pm!”  His mother reminded him watching him go upstairs.

“My Lord if he had opened those curtains, I don’t know what I would have done!  It’s bad enough you told him we’re cooking in his honor, Vivian!”

 “Well, how were we gonna hide it from him, Clarice?  There is food everywhere?  He was bound to find out!  But he’ll be even more surprised when he sees the back yard and how beautifully decorated it is.  I must admit, you did an awesome job out there and he’s going love it!  He'll be even more delighted to see all of his family surrounding him with love and support on his accomplishment.”  Her sister Vivian smiled.

 Meanwhile, upstairs in Bre’dron's room, he was lying on the bed talking with Briana on the phone about their plans and aspirations after graduation.  Briana had been accepted to three prestigious colleges and she selected Clark University in Atlanta.  Although she had much melancholy that Bre’dron decided to go into the Marine Core instead of attending Morehouse College in Atlanta but she could understand that he wanted to get away and see the world.  Besides, she believed in following your heart and as long as Bre’dron was happy doing what he wanted to do, she was happy for him.

 “Wow, we had some really good times together!”  He mentioned.

 “Yes, we did!  I remember our first kiss and I will never forget it!  She confessed.

 “Yeah, I remember when I took you to the movies and we kissed through the entire movie up on the balcony and didn’t see a damn thing!”  He chuckled.

 “”Mm-hum!, we really wanted to see that movie too! Oh and remember Prom night?  We had the limousine driver take us out to the lake where we made love on the ground under the stars all night!”  She reminisced.

 “Oh yeah girl, you were so freaky that night!  You kept wanting more and you were so good too, I was scared you were going to get pregnant!”  Bre’dron admitted.

 “Oh no, I would never get pregnant until it’s the right time, my mother made sure of that at a very early age.  And besides, you were pretty good you’re damn self!”  She chuckled, “But we did have some wild and crazy times!  You will always hold a place in my heart baby.  Because I am so madly in love with you!  You really do drive me crazy with your love!”  Briana empathized.

 “Aw sweetheart, there will always be a place in my heart for you too because I love you girl!  I only ask one thing of you.”  Bre’dron questioned.

 “Anything for you baby! What’s up?” 

 “Please, please don’t let no one in my goodie jar!”  He pleaded.

 “Boy, you are so crazy!”  She laughed.

 “Yeah, because I'm gonna want some more of your sweet loving when I return home!”

 “Yea right!  Believe me, you’ll be so far away and gone for so long, you will have forgotten all about my goodie jar.”  She stressed.

 “Girl, let me tell you something, you never forget the things that are so good to you!”  He added.

 “Aw, that’s sweet!  All I can say is that your goodie jar will be waiting only for you, baby!”  She reassured.

 Oh sweetheart, I truly hope so!”  Bre’dron expressed.

They talked for over an hour when they realized that their great moment was growing near.

 “Well, I guess we need to start getting ready for our graduation.”  She suggested.

 “Yeah okay!  I’ll see you there!  Oh, will you have something soft and sweet for me?”  Bre’dron asked sweetly.

 “Yes, baby!  I’ll have plenty of kisses just for you!  See you later!  Love you, baby!”  She stated.

 “Bye, sweetheart!  I love you too!”


Chapter 12

After graduation, the senior class was so happy, taking more pictures with one another.  Briana did just what Bre’dron asked and saved him plenty kisses.  One of her friends took a beautiful snapshot of them kissing underneath a tree and they both loved it.  There were many other great shots and after all of the picture taking was done, everyone left to attend their own private affairs with their families and friends.

 “Here is the address to my dad’s country club, that’s where we’ll be celebrating; will I see you there later?  I mean, if you can.”  She asked.

 “I’ll try to make it but I really don’t know what’s planned for me at home.  They’ve prepared all this food and everybody has been so secretive about things, I just don’t know.  But I’ll call you okay?”

 “Okay baby, it’s a big day for everyone so I understand.  We'll get together later so have fun!”  She stated as she walked away waving back to him.

 When Bre'dron and his family arrived home, there were cars parked all down the street and as he walked through the back gate into his mother’s garden, he got such a big surprise and everyone was there.

 “Congratulations Bre’dron!”  They all yelled out.

 Overwhelmed to see his Uncle Marvin, who came from Inglewood California shook his hand and congratulated him.  His cousin Shelia, who flew in from Las Angeles, gave him the tightest hug as well as a host of other relatives.  He was elated to see all of his younger cousins who were mirthfully frolicking around everywhere.  He hadn’t seen the entire family together since their last family reunion two years ago.  Aunt Viv made a quick announcement while they all stood around the beautifully decorated graduation cake when all of a sudden Marcus walked through the gate.

 Bre’dron was so happy to see him.

 “Hey man, I thought you weren't gonna make it!”  Bre’dron emphasized.

 “Nah man, I was there!  I saw you walk across that stage.  You know I wasn’t gonna miss my little brother's graduation!”  Marcus confessed.

 “Wow, I’m glad you made it man!”

 “Hey, I want to introduce a friend of mine, this is Walter, a US Sergeant of the Marine Core.  Walter, meet my little brother Bre’dron.

 “The pleasure is all mine man and congratulations!”  Walter replied.

 “Thanks, man!”  Bre’dron acknowledged shaking his hand.

 “Yea Walter here can give you a little insight into the Marine Core,”  Marcus suggested.

 “Hold it!  I’ve got to get this picture!”  Aunt Viv yelled out as Bre’dron, Marcus and Sergeant Walter all posed for the photograph.

 Everyone was so happy to see Marcus and when he glanced over at his Ma, tears ran down her face as he walked over to give her a hug.

 It was quite an emotional event as all the family came together laughing and talking with one another.

 After dinner Bre’dron was about to cut the first piece of cake as everyone gathered around and yelled out, “Speech! Speech!”

“Yeah okay, I’d like to say a few words to you all.

First of all, I’d like to thank God for blessing me to make it this far.  Without my Dad being around it’s been kinda tough.  I just wish he were here to see it.  I’d like to thank each and every one of you for coming out to support me on my graduation day.  It’s just so good to see all of you, Uncle Marvin, Uncle Ernest, Uncle Richard, Shelia, Ashley, Stacie, and all my younger cousins here!  Some of you have traveled so far to support me!  Wow, it’s been a long time!  It’s great to see my big brother, Grandma, Aunt Viv, Aunt Agnes and Uncle Melvin.  All of you have contributed a great part in making this moment a success for me.  And most importantly – walking over to his mother.  Ma, I wanna thank you for putting all of this together for me.  I thank you and love you because you're my favorite girl!”  He acknowledged while giving her a hug and a sweet kiss on her cheek when everyone applaud their embrace. 

 Later, everyone started to leave when his mother asked him if he wanted to open his gifts.

 “Son, there is a table full of gifts over there did you want to open them before everyone leaves?”

 “Wow, Ma!  There are quite a few gifts over there!  I think I should wait and open them later".

 “Well, there is one gift you must see and I want you to let us all know what you think about it?”  Marcus suggested leading him out of the gate.

As everyone assembled out to the front driveway where it was the car of his dreams in remembrance of when he used to play on the floor with his race cars as a little boy.

 “Aww man!  This is Sweet!!”  Bre’dron yelled looking inside of it.

 “I know Ma had some pretty strict rules about cars and girls but all but those days are over now.  So here are your keys to your brand new Charger XLT.”  Marcus granted.  “Congratulations little bro!  You deserve it!

 “Thanks, Man!  This is awesome!!”  Bre’dron exclaimed as all the family clapped.

“Hold it!"  Aunt Viv yelled out.  "This is another Kodak moment!”  As she prepared to take the picture of Marcus handing Bre’dron the keys standing in front of his new Charger. 


Chapter 13 (Argot Conversations)

The following weekend some of the seniors planned to have some fun as they all gathered at Surf Land Beach.  Bre’dron’s homie Jerome initiated the party and everyone knew when Jerome was involved in the festivities, it was going to be a party!  So he contacted Bre’dron to make sure he’d be there.

 “Hey man, we’re gonna be kicking it down at Surf Land Saturday evening.  You down?”  Jerome enticed.

“Yea man, I’ma be there!”  Bre’dron confirmed.

 “Yea man, you do that because it’s going down man!  We’re gonna have plenty of food, plenty drinks, it's gonna be wild man, some of my girls hooked me up!  And you got to be there to lure in all the honeys!”

 “You know you crazy right!”

 “What? You know all the honeys be following you around man!  Yea man, it’s like that for real, though!  Maybe you can get your little play on!”

 “Nah man, I ain’t trying to do all that!”  Bre’dron admitted.

 “Yea because you know Briana will whoop that ass with her fine self!”  Jerome teased.

“Hey man!  That’s my lady you're talking about!”  Bre’dron exclaimed.

 “Aw man, I’m just complimenting you on your taste, that's all!  But she is fine, that’s all I've gotta say!  But y'all come on though!”  Jerome expressed.

 “Yea okay, we’ll cruise on down there!”  Bre’dron confirmed.

“Yea, I know you gonna be rolling in that fly ass ride you just got.”  Jerome complimented.

 “Yea man, she is all that!”  Bre’dron bragged.

“Wait, hold on a minute man, and let me see who this is?”  Jerome mentioned clicking over to see who was calling.

 Waiting –

 “Hey man, let me holla back atcha!  That’s Eric, dawg!”

“Alright man! Lata!”

 On Saturday afternoon Bre’dron was packing his bag to get ready for the beach party when his mother noticed and asked him what he was doing.

“Packing, Ma!”

 “Where are you going?”