Dominated By The Gay Werewolf - Michael Johnson - ebook

Dominated By The Gay Werewolf ebook

Michael Johnson

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When Matt decides to finally act on his long time crush for his Professor, Paul Mills, he's expecting a quick let down. To his surprise not only does Professor Mills take him seriously, he invites him to his cabin for the weekend.

Meanwhile, Professor Mills is concerned about something far more important than his student-teacher relationship with Matt - namely, the fact that as a werewolf he has to break in a different male virgin every month or risk turning into a wolf permanently!

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Professor Werewolf

A MM Gay Erotic Romance


Carter Mills

Table of Contents

Title Page

My Gay Werewolf

Walking into class that last day was difficult, because I’d finally made the decision that I was going to tell my professor how I felt about him. Compared to everyone else I was a mature student - I’d taken a couple of years to travel Europe when I left high school and I thought it was one of the best things I could have done, even though it meant I was old. Almost all of my classmates were nineteen, while I was 23. Four years was a long time, but Europe was fascinating and I knew I’d never get the chance to do something like that again, so I made the most of the time I had. During that time I met some wonderful people, took hundreds of pictures of places my parents would never see, and did my best to see all of the places I’d dreamed of going.

Professor Mills stood at the front of the room, the way he always did, watching as we entered the room. I wasn’t the last one in, but I still felt his eyes on me as I walked to my seat. Of course that could have been my imagination. Sometimes I thought I felt him staring at me and when I looked up I’d find he was looking down at whatever it was he was currently working on. He said he was writing a book, one that he was going to self-publish when he was done, although he wouldn’t say anything more about it. When we found out about it he’d blushed, which made me wonder if he writes in an unusual genre for his gender... maybe he even has a pen name, so he can write romance and erotica without any of his students, or the faculty, finding out.

“Good morning, class. Today is your last lesson with me, unless you go on to choose another creative writing class. Do any of you have anything you want to go over before your finals?”

Several hands went up. Mine wasn’t one of them, because I’d helped Greg write his list, so some of the things I wanted to ask were down there. I didn’t think I’d be able to speak to Professor Mills without my voice giving up on me. Every time I looked at him I was reminded of what I would be doing once class was over and I was terrified. He was going to say no. Of course he was. That was the only logical thing he could do - I wasn’t planning on taking any more creative writing classes, but he was still my professor and that made things difficult.


“Professor?” The room was almost empty and I decided it was time. He looked up and our eyes met. “I wanted to ask you something.” I nibbled my lip as I waited for the last of my classmates to leave the room, because the last thing I wanted was for them to see my humiliation when he turned me down. “Would you like to go out sometime? Just the two of us.” I brushed a hand through my hair. “I know this is probably something you have to say no to, because of your position, but I really like you and... I feel like an idiot doing this.”

“Don’t.” He smiled at me. “Matt, you’re an intelligent young man and I understand how hard this must have been for you.” He looked down at his desk and I knew he was trying to find the right words to let me down gently. “How would you like to come to my cabin for the weekend? There’s no pressure on you to do anything you don’t want to do, but I was going myself and having some company is something I always appreciate.”

I listened to the clock as I stared at him, absolutely lost for words. I’d be so ready for him to turn me down it hadn’t cross my mind he might say yes, but he had, and I needed to reply, preferably before he got bored waiting. “I’d really like that.” I smiled at him. “You’re going this weekend?”

“Normally I go up at least twice a month, because it’s a good way for me to make sure I actually get some writing done. It’s quiet and I don’t have a telly there, so you’ll probably want to bring some books with you, even though I won’t be writing.” He breathed out, looking relieved. “That is a huge weight that’s off my shoulders for the next four weeks, until I have to start planning for next year.”

“Okay.” Taking books wasn’t a problem, because I always had plenty of them to read, and having an e-reader had just made my to-be-read pile become larger. Spending a couple of days being able to read whenever I wanted sounded wonderful. “Is there anything else you suggest I take with me?” I thought about the time I’d been out with my family before, to a cabin that they rented from a couple of friends. “Maybe a swimsuit, if there’s a lake there.”

He shook his head. “What are you going to need a swimsuit for?” The way he looked at me told me exactly why I wasn’t going to. “Bring whatever you feel you might need, but it is only going to be a couple of days. I have to be back in town on Monday, because I have to be back for summer school.”