Disability Hate Crime - David Wilkin - ebook

Disability Hate Crime ebook

David Wilkin

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This book examines the experiences of disabled people on public transport to reveal the everyday abuses that many experience there, and the resilience that they need in order to conduct an ordinary life. This work represents an intertwining of personal journeys, with its author writing from first-hand experience, and now working as one of the leading researchers of Disability Hate Crime (DHC) in the UK. DHC is an under-researched area and the findings in this book have implications beyond the public transport context. This book draws on a sample of 56 victim-participants and includes data drawn from public transport regulators, service operators and staff in the UK. 

Wilkin argues that established legislation needs to be recognised and implemented by regulatory and local authorities in order to reach equality objectives on public transport. Each chapter is clearly structured, accessibly written and includes key definitions which will speak to practitioners and academics with an interest in victimology, policing, social policy, gender studies, disability studies, migration studies, equality studies and religious studies. This book also examines how effectively authorities and service providers safeguard disabled people on UK public transport and reveals adaptive approaches to researching with disabled people.

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