Der Beschäftigungszuschuss - Philipp Fuchs - darmowy ebook

Der Beschäftigungszuschuss ebook

Philipp Fuchs

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The employment subsidy according to § 16e SGB II (§ 16e Social Act II), which was introduced in 2007, is aimed at supporting in particular those unemployed people who are distant from the labour market and those that are difficult to place. To date our founded empirical knowledge about the long-term unemployed is limited, in particular in relation to how the exclusion processes come into play on the labour markets. The study illustrates the problematic within this group of "modernisation losers" and points out how the employment subsidy may contribute to a solution. The value of gainful employment for those affected and the obstacles impeding the integration into gainful employment are analysed. Philipp Fuchs's work is based on quantitative analyses of employment histories as well as on biographical interviews with those receiving the support.

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