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S.R. Morris



"Dana had taken me away from my father when I was very young; she believed that a pack lifestyle was not right for a young one and she wanted to live as normal a life as she could. At least, that's what she told me."Zoe led a sheltered life for a werewolf. No dad, just her mother and the forest of Dean. Until the day her father sends a handsome young man to pick her up and bring her to his homeland of Scotland. Secrets unfold, life and death become a choice. The old world is back and her very existence is in jeopardy. She's more powerful than they thought.So who can she trust?

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S.R. Morris

Dark Moon

To my friends and family. Thank you for the support you guys gave me with this book. Thank you to my little sister, Freia, who helped me kick start my imagination. She helped make the plot of the story it is today. If it weren't for her, there would be no Edayne. I love you ♡ Always.BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

The History of Edayne

Edayne lies between heaven and earth. This world is one of the last known platforms of existence that is inhabited solely by the original life of the universe.

Until twenty years ago, Edayne was peaceful. It had a powerful ruler, named Augustus Peyton.

He had a wonderful daughter, Sarina who was three years old. Augustus was a fair, kind and noble leader, but not many agreed with his ways.

One evening, whilst Augustus was asleep, a team of Montague’s men broke into the castle and kidnapped his daughter, Sarina. They torched the castle and threw the girl in prison, announcing to the city that Montague was the new ruler of Edayne, and to show this, he was going to kill Augustus’ daughter.

Montague was once a nobleman; he served his king with honour and pride, until the day he lost his wife, and almost lost his son.

One man, a friend of the king, stood up to the new leader and stole her back. The man fled to earth with the child; he knew they would no longer be safe in Edayne.

The man and Sarina haven't been seen since, and the old king Augustus has been assumed dead. Montague continues to lead Edayne into darkness and the beauty and peace that was once there has vanished, leaving nothing but evil and war.




The black Audi stopped outside of a small cottage; it was a fancy car sitting on a not-so-fancy street.

              The building was ‘L’ shaped and old. The stone walls were different shades of grey and orange, and the new white door held the letter box.

              The driver, wearing a long black coat and sunglasses, checked his wing-mirrors for any signs of traffic, before stepping out   onto the spring-warmed road. The heat that Saturday morning was at 27°c and it left little pools of melted tar on the road.

             The man retrieved a letter from his passenger seat swiftly, then closed his door and headed to the letter box. He lifted the lid and slipped in the envelope. The hinges screamed in rusted agony as he let it close.

The letter dropped inside with a gentle thud and the man adjusted his sunglasses with a smirk. He headed back to his car     and spoke to himself as he pulled out a cigarette.

“Not long now,” he lit it and took a draw.

“Not long now.”

Chapter One

Today was my birthday.

I had outgrown the party of two my mother used to throw for me, where she would make me a cake with woodland creatures on the top, and we would dance through the night to Natasha Bedingfield’s “Pocket Full of Sunshine.”

Instead, I was sitting at the table dressed in black jeans and a purple square-neck top; I held a steaming mug of caramel coffee in my hands and gazed through the heat fog rising from the surface. My skin twitched, the ripples of my inner canines eagerness for the hunt urging me to leave and run before the letter arrived. Every year on my birthday I got a letter from my father – or someone who wrote it for him, the lazy bastard. I never understood why every year I waited for it.

My teeth ached and my skin twitched harder, almost yanking my body towards the back door.

                “Go for a run, Zoe.”  Dana my mother spoke gently, her voice as sweet as honey flowed through the dining room like Beethoven’s musical aura.

My mother, who is usually a very busy woman, leaned against the doorframe of the kitchen and crossed her arms trying not to spill her coffee. Dana had taken me away from my father when I was very young; she believed that a pack lifestyle was not right for a young one and she wanted to live as normal a life as she could. At least, that’s what she told me.

Her lips were curved in a sly grin as she took a sip.

I looked at her through tired eyes, and spoke “Only if you come with me.”

             Dana walked to the table, pulled out a chair and sat down. “You know I can’t. I have to go out soon, I’m meeting someone.” She winked and took a big gulp.

             I grinned and smacked my palm down onto the table, “Ooh the lady has a date.”

             Mother waved off the comment and stared into her mug whilst she spoke, “It’s not a date. It has to do with your father and the pack; I’ll explain further when I come home. It won’t be for a few hours though.”

            Once she mentioned my father I suddenly couldn’t wait to hear about it, the excitement rushing through my veins caused my wolf to jump; my skin began to itch and my canines extended and sharpened.

            Dana sighed, “Go out now. Otherwise you’ll get fur all over my fucking kitchen.”

            In a strange way, my mother was the alpha of our pack in the village, and I had to obey her. Which sucked, I really felt like getting the house dirty for once.

           Downing the rest of my coffee, I ran to the back door and yanked it open.

           I threw off my clothes letting my wolf take over. The sky was dark, the nine o’clock moon shone in the sky, washing its power over my changing form. My skin rippled, my ears stretched and lost their rounded edge, becoming long and pointed. The power of my wolf magic flowed like it did across my human skin, urging me to use it.


I now stood there as a wolf, strong and powerful, panting and sniffing the air, bringing in the familiar scents around me. As a wolf I was a glossy strawberry blonde, with red and gold highlights. My eyes were blue and cloudy, like the sky just before it rains and I wished myself a happy birthday as I watched the real rain around me fall.

           “Don’t forget to keep an eye out for strays, daughter!” my mother yelled, whilst she stood on the back step, still holding her coffee and smiled at me.

             I nodded and sent her a thought: “Don’t forget to be careful tonight mother.” She smiled sadly and stepped into the house, shutting the door behind her. I took off into the darkness, my fur blending with the colours of the moon; I became one with the night. 

Chapter Two

The forest was beautiful.