CHRONICLES OF Benin - Bryde Lyon - darmowy ebook

A young orphan teen go through a lot in the harsh lands of Benin and finally becomes a great man in Benin. He fights against vampires using supernatural forces and tries to save Benin, while the queen is buisy fucking with her boyfriend and king Amos does not know of her act. The kingdom of Benin is made up of magical creatures, vampires and witches. The book covers a fictional story in the kingdom of Benin in which there is a lot of pervesity and tragedy.

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Bryde Lyon


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chapter 1


Chapter 1



Once upon a time, in a land far away , there lived a happy and small kingdom called Benin, made up of very nice and kind people who lived happy lives, sharing and caring for each other, little did they know what was on the way. This kingdom was like any other made up of the royals, middle class and peasants. Here, there lived a small boy called Bride who was an orphan and had a little brother to take care of. One day Bride went in search of food in the forest as usual, he had been in the forest harvesting fruits when he heard voices of people. He traced the voices and then to his greatest dismay after arriving to the place where  the voice  seem to have originated from, he saw no living creature, but could point out that there are people around. Then he felt his body getting weak and suddenly blackout.

In Benin, the king ruling is Amos and the queen is Amie, they have a beautiful daughter Star. For the past 2 days Johnny 13 year old of age have not seen his brother and had searched to no avail. He, out of desperation ran to the king for help but was immediately dismissed for he was a poor and last class orphan.