Call of the Siren - Wayne Telford - ebook

Call of the Siren ebook

Wayne Telford

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After the fire which burned the Crying Rose Brothel to the ground, lady of the night, Evelyn Siren, begins her own quest to find her missing friends. Upon discovering her 'sister', Maronette Lesley, hanging from a noose, she is entrusted by Sergeant McCkliene and embarks upon a police investigation assisting the enigmatic Constable Snowman with whom there is an insuppressible attraction. When meeting a dead end from their questioning, Snowman takes her to meet the infamous Doctor Lantern and his evil alter ego, Scarcrow, who enable Siren to discover her own special gift... But who exactly is Constable Snowman and what is his mysterious secret? A plot full of intrigue and evil in a novel that challenges the moral issues of the time and the rising role of women.

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