Arbeitszeitverlängerung, Arbeitszeitkonten und Teilzeitbeschäftigung - Hans-Dieter Gerner - darmowy ebook

Arbeitszeitverlängerung, Arbeitszeitkonten und Teilzeitbeschäftigung ebook

Hans-Dieter Gerner

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This dissertation combines empirical analyses of the effects of longer working hours with the dependencies of time bank hours and a number of business indicators and the impact of entitlements to part-time work on the actual company deployment of part-time workers. Based on data collected by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), the Research Data Centre (FDZ) and the German Federal Employment Agency, the book by Hans-Dieter Gerner looks at current key questions about labour time policies, on which topic there have been very few empirical studies so far: What are the consequences of extended weekly working hours for employees? What is the impact of time bank hours on efficiency, the profit situation and staff development in companies? What are the results of the introduction of a legal entitlement to part-time employment, in the year 2001, on the development of part-time employment in general?

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