"110 dramatic superheroes and supervillains action figures" - Robby Bobby - ebook

"110 dramatic superheroes and supervillains action figures" ebook

Robby Bobby

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In this illustrated book, moving 1/6 figures from Mattel's collection pose in the diorama and abduct you to places in the Marvel Legends universe, worlds and dimensions on Earth, in space and on the planet Ego. This encyclopedia book, e-book, encyclopedia kindle in English is a travel guide of the greatest super villains and hero characters of all time for trips to the planet Moord, Chitauri Prime as the best gift for Dad with cool retro pictures to movies with exquisite gadgets from the universe of Hero history and it shows the multicultural atmosphere of the intergalactic waypoint Knowhere and the divine splendour of Asgard on the horizon. Explore the Hot Spots, the history, the culture of Marvel Legends: Planet X, Halfworld, Weirdworld, Planets of Symbionts, Wakanda, Latveria, Atlantis, Savage Land, New Attilan along with Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, Groot, alias the Guardians of the Galaxy. Founded in 1939 as Timely Comics, Marvel is based in New York City and is one of the world's largest comic book publishers alongside DC Comics. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU, a franchise was built up around a fictional universe in which all current superhero films play. Well-known titles include Spiderman, The Avengers, Hulk, Captain America, Batman, Iron Man, Thor, Loki and The Infinity War.

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