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Polish astronomical facilities ebook

Krzysztof Czart

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Extensive catalog of Polish astronomical institutes and facilities, as well as a map of observatories, telescopes and other interesting information about Polish astronomy.


Polish astronomy is proud of its long history and tradition dating back to Nicolaus Copernicus and Johannes Hevelius. It also has many achievements and outstanding scientists today.


This publication presents major facilities dealing with astronomical research in Poland. Additionally, it provides a catalog of locations where one can study astronomy, a map of planetariums, as well as an index of scientific media and main amateur organizations.


We hope that this publication will help anyone interested in establishing scientific and educational cooperation, assist young people in choosing the most interesting place for studying science, offer journalists contact with leading Polish astronomers and develop cooperation between scientific facilities and industry. In addition, it will present a current outline of scientific research in astronomy and astrophysics conducted in Poland.

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