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The Little Monet ebook

Catherine de Duve

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Discover Monet's life, art, home and garden as you read, draw and playWelcome to Monet’s home at Giverny. Discover the big, lush flower garden. Stroll along the garden paths. Learn the flowers’ name. Dress up in a Japanese kimono. Paint beach scenes with Monet. Go swimming in the River Seine on a hot summer day. Visit the first Impressionist art exhibit.Go for a ride in Monet's studio-boat.The Luncheon, Water Lilies, Haystacks: share a fun moment with your family while discovering Monet's major paintings thanks to this richly illustrated book!ABOUT THE COLLECTION Put yourself in the shoes of an artist or an explorer and learn all there is to know about art and history!Whether it is as a museum guide, a temporary exhibition catalog or a monograph, each book from the "Happy Museum" collection can be read while visiting a museum, an exhibition or simply at home.The concept is entertaining and interactive so that children can learn while having fun! Throughout the pages, you will find some games, observations, thoughts, creations, drawings and art history notions. Thanks to this varied and interactive content, children will be able to assimilate technical and theoretical notions like “still life”, “watercolors” and “impressionism”, which are sometimes abstract and difficult to understand.From 4 years old and for the whole family (parents, grandparents and teachers).ABOUT THE AUTHORCatherine de Duve is an art historian and a painter. She worked for the Royal museums of Belgium’s educational services and created teaching workshops at the Brussels Foundation for Architecture.In 2000, she launched her own publishing house with a brand new concept. Advised by the director of MAC (Grand Hornu), she created the international collection “Happy Museum”, dedicated to a young audience.Catherine de Duve is also published by RMN, Hatier and Alice editions, and works with dozens of international museum curators.Thanks to this ebook, the whole family will learn more about:• Normandy• Impressionnism• Monet's life• His masterpieces

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Before you start reading, take a sheet of paper and several pencils. You will need them to do the exercises.

Whenever you see this pencil, it is your turn to play!


In his studio at Giverny, painted huge pictures that became some of the most famous paintings ever made. His inspiration came from the magnificent garden he had planted and his pond full of water lilies. Now as he wandered in the garden and sat by the pond, Monet thought back to the many good times he’d had with his family in the big pink house at Giverny.

He could still hear the children’s laughter as they played hide and seek in the garden, and he remembered the fun they all had fishing in the river nearby.

Germaine, Suzanne, Blanche

Monet’s home at Giverny was full of colour and activity. Marguerite, the cook, made delicious meals in the big blue and white kitchen.

The family sat down to eat together in the bright yellow dining room. All the colours of the rainbow could be found outside in the garden. Monet loved living in the country. After he and his family moved to the big pink house in Giverny, Monet exclaimed, “I am in ecstasy. Giverny is a splendid place for me!”

Which part of Monet’s house and garden do you like the best?



Oscar-Claude Monet was born on the 14th