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Christian Semlitsch



"The Instant Speaker" will empower you to be able to empower your audience. It is like a speakers handbook, designed to provide you the most important information that enables you to spread your message, to control a room and to make the best impact possible on your audience. It is not providing content but structure. It is providing precious information that can be mission critical for speakers, who are on stage. Information that will save you thousands of Euro's or Dollars when you consider them. This book is the missing link for most speakers, helping you to avoid loss and frustration where you should be able to impact your audience, earn what you are worth and fulfill you with joy when standing in front of any audience. When you have in mind and apply what the author is providing to you, you are prepared to potentially succeed and to spread your message.

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Nowadays, especially in the time of global based communication and Internet, communication skills become even more important than ever before.

Of course you can hide behind your screen when providing a webinar - But what impact will you make?

Of course, you can hire a Voice-Over specialist to speak and present your online presentation - But don't you think people want to know and to hear you?

My mother language is German. After I wrote two books in German, I started writing in English. Will it be perfect? - No! But will I be authentic? Yes! There will be mistakes, and that is part of my own development. That's ok!

In your development, you made mistakes and you will go on making mistakes. No one ever will judge you for that, as long as you learn out of your mistakes.

When I went on stage internationally, I doubted myself of being able to speak well enough. But you know what? The audience likes it. I am not the perfect guy up there. I come along with my own background and story.

This is what you can do too! If I could do it, you can do it!

I want to encourage you to share your knowledge, your experience, your wisdom. Genetically, as a human race, we are prepared to learn from others.

So go out, share and give what you have.


I never could have written this book without the support of my

beloved wife, Nadine. Thank you my Love for believing in me

and supporting me and all of my crazy ideas, the good and the

bad days, for being at my side whenever I needed you and for

bringing out the best in me whenever I was on the way to lose


To my parents who always believed in me and supported me

the best way they could.

Also to my Uncle Fritz who gave me a kick in the ass at a time

when I needed it most.

To my Mentor Joel Bauer who always inspired and empowered


To my teachers Georges Urffer, Peter Luescher and James

Ramey(†) who never lost patience in teaching me.

To Sir Richard Branson who was giving me a private lesson

for life when playing chess with me.

To all of my friends, teachers and trainers, who helped me

move forward in life.

I thank you from the heart!

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

Albert Einstein

Table of Content


Why do we use it?

What to expect?

Be Warm

Be Approachable

Be A Great Listener

Be Honest

Consider All

Eye Contact

Be Conversational


"How do I get confidence?"

Always Have A Message

On stage, off stage?

Demonstrative Speaking

Informative Speaking

Persuasive Speaking

Educational Speaking

Motivational Speaking

Transformational Speaking


Skills Required

Communication Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Strong Motivation

Research and Study

Engaging Topics

Research To Get Different Perspectives

Know Your Subjects

Method to the Madness

Pick Your Subject

Your Audience

Choose The Type Of Speech

Give Yourself A Goal Proposal

Develop The Main Ideas Of Your Subject

Research Your Main Points

Develop Your Speech

Tools Of The Trade

Graphs and Charts

Transformation Mechanisms



LCD or Projector?



Dress to success




Build a successful 3-Step Structure

The Hero's Journey

Your Role As A Speaker

Create more impact


Research Your Subject

Consider Your Subject

Plan A Speech

Why should I plan out my speech?


What Type Of Speech

Informative Speaking

Persuasive Speaking

Special Occasions


The Delivery

Speak With Motivation

The Hook

Remember Your Outline


Never Apologise

Relate To The Audience

Enthusiasm of the Interruption

The Long Pause


Don’t start with the obvious

Never lose the connections

Write it for your audience

Use catchy and easy to remember headlines

Practice low-high methods

Conclude with a promise

Call to Action!

Storytelling Is The Ultimate Way To Speak!

A Simple Breakdown

The Relevance of the Keynote

A Helpful Hint

Important Points

10 Mistakes that will cost you your audience

Abbreviations, Acronyms and Jargon


Voice Tone

Present relevant information

Lack Of Clarity

The "Hollywood Rule":


Call 2 Action

Connect with people

Remember Madonna

Help People to understand

Stage Fright

How To Shrink Fear

Avoid Caffeine

Get There Early, Get Involved




Citrus Juice and Vitamin C

Humour - The Secret

Generate Trust and Confidence

Your story must contain several key factors:


Be Easy, Be Nice, Be Professional

Use Metaphors to enhance your impact

Your Message


Experience in Psychology Helps


Employ Your Speech and Beliefs To Everything


Empathise With Your Audience

Motivational Speeches and Writing

Acknowledge Negativity

Richard Branson's Tip: Have Fun

Listening; Why It Opens Up New Possibilities

How To Improve Your Listening

Evolving Your Speech

Realize that people want you to succeed

Know Your Material

Know your venue

Respect The Team

Look After Your Mental Health

Take Low Paying Work

Never Blame Your Tools

Contingency Plans

Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure

Always Be Prepared

Control The Space

Objects and Aids

Facial Expressions

Your Voice

Tips how to train public speaking.

Create your speech before you start!

Do The Aftermath

Was your speech successful?

Were you engaging?


This book is all about YOU!

Although I sometimes use some parts of my personal story it is only meant to give you a hint how and why I got an insight.

But in fact, it is more. My passion and my mission is to support you on your journey to become a speaker. Not just an average speaker but one who is skilled, knows how to use the tools - and I am not talking about PowerPoint or other technical stuff - and who is able to connect, to persuade and offer some guidance.

My simple 3-step System is based on:

Mind - Mission - Moves

It is all about working on your mind, your mind-set an the change you want to achieve by sharing your knowledge, experience and story.

It is all about you and your mission. Maybe at the time you are not clear about your mission but somehow you heard "The Call". You ultimately know there is more. And you are drawn to speak. You don't know why but you can feel it.

This book cannot give you your mission, although, when you work with me, this will become an important part. But this book will help you to work on your mind and to get confident about the moves you need to make to become an outstanding speaker.

"Imagine standing in front of an audience, presenting

your message relaxed and with confidence and no fear is

holding you back - wouldn't that be a great skill you

want to achieve?

My mission is to empower people like you with

families like yours to become epic speakers who touch

the hearts of their audience and move them to take

action to improve their lives."

I wish to be one of your Mentors on your journey. Maybe we will never meet in person, although I really hope we get a chance to connect on a deeper level.

But at least we meet here, in this book, which is based on my own 35 years experience but also on research, on work with my mentor and on the many workshops and presentations I attended.

My goal is to save you a 35-years learning curve by providing you my life's work and experience.

WHY me?

At the time I finished school, I found myself unable to follow any discussion. I didn't have any skills in negotiation, presentation or speaking in front of an audience. I did not learn it at home nor was I educated during my time in school.

As I went to University, I realized that I was missing some mission-critical skills in my life: Speaking. When I dropped out of University 3 years later, there was nothing to rely on than some basics I learned at school - definitely not enough to live a life on my own terms and definitely not enough to get a good job.

Since I lost confidence in the public education system, I needed to find out how to get the skills I needed and how to move forward in my life. I started with a few hundred bucks in my pocket, just enough to survive a few weeks and to find a job.

To make the long story short: I took any class I could find that was helpful to move forward to be good in speaking. I started to present in corporates, spoke in public, sometimes I even got no chance to prepare because I had to jump into the gap when another speaker did not show up in time. The more I did it, the more I had fun on stage.

Until today I lived a life full of challenges, great experiences, failures and success stories. All of which are the foundation to a training that contains several areas from speaking to building self-esteem, finding your purpose, to own an audience and many more aspects.

I learned all my speaking skills, beside those of 12 other professions, during my life through "the school of hard knocks". I went through all the mistakes and failures, learned, changed, adapted, adjusted my language until I got the results I was looking for.

I spoke in London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Los Angeles, Dubai, Cairo, Bangkok, Dhaka, Bahrain, Zurich, Cologne among others. Today I not only want to spread the word, but I want to help you to become a successful speaker and to avoid the mistakes I made.

This book is going to give you insights into what is important for a speaker. It will show you how to be in control of your environment and the room. It will give you the structure and some ideas on how to build a powerful speech.

Today, based on more than 35 years of experience in several industries and as a Leader, I have the ability to train you to become an outstanding presenter and speaker - if you choose me to be your Speaker-Mentor.

This book is meant to give you a wider perspective of being a speaker. After all, it will never be finished. It will be always under construction as I am as a person, coach and mentor.

Christian Semlitsch, November 2017

Power and Language

"The Power of the Word outranges the Power of the Sword." Japanese Saying (Author unknown)

True Power and the ability to use Language to achieve ones goals is inevitably linked.

The spoken word can destroy or build, it can motivate or not. Let's remember John F. Kennedy when he set a goal: "By the end of this decade, we will send a man to the moon and bring him back safely." A whole nation became motivated and part of a movement: To reach the moon.

As a speaker you can put an idea, an ideal, a goal, a story into the head of someone who is listening to you. As a master of the word you have to take responsibility for every word you say.

Your speeches and presentations are persuasive tools by which you can move, even change one persons life, even a whole nation. When you are able to push your ideas into the heads of your audience, you have the power to create change.

As a human beings we only evolve due to change. Even in those days when almost every information is available to everyone, people need guidance, they need role models and mentors who support them to sift, sort and separate the information in a way they can not only understand but much more apply it to their own development.

As a speaker you are part of a change. As a great speaker you create great changes. And even if you only changed one life, your life was worth living!

Why you need to be able to speak!

“Life is a series of problems. Do we want to moan about them or solve them?”

M. Scott Peck

Today you need to be able to present yourself, your products and services in a way you are unforgettable.

If you are not able to be clear in your message, to pitch, you won't be able to position nor to sell anything or to define your life. But in the end you are offering to solve a problem. If not, your audience won't forgive you because you just took their time.

Selling is not a bad thing although often people are in resistance to it. But we sell every single day. To our spouse or partner when we want to do or get something, to our boss, our co-workers or friends, to our relatives and even to our children. We just name it differently. But in the end, we use specific communication skills that we address to our "target people" in order to get what we want.

Speaking defines us as human beings. Speaking and communication is differentiating us from other beings on this world, although all of them somehow communicate too, but not in that very specific way. So why not train these skills in a way we can use them to achieve our goals and dreams?

If not now, then when?

If not you, then who?

It is your life - A life that you can discover, develop and design when you deliver your message, your vision, your story to the world.

So let's start now.

Who Are You As A Speaker?

As a speaker you are not an entertainer, an clown or a news-presenter. Primarily you are speaking about the topics that are important to you, topics you can relate to or even identify yourself with. When you have a mission and speak from the heart, your audience will find your trustworthy.

There are some essential values you stand for when you enter the field of speaking.

With your speech you create a safe environment for people to learn, potentially to integrate and to change at some point. You create a clarity that will help them to improve as personalities, as business-people, man or woman, mam or dad etc.

So when you speak, you stand your ground, you don't compromise.

Sometimes you need to address specific audiences in a very specific way and the only way to get access to your different target groups is by adapting your "speaking-persona" and thus your language. President Ronald Reagan was that kind of speaker, and due to his former education he was a master of adapting to his audience, but still being authentic.

As a speaker you become a Master-Communicator people are looking at. You might become a Mentor to people who aspire to evolve like you did. In that sense you are going to be selfless, which does not mean that you don't get paid, but you act not out of ego.

Your job as a speaker is to create a relationship with your audience. People need to know, who you are, they need to see you as a person of integrity they can rely on. I often see speakers entering a stage, providing their speech, selling from stage and disappearing again. That behaviour is not an expression of appreciation. It is just disrespectful.

You create resonance with your speech, by using your stories, your experience, by crafting your speech carefully, building a clear structure and using a language, your listeners can understand, accept and potentially integrate.

People want you to succeed, but if you are not 100% authentic, they will feel it and look for a reason to stay sceptical and not to buy your ideas nor your services or products.

When you put every effort in your speech, when you come from the heart, they will feel it. You generate trust and by doing so, you are able to create change.

What you stand for as a Speaker

Clarity - by your message, your content and your structure. You provide insights and help your audience to move forward, bridging the gap between years and years of try and fail.

Authenticity - You stand your ground. What you say is what you believe and what you do in life. Your speech reflects your values, the way you live and speak.

Truth - You don't spread wrong messages or provide information that is not true. What you provide is the truth, must be researched, and is coming out of your experience and works.

What it also means that you should walk the talk and not only talk about it. Don't just speak about theoretical topics. Speak from the heart so you always are authentic. Speak the truth and you will never have to think about it again.

Maybe you think that this is standard. But let me tell you: It is not. There are a lot of fakes and shiny objects in the market. Even if you have to start small, do it in a way you always can look into the mirror.

What is public speaking?

Public Speaking: "The act or skill of speaking to a usually large group of people."(Websters)

In today's information age of relaying information, words, ideals, and beliefs, the core concept of public speaking is a renowned medium that is as valid today as it was during the Egyptian times. Its uses can be regarded as a medium to convey any and all sorts of information towards the public whether it is an inauguration of the President, a TED Talk, or even a small classroom.

The art of public speaking is used widely around the world and continues to be a skill many people develop out of both, need or necessity.

Why do we use it?

Why do we use public speaking in an age where face-to-face conversation is a little less than a footnote opposed to smartphones, computers, and Skype chats? The answer is simpler than you think. Like the form of storytelling around a fire, the ability to give emotion and relay information to a cause in a physical aspect is a core function of humanity, and is ingrained into us much like fight or flight is; to speak is human, and to speak to many is one of the most humanistic traits that can be applied today.