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Skin Color ebook

Conrad P Pritscher

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Skin Color: The Shame of Silence is a powerful and unapologetic indictment of our so-called post-racial moment and the hypocritical, bad faith, and myth-making discourses that underwrite it. Through a bold theorization of a radical form of Bilding or Paideia that refuses to settle for cognitive shallowness, epistemological fixity, and moral bankruptcy, Pritcher has crafted a herteroglossic and interdisciplinary text that is written with existential urgency through the recognition that bodies of color continue to suffer with great pain, angst, and alienation under the terror and gravity of white supremcy. Skin Color is nothing short of a clarion call for collective liberation of those whites, “those recovering racists,” who are willing to take risks, to exercise vulnerability, and to be moved and ethically quickened by the ontological presence of those who have historically been, and continue to be, denied their humanity; it is a text that is unafraid to mark blind spots and critique our collective educational failures at challenging and possibly eradicating the color-line that continues to haunt us into the 21st century. ––George Yancy, Professor of Philosophy Duquesne University George Yancy is a professor of philosophy at Duquesne University. He has authored, edited and co-edited 17 books, including Black Bodies, White Gazes, Look, a White! and (co-edited with Janine Jones) Pursuing Trayvon Martin.

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