How to live. How to create your future. Recognize the power of your brain and use it - Wioletta Wilczyńska - ebook

How to live. How to create your future. Recognize the power of your brain and use it ebook

Wioletta Wilczyńska

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If you feel that something is wrong with your life. For a long time you have been unsuccessfully looking for the key to happiness and success, this is the best moment to change. Wioletta Wilczyńska, the author of the book "How to live. How to create your future" encourages readers, change their way of life from their own thinking. She convinces us that the knowledge contained in this short, but very meaningful publication, will make you stronger and more aware of your abilities. She encourages us to consistently draw positive conclusions from everything that will happen.

The book acts as a guide, which is designed to help people derive happiness and good energy from every situation. Provided you put the knowledge contained in it into practice, get rid of bad habits and you will start to see new opportunities. Each new day gives you countless opportunities. The author encourages us to concentrate our thoughts on one goal and strive hard for it, which will give quick and expected results.

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Wioletta Wilczyńska
How to live. How to create your future. 
Recognize the power of your brain and use it

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Wioletta Wilczyńska „How to live. How to create your future. 

Recognize the power of your brain and use it”

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For my dad who passed away when 

I had finished this book. 

Love you Dad.

Chapter 1. Was it really a coincidence?

When I started to write this book, my friend had asked me if I was on something. She asked me this as I seemed to be so happy. And I have to admit that yes, I was taking, and I still am taking, something: goodness - which comes to me from God. You can call it whatever you want but this is a power which you can receive when you wish for it. Looking back, I cannot believe that life can be so easy. Everything is in my head and I can prove it a thousand times.

When I had found a man who had loved me for more than 20 years, and patiently waited for me all that time, I had this book ready. Being with him made me feel like I was flying, and now, we are back together, this dream has returned. For those who don’t know, this dream means that your soul is content and fulfilled. Furthermore, after I had finished writing this book, I had dreamt about my mum and she told me that I am finally happy.

Now, living with my partner Darek can be difficult. At times, I want to brainwash him in order to stop his complaining and negativity, because he complains about the things that I tell him. At first, I was only saying what needs to be done and how to think so that he could fulfil his dreams almost straight away.

He is a tough guy and it is difficult to convince him of new things. But if I can succeed with him, then I assure you that I will convince you as well. I have changed my tactics and I have shown him how I can make my dreams come true, pointing out each individually assumed and fulfilled target. I decide what I will get from my faith. For example, I set my mind that it is going to rain within the next 5 minutes (possibly because I want to go home while the kids want to stay at the playground) and after a couple of minutes it starts to rain. Or I assume that I will have a parking space in front of my house when I return home in the car and find that I do have one when I get there. This is the way I work. For the last four months, I created my dream house, exactly in the way I have dreamt of earlier. I decided how I want it look or function intentionally and not left things to chance. You too can have what you want and I will tell you how to get it. But first, you have to get a few things done:

1. Do not complain about your problems; instead acknowledge the goodness that you already have.

Of course, it is easier to complain and most people do just that. What is important, I have noticed, is that if you have the courage to be happy then you are often seen as crazy by other people. Yes, I am not afraid to use this word. Despite my previous unhappy situation, which was being a homeless, single mother with three children, I was telling everybody that I was happy. They looked at me as if I was stupid, as I was not seeing my desperate situation like they were. Everybody complains as it is easier. It is difficult for them to say: “It is ok”; “I have a job that I like”; “I have enough money”, or, God forbid, “I am in a happy relationship”. Instead I hear comments like: “This will change”, “Men are bad” or “He will hurt you sooner or later”. In our society being happy is not normal. It seems that complaining will bring relief. The more you complain, the worse your life is. However, by being content with what you already have means that you can attract more good in your life.

To be able to see the goodness that accompanies me and to start to be happy in my life, I put up a massive banner which reads: “I am happy. I have got everything that I need. I am ready for a new better life”. Whilst drinking my morning cup of coffee, I have repeated this motto for half an hour every day. At first, I thought to myself that this is just looking at the world through rose tinted glasses but finally I noticed that all of it is true. I have three beautiful, healthy daughters; I am healthy; I have food on my table and we have a roof over our heads. I concede that it isn’t my own house but it provides shelter for us and makes us feel at home. I felt happy and then I realised: the happier I felt, the more good things happened to me. We had a house with garden, exactly the way I dreamt three months prior; I had the love of my life, whom had contacted me a couple of hours after I had loudly said that I was alone; and I had the car that I had dreamt about and had purchased for the price I wanted. Those are the few best examples from the last couple of months. How could you not believe in my ability to consciously create my faith and not to share this story? Perhaps somebody will look at this example from my life and would like to try to change their life. How would they do it? I will explain step by step what I have changed and how it has affected my life.

Feeding your subconscious with negative and catastrophic thoughts makes you programme it to attract more of this happening in your life. Perhaps you only acknowledge the bad things, as this mindset is programmed to us by most of society. For example, it is never highlighted that 3 people have managed to come out unscathed from a car crash. It is more likely broadcasted by the media when there was a fatal car crash - that way they implicitly programme our brains to think negative thoughts. Admit it, how many times during the day do you hear good news and how many times do you hear bad news? And how can you possibly be happy when you are surrounded by evil and poor. Is there no money? Are there no good things? Or maybe we do not pay attention to them? There is also good news: people avoid death, they win lotteries. I have changed the way I take them on in my life. How?

I restricted myself from watching excessive TV, and limited myself to only cartoons or programmes which did not promote violence or condemn rich people. I focused on those which suggested that you can do everything; that it is enough to believe in your dreams; and that dreams do come true. I fill my daughters' heads with these positive thoughts and not with violence. I do believe that it is the only right way of thinking for our children. Encouraging this positive thinking in young brains has made me believe that my children will not be afraid to live. It is better to have this positivity as opposed to listening to crime and other negative things. We are persistently under attack from bad news. It makes us attuned to and attracted to all bad things. Maybe you are not aware of this, but if you subconsciously feed yourself with these bad things then you will attract more of them into your life. Do not expect that you will live your day without trouble if you wake up with the mindset that your day will be full of problems. You will not even notice the frustration that you have missed your bus when you realise that you now have ten more minutes to appreciate the sunshine instead of being stuck inside of a monotonous bus journey. You may be contemplating the fact that you might be late and it will be difficult to not complain about this, when everybody else would. But when you try it, I guarantee that you will feel great. I could not believe how many good things have happened to me. I see things in only one way as it was me who decided what’s good and what’s bad for me. I have re-programmed myself to see only the good in life. It does not mean that I have danced on street with happiness. I have just smiled at everybody and even pinned a small card to my jacket: “If you wanna see a happy woman - look at me”. That has let me see my own happiness. I really was lucky. I was aware of my power and I took everything that was given to me by faith. I had more and more good things happening to me and I was grateful for them: for not getting wet on my way to work or for the money-saving promotions on a product I was going to buy. I noticed good things, no matter how small; when earlier I treated them as the norm. But this was not the way to happiness. Each gift has to be acknowledged and taken with gratitude. That sign on my jacket was intriguing people and was beginning to become a very good subject to start up a conversation. They were asking why I was happy and I explained what the reason was for it. That resulted in discussing and proving to myself, and others, that I was lucky - as I really was and I still am. The more I felt my happiness and talked about it more, the more I received it.

I fuelled my happiness and I didn’t want to stop it.

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