how it happened and then - Hartmut Hoffmann - ebook

how it happened and then ebook

Hartmut Hoffmann



An insane love story between a woman and a man who awaken the newest and hottest erotic feelings in each other and thus give the everyday life a completely new feeling. Love and happiness! Togetherness and security! ...

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Table of Contents

How it happened and then

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How it happened and then ...

Oh, if you are so alone in the world in life, so completely without male protection and what else you could expect from a lovely man, you start to fantasize. To put together a man in a dream, as one imagines to be happy with him. Yes, I have just turned forty years old and already have a marriage behind me. My feeling and my inner clock tell me, if I do not slowly look for me men now, many different ones, not only of the appearance but also of the character and each test and try out, until I suddenly notice with a man it is, one of it is because my heart is screaming and my mind can not remember. If I do not find the courage to do that, then life will pass me by without it shining in on me. How should he know that I'm waiting for him?

Thoughts about thoughts that make you think about me as a man that suits me, the others about whether there is more than I have experienced in sex so far. When I watch some couples on television and then hear them scream and look happy afterwards and where you can make sex everywhere, I have to say from my experience that I have experienced next to nothing. But I think that does not exist, these are just movies or. Oh, I do not just want to know it, but also try it out, sometimes feel a man from behind in me or on the table or in nature. Sometimes a man who also takes care of me, that I also get a climax. My husband always wanted to lie on me and came so fast that I often did not feel anything at all and in order not to get in trouble I moaned softly. More was not in it, it could have heard the neighbors and that would have been bad. What would they have thought? And never cuddle or talk with each other afterwards, no, never. He always turned to the side and fell asleep immediately. What I did never interested him. That could not have been it. No impossible. I want more, a man with feelings. Hahaha I still have my sense of humor, is indeed hidden deep in me but I find him already when the right man sits opposite me. Oh, hopefully I will not jam and can not say anything. Well, if the man is good, he will realize it and will pull the conversation to him. That will certainly solve me inside and I will become freer. Yes, so I go day in day out the thoughts through my head and I am more and more urged to the certainty, I miss everything if I do not finally come to a man, a man who complements me and clear, I also him but he must. But at the very least, where to take it and not steal it. Oh, I would be far enough to steal him. What if he lived in a relationship. Oh Petra, man, if he would like you then and make with you things from your dreams, then he would have to be unhappy in his relationship right? Otherwise he would not cheat on his wife? Oh man, what have I thought again. No, it must be a man who is free, no matter what a past, for me, only the present and the future and how he enchants me. I want to be able to say something at the end of my life, since I was with him, I have lived and would like it again and again without ifs and buts. Petra you have wishes but how can I reach them. Oh I can not buy the man, do not bake and do not conjure. At work there are no such copies and when do I go out and if there was never one of the I liked and I must say, Schwerin is not exactly small. So go on vacation. No there can be no serious relationship, this is holiday feeling and at home it looks different. Would also be a coincidence if I met a man on Grand Canaria, who lives near me. So how?

Hello good morning dear day. Was that the solution that I dreamed or you can only vaguely remember. I was sitting at the computer and looked at ads, then my chair was extremely humid under me, so wet that I almost ran out. What have I done? Human Petra remind you please, mmmm true I've read an ad and thought, if I answer, then my life changed from scratch. But the dream did not show me where to find it. Well, first get up and have breakfast and then turn on the computer. Lets see what happens. I'm very excited about the thought of the man who could turn my life upside down. Well I want to believe my dream, do not read a newspaper ad, but search the Internet. Good that it is Sunday, I have free. During the week I have lunch already. But on Sundays I also enjoy sleeping longer and have breakfast in peace. So finished with everything and the kitchen is again spark-ling, I always do it immediately when visiting unexpectedly comes, how would that look. Hahaha visit, suddenly it rings and the dream man is in front of the door as in the television commercial, but the previously sent away a few frightened. You have ideas. So dream man you could always come, with me it is always clean and tidy. Mmmm thought silently for now I want to hear … . I thought so, no man rings the front door. Petra what are you thinking about again? So butter at the fish, where do I find such an ad. At a dating agency. Yes or no, I do not want to marry right away. The first man is never the one I want to spend my life with, it does not exist. Since there would be a what's that still, I saw yesterday in the television advertising, oh yes, escapade portal. Anyone signing up will certainly not marry immediately but want to try something. So the chance for changing men with changing interests. Well, I take the pill, but Petra nothing without a condom when you change the partners, you never know. That comes only when it is the one I am looking for, with which I sleep without anything. I'll enjoy that, to finally feel a man in me and to be able to look him in the eye and not such a vibrator. Well, as a bridge, he is not bad, but really only as a bridge. Ah, there's an escaped portal, now or never. Petra take all your courage and sign up. Yes, but it worked quickly and then on listings - men search - clicked. Uiii, you would not have thought that's hundreds of advertisements. Whether they are all real. One has already heard from so many that behind it are angry people. Oh no matter what. Man, what does he want, he falls into the house with the door. No not my case. Oh no, I do not want to, he writes the same always his preferences only anal. No, what are they for men. Next try. Mmmm sounds pretty good, but he lives too far away and the text is so normal saying nothing. This can be a long Sunday afternoon. What they all write. Boy here are only listings of supermen. It can not exist at all, certainly not in this quantity. Oh, what's that for an ad.

He is looking for you to experience hot erotic ga mes where almost no limits can be found and where we both can try everything, everything can do, nothing has to! If you feel like it and are between 30 and 45 years young, then get in touch with me!

Mmmm in the profile, I would fit so yes and that sounds very normal but experienced happy. Let's call the guy about how his profile is.

Gray haired fifties (not a fake!), studying and now desiring to study life with you. I everything to try from A - Z, everything you can experience together and where the goal is to bring the feelings of the heart into the seventh heaven and maybe even higher, but you will see that! What do you mean, do you want to experience the fire works of emotions with me, maybe for just an hour or even a day, a week, a month or even ...?! Well that's worth a try from your point of view, then mail me and I'll definitely get in touch and try to win you over for us, so you can start the emotional fireworks.

Ohhh ... ohhh ... ohhh ... Petra what happens to you? My heart is up to my neck. I get very sweaty hands. Read again.

Gray haired fifties (not a fake!), studying and now desiring to study life with you. I everything to try from A - Z, everything you can experience together and where the goal is to bring the feelings of the heart into the seventh heaven and maybe even higher, but you will see that! What do you mean, do you want to experience the fire works of emotions with me, maybe for just an hour or even a day, a week, a month or even ...?! Well that is worth a try from your point of view, then mail me and I will definitely report and try to win you for us, so you can start the emotional fireworks.

I feel it, if I answer that now, then my life changes. Petra are you crazy in your head? That is impossible. Oh my heart is racing. I answer that now but what should I e-mail. My God, if I'm the wrong maile, then he does not answer me or thinks what a stupid cow. Petra full concentration. Just be it, you can do it.

I read your ad and I almost saw myself in it again. I also have a lot of dreams but you can not experience them alone. What are you dreaming about?

Oh Petra, where did you just take the courage? I do not know that at all. What now. I'll just wait until he answers. Let's see I'll give it until tonight 22.00. Oops, what is that?


As he already answers, is he sitting at the computer right now? What is he writing?

- Hello unknown mailer, I am totally taken with your lines and the many words you put between the lines, oops do you have? Best wishes! By the way, my name is Paul!

Without a few words but a lot of content. The man can handle words and does not fall right into the house with the door. Oh maybe my heart was right and he is. Petra you are crazy. I'll answer him and see what happens.

Hello Paul! What did you read between my words and lines?

- Oh my gosh, I hope you have a lot of time to sit in front of your PC, because if I maile everything between your lines is, then it takes soooo and a little longer! But first, there was a certain amount of curiosity, something that you still want to experience in life and that you are looking for longingly and have not found yet and ...!!!

Sounds exciting, yes you are right, how can you read all this from the few words?

- I do not know exactly how to e-mail you, when I read your words, it was as if they were swinging, transmitting something, something like feelings, so desires and longings. I just did not read your words with my mind, but my heart immediately switched on and the heart reads differently than the mind, which is often so terribly sober and realistic.

Yes!!! What kind of feelings do you mean your heart felt?

- Oh, oh, now we have been e-mailing for only a few minutes and you are already reaching deep into me, where is that supposed to end? Or will you perhaps, the woman with whom I can experience, feel and enjoy all your and my dreams uninhibited and can?

Who knows, let's see what's coming, but sounds good! What do you have for dreams?

- May I send in advance, these are all just der ams and you can only really experience if you have a partner who is totally trusted and I can trust 100%, the goal is simply to experience a lot of emotions and I believe you can only do that if you are a person who has a heart, what he can show, and then you can drop 100% with and with your partner, because only then you can fully enjoy and experience feelings. I hope that does not sound too difficult?

No, I know what you want out. You use almost the same words as I think and my heart speaks to it, ah, you've been pushing to mail some of your dreams again, so what are they?

- It's just dreams, but they seem to be desires that you want deep down and want to experience. But do not worry, I'm not in pain, just a lot of emotions and all sorts of variations.

Well, no pain, but very light strokes before a climax, that can strengthen him tremendously!

- Wow, now I'm flat, you have the same feelings like me! Say, what is sex for you or better, how would you like to experience it? Alone with a partner or with many people together?

That depends, but first I think it is important to experience something only with a human, a to getherness, what then results must be seen.

- Oh that sounds as if we are already meeting in thought and the first careful approaches approach! You seem somehow familiar to me after the few sentences, even if that sounds stupid to you, my heart is already speaking and the mind holds back elegantly!

You can also play with words that can mess you up!

- Thanks for the kind words, but words are one of the most important tools for people to express themselves, and how should I do it differently, I do not even know where to find you and how far you are from with. I live in Hamburg.

Well, we are not that far away, I live in Schwerin.

- Almost a stone's throw! On the highway, accelerate once and brake once and I'm here! Smile!

Well, who knows, sounds like a fast car. By the way my name is Petra, so now you know it!

- Sounds good Petra from Schwerin, the woman with the very big and yearning heart for a lot of feelings and love!!!

Right! Somehow we always come back from your dreams! Take your time I just go offline for a short break and when I'm back, I'm hot to hear about your dreams!

- Oops, well then take a break! Smile!

But I need the break urgently. You know what that is. The guy can read my mind or misunderstand me he has the same thoughts as me. What should I do now. Continue writing? I feel like something is happening inside me. Mmmm is a super good feeling I feel and a mad excitement. Let's see what he continues to e-mail.

- Yes, my dreams I have many, but they always play with only one woman, the woman who wants to try everything with me and who I can trust a hundred percent, because that's the most important requirement, if that's what you want and want, then read on now, otherwise just stop ...!

- Well, are you there again?

No or yes. No, I'm not ready yet. He will definitely write an e-mail again and I'll read it before I sign up again. That's as exciting as having your first date. Good that I dared. Hey, make it easy for me. There's another e-mail from him, what's he writing?

- Oh my dreams how should I say it are often captivating - smile - I have written a book, a textbook for bondage for everyone, it is written, but not all photos finished, 105 I have already but it still lacks about 200 pieces When you write you have so many ideas and always new ones are added. Do not get it wrong, Bondage is for couples who want to try something, who have been together for a long time and who want to make sex exciting, or make the emotions explode, all without pain! Yes, I also listed all the legal and medical facts and then it starts. Can you imagine, I have written a book, also with testimonials from other people and could not try it yet, because I never had a partner who wanted it or who I could trust 100%. Just imagine, you would be lying on your hands and feet lying naked on the bed, all fours widespread and then your partner comes and is very, very tender doll and also determined to you and your fee lings rise, always rising and, to be honest, it of ten happened when you came to orgasm, you closed your legs or moved you to compensate for your feelings, and now imagine you can not move your body freely. You're tied down and the emotions want to go out after orgasm, where in the hands or feet in motion and it's not, so what are they doing, they slosh like waves back to the body center, like waves on the sea, over and over and over they are getting weaker and weaker, but through the waves the phase of the climax does not last longer - yeah ohhh - and al ready the feelings of the climax are gone, but - yeah ohhh yeah oh yes oh yeah - that would be the feelings you are not with can resist by a movement. You see, they take longer and that is a goal of captivating games among lovers! There's more to that, of course, but ... oh, did I shock you now? I'm so excited about your ans wer! I hope not, just gotten used to e-mailing with you, is kind of something special what I feel.

- When are you back - hallooo break is over!!!

! Have kept the break very short but want to know what you have written, I'm already curious, you make it somehow exciting to mail with you, so now I'll read your mail, oh that's long but the same.

So time wasted, what should I do? Cancel here? But if I only maile with him is also good, nothing can happen. So continue to e-mail. Petra let alone the mail in peace, because nothing can happen. Oh dear, what does he want from me? Tie me up. No, that's not possible. Well, I have not experienced something like that yet. I wanted to try everything and he said yes, he loves no pain, then he does not want me to have any. What can you get by tying for more feelings. Now I have more questions than before. I want to know more about him. Do not want to keep him waiting. I'm excited, how crazy is that?

Sorry it took a little longer, I've read it at least ten times and already had a short dream in which I imagine how I lie there in front of you and you touch me tenderly everywhere.

Where exactly?

Now you want to make me speechless, do not go, we e-mail!!! Smile!!!

That does not even apply, you're already at my heart switch of the feelings rum, I already have pictures in front of me as you are lying there so completely without textiles and trying to say something, but not so, but our lips are very slow in a dialogue and deeper and deeper, oh your answer, I feel it, your tongue as she slowly, slowly moves into strange territory and pushes forward through my lips to mine, it tingles so violently throughout my body and I feel, whatever your arousal - my longest kiss took 35 minutes when I was in a disco in England at the tender age of eighteen ... oh, those feelings, your tip of the tongue feels like it's being charged with 1.000.000 small electrical particles and my lips are slowly getting moister, nestling around them and touching them, no, now it has happened, my tongue can not control itself, it thunders at yours he passes, tenderly but firmly pushes her aside and explores the space behind your hot lips, ohhh these feelings, triggered only by our lips and, of course, the tongues, just continue to speak to you, please please do not stop, it's just like that so so terribly beautiful, so exciting, with nothing to compare, soft, tender, warm but so demanding ... can not write anymore, close your eyes and enjoy.

Madness I can almost feel you. It is as if we know each other forever, quite familiar that you write something like that, but the madness that you can also feel something, I feel your tongue, your lips, your moisture, your heart beat! I have closed my eyes and feel my outstretched arms and legs, they tingle! How would that be if you were really above me now?

That would be the greatest, you naked under me and I would lie on you and we would touch all over, you feel it, even with your eyes closed, also I am without clothes, as we were born naked and innocent! I am now also naked and integer innocent! Smile! To the tongue feelings come now also the whole touch points on my and your body to it. I feel your heart beating and your blood flowing in your veins. I feel your bare breasts, ohhh how is that because your nipples are so very stiff, wow, hey your pelvis pushes up, there I am, you feel my pelvis how it squeezes on yours and how do you like that, if your legs are closed and pressed together by my affectionately strong. Yes with every pressure I feel a twitch in your body and a hot breath blows over your lips and spreads over my face, you have feelings!!! Did you keep them all for me?

! Yes, on, on ...!

You, I have to break our lips talk just times and say goodbye to your nipples and introduce myself! Oh the way there is so soft and tender, this neck, you just have to kiss it over and over again and my tongue goes over your skin burning off a little fireworks ending up in a light goose bumps - oops I'm just redesigning you - and now my tongue tip reaches the ascent to the summit of pleasure, slowly. Very slowly, my tongue struggles up the mountain and then, .... Then she feels that hard lusting nipple in the sky and my lips enclose her, while my tongue flirts with her insistently and asks her where she's been hiding all these last few years. Where were you emotional being?

I was here, but you did not find me! Continue …!

But now found and arrested!

You I have two nipples, how can you neglect the second?

Oh, I have no upbringing, excuse me, I come, climb a plane and fly my mouth to her - flup - landed and jumped with open lips on the nipple, cushioned by the tongue pressing on her and immediately started the dialogue. So that the first one is not sad, I immediately put my hand on her and stroke it soft and sometimes a little firmer and press lightly and then a little tighter the nipple between my fingers and .... Yes, I hear an increasing groan from your mouth, well you will not yet, mouth and hand dissolve and wait about 10 cm distance, your eyes open and look at me questioningly as our eyes meet, a short pause - It feels like a little eternity - and already fall mouth and hand again over your breasts ....

Please, please do not be angry with me, I'm dead tired and have to get out tomorrow at 6:00 and I would like to take these feelings with me in my dream, so something I have not experienced, it's as if we were together, so strong, Hope you experience that as well and I look forward to tomorrow evening, will you be back?

Yes I am looking forward to it like a little schoolboy, is not it already tomorrow evening?

Unfortunately not and thanks for the experience, I would not have believed that there is anything, good night until tomorrow - and do not go stranger!

Dreams, no, I'll be 100% loyal to you until tomorrow evening!!! LG Paul!

Good night my dream prince!

Oh my body is totally of the character. Did that really happen? I had mail sex with a strange man. I really think I'm crazy. Had someone told me a few hours ago that there was such a thing, I would have called him crazy and now it happened. What did Paul do? If I had stood opposite him, I would say he hypnotized me. Mmmm does he have that through his words? Is that possible? But now I'm still clear mind? Have to pinch me. Au, hurts. Oh Petra you are really awake. Then that's just happened. I have to test that with my hand between my thighs. Yes, oh my hand is very wet. I had a climax. I had not had that for years. Incredible. Petra go to bed immediately and enjoy these feelings. They are still raging in my body. I also do not go showering as usual, I want to take everything, the remaining feelings and the moisture between my legs. I was right earlier, the mail changed everything in my life, the beginning was an exploding climax like a firework of emotions. Oh please, please Paul let us e-mail tomorrow night. Will I sit naked in front of the computer? We just e-mail and did not name. Wow, what are those thoughts. Good night Petra is sleeping now you have to get out tomorrow morning. And already the dreams have reached me. I think Paul is buzzing around in them.

Monday 02.09.2013

Brrrr - Brrrr - Brrrr - Brrrr

You can not do that, the alarm clock is already six o'clock? I just fell asleep and what did I dream? I can not remember but this Paul was there. Oh, I'm wet again. For years down there was a desert and now something like that. Whether Paul will be happy if he receives an unexpected mail from me. He certainly will not get up as early as me. Well just then just go to the bathroom and no first write the mail otherwise I'm wet again afterwards. So to the computer and turned on. Oh, it takes until he starts up. Human Petra what has happened to you, can not wait to write to him. What should that be? And everything open. Man, what am I writing for now? Will try it with full honesty so get started typing.

Hello Paul I dreamed. Dreamed of you and I really felt you and more … for years!!! I live since almost ten years alone, did not fit and I have I didnot really believe that can feel. Unimaginable, it was only yours written words. I can not imagine what happens when we meet and would touch! First of all, I have to go to work. I am looking forward to you this evening. Thank you for the beautiful night! LG Paula

Oh Petra I can e-mail that. Yes, the first thought is often the best. And pressed and sent. So now off to the bathroom and get ready. Breakfast is only at work. Well that I have such a dear boss, was not so in the past, but today. I've always enjoyed going to work, I'm retrained to be a florist but today I would like to stay home and e-mail Paul. All day and night. Hey Petra, did you just think that? That is impossible. Well, first off to work and flowers, groom and sell. Oh, I'd rather not sell today, if I just work with the flowers, I can certainly dream of Paul and what he says tonight to my good morning mail. Oh Petra, can not you stop thinking about him? Oh hell, nothing can happen and if it does, it can only get better. And then it happens, I catch myself thinking about him at work. Somehow I do until lunch break, oh I remember that I did not have breakfast, how automatic my work. Again and again the question he has already retrieved the mail or waiting for it or he has already responded. I have to go to the office and look at the computer. I just can not stand it anymore. My boss just tells me that she has to make an extra and I should stay in the office because of the calls. Well, if that does not fit like a fist on the eye.

"Then I'll make lunch here. No problem."

And she drives away and I bring the computer to see if there is an e-mail for me. I could smooch the computer, he says mail for you. Now I am so excited again. Start Petra open it. There she is, come on Petra to read there will be nothing bad inside. So I definitely appreciate Paul. It is estimated after only one mail evening, but what a highly erotic e-mail evening.

Good beautiful morning! Oh, this night with you!!! And if she was just thinking. It was as intense as I have not felt it for years, you touched my heart, no swept away in the storm and my body felt an experience … . Words are too pale to describe! I am looking forward to this evening like a little boy, take good care of you and 1000 thanks for your lovely morning mail! LG Paul

I'm counting the hours, but I just had to e-mail you, just had lunch break and have read your sweet mail. It's like when my body immediately jumps into feeling mode and just feels the words you're writing. Here the sun is shining and I'm sitting on the garden bench in front of the company and let the sun shine on me, feels so warm and then your feelings, the lunch break is expected to last tonight, but unfortunately it's over again until tonight, I'm really happy, I'll have something to eat on the PC, because then I can e-mail you! Bye your Petra -

Yes, I know there are still 4.5 hours until you mail me again, I wish the 270 minutes were just around, but now I have 15 already seconds from the 16.200 seconds …

I knew it. I feel feelings in my body again. Again just because he only e-mailed me. That's not normal. I can not tell that to anybody. They would all think I'm totally crazy. I would have thought that yesterday morning, but she did here in me. My heart is beating faster, no, it's even racing and I feel like I'm getting wet down in my pussy. I do not know that. How many times have I been together with my exhusband and even I was often dry in my pussy. It was therefore sometimes uncomfortable and now I'm just reading something of this Paul, not even a love letter as before, in which perhaps a flower inside had lain or which would have smelt after him. No, I only read one e-mail on the computer. An e-mail that consists of only a few words, which makes no further emotional recordings possible and I react already. Am I really that? Yes, it is my body that gets wet and sweats down. My body has never reacted like this. When I saw a horny guy on the street, my head thought, it's a hot guy with a cool butt, but my pussy left it cold. How did the feeling come to me yesterday that something happens when I reply to this mail. He is so far away. Hamburg are over one hundred and fifty kilometers and still this reaction. I do not understand myself anymore. Hopefully that will be fine. I wanted to experience something in life that's what I decided to do, but if you fly so high then the crash can be really deep and hard. Oh, I have to get into the business because a customer calls. Oje Petra now once again sort your thoughts a little bit. Not that your arousal is considered. And I'm on the way forward. Turn off Paul's thoughts first.

"Oh, hello Mrs. Fischer. What can I bind them for a bouquet today? "

"Hello Mrs. Black. They always know what I want and know my taste well. "

"Well, you are a very dear regular customer and people who love flowers and enjoy a different bouquet every week are not so often sown."

"Yes flowers are for me a piece of nature that I like in my small apartment. Not only the reputation but also the smell is what I like about it."

"They are like me. When I get to work in the morning, the fragrance of the flowers, a composition of all, first of all receives me. But what kind of bouquet can it be?"

"I'm invited tonight, not to a man, unfortunately my husband died so long ago. I'm going to an old school friend I met by chance a few days ago and she invited me."

"And they need flowers for that."

"Yes, what would you recommend for this event?"

"I would not take a potted flower. A bound bouquet with the colors of the fall, no rather something colorful that looks much more positive on the mind at this time of year."

"Oh yes, Mrs. Schwarz that's right. Please give me a funny bouquet with which I can really say."

"What is he allowed to taste?"

"It's the first time I've seen Claudia for thirty-five years. What do you mean Mrs. Black. They have always hit the right mark."

"If I could make a suggestion and they are not mad about the money, then I would say thirty-five euros. One Euro for every missed year."

"Oh that's an idea. You are right with the missed years. They always say that time is racing, but you never stop them and always this saying comes from me, you do that tomorrow and tomorrow again and suddenly the year is over again.

You are right Mrs. Black you should grab the luck, with my deceased husband, I also accessed immediately. You know, we knew each other for a short time, but back then I was more willing to make decisions, with age you get calmer and that's just wrong. You should enjoy life and I will do it again from today. Thank you Frau Schwarz, just this sentence from you, for every missed year, it has fallen from my eyes like a dandruff. I have to enjoy my life again. Please make me such a bouquet. Very colorful and crazy. He should express what I feel right now in my heart, a renaissance of feelings. Oh, excuse me, I did not want to talk them full."

"No, they did not do that. On the contrary, they helped me with a very important personal decision."

"Oh yes, how, that makes me happy. I'm totally excited. I always knew flowers meant something to me and today it has been shown again and again. Today they have awakened me again. Again, just because of the flowers, otherwise I would not have come to them in the business and would have received this wake up call from them, dear Mrs. Black.

I love flowers."

And I see how Frau Fischer shines all over her face. I've never seen her like that before. A bright face.

"Ms. Fischer, you suddenly radiate something wonderful. Her aura is glowing."

"Yes, I have the feeling that I have just lost a thousand tons of load from the heart and I am happy again. I have not felt that for years, nonsense for decades. Oh, life is nice when you let it into your heart."

And I just leave this radiant woman alone and put the bouquet together. Not so easy, it has to match the rays and reflect the joie de vivre. But the words she said, the words that hit me too, and my decision to risk it with Paul abruptly influenced her. Paul I will experience something with you. If you want, I'm ready for whatever you do, but only if you see Petra you're restraining.

These are not restrictions, these are limits. I do not know him, maybe a bad person stands behind the lines or has desperate cravings. Then I brake immediately and have disappeared. But if he is really as sweet as he came over in the e-mail last night and maybe can make me as happy as last night, then you have Paul already on my neck. On the neck like that sounds. Oh yes, the flower neck, uhh on the stems must also ran something autumnal. During my wild thoughts, I automatically put together a bouquet and show it to Mrs. Fischer.

"Mrs Fischer, that would be my suggestion, but you can change it now. I have not tied him yet. do not know if such a blooming woman like them at the moment really appeals."

"Oh, Mrs. Schwarz, you are so nice, the man you get is a real lucky guy."

"Do you mean?"

"Frau Schwarz, you are suddenly beaming like that, have you already targeted a man?"

"May I talk about it openly with you?"

"But you know, you could be my daughter."

"That would be good. Yes I have, they have to imagine, had a day yesterday as no longer since eternity."

"Met a man?"

"Yes and no. I read an ad on the internet and then I wrote with him. It was as familiar as if I had known him forever and that after the first few lines and tonight, yes I am looking forward to it, we will write again."

"Oh my child, if I old woman can give them some advice, today it is the same as it was then, only letters are mails and go faster. If your heart has been hit by words, then the words come from a man who also has a heart. Men who have no heart, use words that are colder and the dear ones even write something between the lines with invisible words and you think while reading these unwritten words just with and feel the most beautiful things."

"Yes, that's exactly how it happened. Only a few neutral or sweet words and I thought I read a novel."

"Little ones, get them and do not wait until someone else does, then it's too late. I speak from experience, a very sad experience. Dear men are very rare and hard to find."

"Do you really think so?"

"Think of my words tonight and if they write or hear his voice soon, their heart will say it. The heart is almost always right when they let it."

"Thank you Mrs. Fischer. They were so understanding to me and their words have hit what my heart means and felt with him. I take care but I give him a fair chance."

"Yes, that's right, my child. Oh, what did they put together for a fun loving bouquet? He shines."

"I've taken autumnal colors, sunflowers, alstromeries, dahlias, hydrangeas, goldenrod, and snapdragon, plus some blue cornflower and columbine."

"Very nice, he should stay that way."

"Well, then I'll tie him up. Should he be in glass paper or opaque paper?"

"Glass paper, because I'll put it with me until tonight I'll go into the vase so it gets water and then I can enjoy it all day and think of the kind words that have opened my heart."

"But they also helped me with my difficult decision."

"Well, if that's not a great day, we've given each other life again."

I do not say anything, just shine it on and tie a matching raffia around the stems so that they retain their assigned position. Then everything comes in glass foil, I bind two sachets of fertilizer me a rubber band and put it on the sales counter.

"Mrs. Fischer I have made two bags of fertilizer for the water. You can use one right away, then it keeps you fresh longer. That's what makes thirty-five euros."

And Mrs. Fischer puts two twenty Euro notes on the table.

"The rest is for the coffee and my thanks for the life coaching. The man is really lucky tonight if he is nice."

"Oh, thank you, but the coffee will be happy and I hope the man too. Thank you for your words, they helped me a lot and I have already decided. Stupid only that it takes so long to write again."

"Oh, a letter would take even longer, believe me. It's time to leave soon."

"Yes, I count the hours until it is again, they have an e-mail."

"Well then, much success and thank you for the wonderful bouquet."

"Please and see you next time."

"But then tell me what happened to her husband."


I put Ms. Fischer's shop door open and she leaves. At this moment my boss arrives and I let her in too.

"What was that, Mrs. Fischer has never blasted so."

"Oh, we had a nice conversation at flower sale."

"Yes I knew you could deal with customers. I already felt that during the first conversation with you."

"I also like to work here. With such a great boss. Who has his girlfriend as boss?"

"Thank you! I have brought the cake for coffee but already before for us, because you are this morning, I noticed immediately when you came in the door are very different.

Somehow more alive and as you know, I'm terribly curious."

"Oh, and that's why you want to take a cake break with me to find out what's in it with the rays?"

"I knew you understand me, so in an hour in the office."

"Yes, I like to go back to the greenhouse and do my work."

"I'll call you for coffee then."

And already I'm swirling backwards, shaking my head slightly. What is happening. I have the same stuff as always and I did not change the make up. That can not come from last night? One stands on my forehead I had sex? Oje that was no real sex right? I was alone. Mmmm but it felt so awesome. As good as not for a long time.

No in itself like never before. Yes it was something special and only because of the writing. If this is really true, what happens to me when I see this guy and he gets me right to the point, then I flash like a star in the sky? With so many thoughts I do not even notice how time goes by and a voice screams from the back ...

"The coffee is ready. Petra the coffee is ready."

"I'm coming, I'm on my way."

Then I enter the office and on the desk are two cups, two plates of cake and a full, delicious coffee scented pot.

"So Petra now take a seat and right, coffee?"

"Yes please."

And I am served, the coffee is poured and the cake, an apple piece automatically finds its way onto my plate.

"Well, you know, I'm not curious about it, but when you came in through the door this morning, it was like a light around you blasting in like a thousand watt pear."

"One does not exist, Mrs. Fischer has also discovered something like that in me. I can not see that myself."

"You can not see that yourself, but you should feel it."

"Yes and no, but I decided to enjoy it. Mrs. Fischer gave me a stomp with the right words. "

"Sososo and where did she put you in?"

"Oh Sonja, I somehow did something crazy for me yesterday."

"Come tell me, do not let anything get out of your nose. That must have been something great after the beamman's face."

"I want to experience something else and it can not be the way it is now. Since I have read ads at an affiliate agency times and at one is almost stopped reading the heart."

"How with picture?"

"No just a few sentences and then I have looked into the profile of the man and then my heart has almost stopped beating. I have never witnessed anything like this."

"And go on, do not make it so exciting."

"Then I e-mailed him. I wanted to see what comes back and say and write, he must also have sat at the computer, because promptly came an answer. And at that moment, if I did not stop now, then my life would change completely."

"And did you stop?"

"Normally I would have been too cowardly and would have switched off immediately, but there was something and we got mailed. For a while and it was sooo beautiful. He writes phrases and one thinks one reads a romance novel. In a few words he wrote novels in my head. That went off."


"Well, you can not imagine that."

"How filthy pigs?"

"No, not at all, but then I have one … ."

"How did you get an orgasm?"

"Yes, and without me touching it, just as if by magic."

"Can you lend me that man? Get an orgasm and then I'll give it back to you. An idea. And further?"

"Nothing else, we've agreed to mail again for tonight, and I dreamed about him all night, and I do not even have a picture of him."

"And did you e-mail him again?"

"Yes, very early this morning and he answered during the lunch break."

"Oh, when you were in the office."

"Yes you want to see the mail, then you can also tell me what you think about him."

"Show me. Man myself, I'm excited, as you describe it. You can be really jealous. An orgasm only with words. My friend did not even make it with his best piece back then. Very rarely, anyway."

"look here, here's the mail from today, mine and his."

Hello Paul I dreamed. Dreamed of you and I really have you felt and more ... for years! I've been living alone for ten years, did not fit and I did not think that I could really feel anything like that, unimaginable, it was just your written words, I do not even want to imagine what happens if we look at each other and touch! First I have to go to work, maile you tonight, I'm looking forward to it, thanks for the beautiful night! LG Paula

"That's the morning mail from me to him."

"Yeah sure I can read and what came back?"

Good beautiful morning! Oh, this night, you!!! And if she was just thinking, she was as intense as I have not felt it for years, you touched my heart, no swept away in the storm and my body felt an experience … . Words are too pale to describe! I am looking forward to this evening like a little boy, take good care of you and 1000 thanks for your lovely morning mail! LG Paul

I'm counting the hours, but I just had to e-mail you, just had lunch break and have read your sweet mail. It's like when my body immediately jumps into feeling mode and just feels the words you're writing. Here the sun is shining and I'm sitting on the garden bench in front of the company and let the sun shine on me, feels so warm and then your feelings, the lunch break is expected to last tonight, but unfortunately it's over again Until tonight, I'm really happy, I'll have something to eat on the PC, because then I can e-mail you! Bye your Petra -

Yes, I know there are still 4.5 hours until you mail me again, alas, if the 270 minutes were just around, but now I've already made 15 seconds of the 16.200 seconds ....

"One counts the seconds. Really great guy."

"And would you e-mail him again tonight and if he wants more?"

"Are you stupid, you do not let such a guy off the hook. Ran to him, maybe you'll get an orgasm again today."

"Oh Sonja do not make me so embarrassed."

"Oh, among friends you can say that quietly. We always talk openly about everything."

"I know, that helped me in difficult times."

“Man, I can not believe an orgasm just with words."

"Yes and what kind of one. I really had the feeling I had never had one. Feelings that just exploded in me and my head."

"Class. When will you mail again? Eight o'clock?"

"Yes, he said then I could freshen up after work and put on some clothes and food. He did not want to disturb before."

"Did he really say that? Then it will be another hot night for you today, I know who said that, he will bring you joy again.

Did he bring himself down?"

"I do not know, I did not tell him what happened to me."

"How not? Well the man is lucky, if you had said that to him he would have gone crazy that he was not with you."

"Do you think so? But I can not say that he brought me to climax with his words."

"Why not. You either he understands it and maybe he's happy about it very much or he's not worth it like that and just thinks of himself, then he does not care. Whenever there is more to come, remember the truth often hurts but is the safest way to grow a love. Is like fertilizer for the earth."

"If I think about it, then you're right. I would not like to lie."

"You know what, it's almost four. Now finish work and enjoy everything afterwards to the fullest."

"I have not finished my job in the greenhouse yet."

"Never mind, do not go away, you can do something later.

No horny man is waiting for me, not even a normal man. But I want to know every detail of you tomorrow."

"Thank you, Sonja, that's nice of you. Then I'm on my way. See you tomorrow. Bye."

"And enjoy it, every second he gives you."

I smile at Sonja and then I take my bag and I'm out of the flower shop, on the bike and home. I feel like I'm not cycling at all, but it's being pulled home like magic.

Pulled as fast as I do not drive otherwise. I walk like a savage, yet it is still so early. The wind blows around my face and it shivers all over my body. A thought shoots in my head. How would it be if Paul is touching me for the first time, then I will be so shivering and it will run down my back cold or I have no reaction. Petra what are you thinking about? He's a strange man you know very little about. Yes, but it could be the right man for longer. Oh, maybe forever. Can I love a man forever, does that not end sometime? Oh maybe he has quirks I can not stand or he looks so ugly that it disgusts me. No, a man who can only bring me to the climax on the first day with words, that can not be bad. Or? Petra you can still cycle for hours and your thoughts will raise new questions over time. Just let it be easy and listen to your heart.

Here's the heart up there in the head. Just stop the thought and let me do it. I will provide pure enjoyment tonight when she e-mails again with the hot, soulful guy.

Oh my heart, how I would like that but remember, you have often had the wrong sensations. But with me the whole body can feel something for some time, you can not give it to him. Yes I know. What do you think if we just enjoy it tonight, nothing can happen, the guy is far away and not physically present. That sounds good, so let's do it. Petra, were you talking to yourself right now? Hey, what's up with me?

"Hey, you're dreaming, stupid cow! Can not you watch where you're going?"

"Excuse me."

Oh Petra watch now, you almost touched the man. Paul you totally distract me. Oh, hopefully, Paul is not like this guy, just quick tempered and insulting. No I do not think, who can write such mails is certainly not so poisonous. I knew it, I knew it, when I respond to the ad, my life changes and it starts. Is that good? Mmmm you wanted a change. Well my life has not changed, only my body has finally felt hot again. Well that's something, but my life has not changed. No. Mmmm i got freed earlier today and i have experienced i have a glowing aura around me. Mmmm has already changed a bit. Not my life but something in me, otherwise I would not be so happy for him afterwards. To him, how dumb I am, to his mails. Yes, but the words he e-mails are a piece of him.

So look forward to it. Today I will try cautiously to find out more about him. Always incorporate such small questions. Mmmm that he will definitely remember and then? Of course I can then make a decision, if he does not answer or gives stupid answers, he is not for me.

Mmmm but if he replies like he e-mailed yesterday, then no, then he could be something, no, then I could consider that he might be something. Oh God this Paul is already making me crazy in the head. But you have to admit to Petra that you have not spent so much time with a man for years. Mmmm and the climax yesterday only with words. It was really nice. Oh, if it was already eight o'clock. So now I arrived home. Wheel in the hallway and up to the second floor. Oh, it's only 4.30pm. Oh, I am totally by the wind. This morning I still remembered, on the way home I have to buy something to eat. Crap. One of these Paul even distracts me from it.

But it's nice, yes, I have butterflies in my stomach, and as many as I have not felt since my schooling at my first great love. Petra, that does not exist, let's feel it. Yeah, when I think of him, as we'll e-mail you right now, they're flying wildly through my stomach. Uiii that's exciting. I have to shop yet. 17.12 is still time, so just the shopping basket and then I need only for after shopping, is not a weekend. What should one eat while being pampered by a man with butterflies in his stomach? Of course nothing, but then I'm always hungry. Yesterday too, that was so intense, because then I could have eaten the whole refrigerator empty. Oh I'll get a little sparkling wine, a Piccolo, then maybe I'll relax or you'll realize it.

Well, I'm not going to start laughing at a piccolo. I'm stupid, he hears and does not see me, we just e-mail.

Will I ever hear his voice? Oh Petra, it's all too fast. No, why, who says you can not fall in love or kiss or go to bed immediately? I do not have anyone to account to. I am an adult. At forty you can say that but right now I feel like I'm seventeen. Oh for the decision counts only the age on paper and I'm of legal age. So now for shopping.

Good that the supermarket is with me around the corner. Since I get everything I need for tonight and otherwise so. Now I almost forgot the shopping basket again. I also take all the returnable bottles with me to the vending machine. It's worth it again. And I already hear how the apartment door behind me falls into the lock, I sped down the stairs and hurry to the supermarket.

Oops Petra, you still have time. Almost two and a half hours. Oh too long, why could not we date earlier? Yes I know, then it would not have worked out again and you would have been disappointed. What does he do well, whether he is looking forward to the mailing. If I still have his midday mail in my head then it was read between the lines. When will it finally happen? Oh, I'm going crazy. Petra, but now only the bottles in the automatic paver and then with the shopping cart through the store. Today everything is empty, vending machine, shopping cart and loading it goes like in the air and already I stand in front of the fruit department. I need strength and endurance, the night can be long, so two no rather three bananas and two apples, oh and there a few grapes. Oh, a couple of freshly baked rolls yes and a cheese roll oh, I'm already eating with jam. I have just the brainwave of a thought in my mind's eye.

Paul drips honey on my nipple and it runs slowly down to her. Then comes his tongue. Oh Petra stops you are here in the shop and are already very wet. That's never happened to me in my life. Los bread sex piece, one six pieces. Thought stops. If we are not, that is the heart.

Am I not coming from the stomach. I'm also innocent, these are funny butterflies. No matter first I have to be at home then you can make me crazy. But you also do not hold anything good. But I'm not used to that. True, totally starved for sex and love. Rest now down there. And my brain is already trying to gain the upper hand and I push the cart on through the shop. Butter? No, I have two more pieces, oh, a piece of middle ages Gouda would not be bad. And some ham. That's enough, no more a herring salad and egg salad. Petra stop. Good on. Now to the drinks, orange juice and in front of the Piccolo. No, rather two pieces. I really like chocolate, nougat and then checkout. Crazy shopping is stupid.

Well you should buy what you like right now. Stop, I have to have negro kisses. So now everything on the cash register, it's already my turn. Put in the basket and then pay, get out of the store and put the cart back on.

Then the basket under his arm and home. I feel really real I am already a bit wet in the step. These were just the crazy thoughts of this Paul. How is this supposed to continue. Oh, how that feels on the stairs between my legs again. I just do it. Yes go Petra do it. And then I arrived at home in front of the door and went in. Just cleared the basket and put away shopping, then into the bedroom, pants quickly out, the slip behind and placed on the bed. Close your eyes and Paul where are you? Ah, here he comes from the back thoughts and smiles at me. This creates a further excitement between my legs and now my right hand helps a bit, I'm already really wet what can be this evening. I feel like going out on Friday night, as we have always used to preheat, but with drinks, now I'm doing that with highlights. Of course I'm not going out, I expect something as beautiful as last night and so that it does not happen immediately, I will now get my body down a bit, uh I get my one down. With my left hand something played on my nipples and you Petra oh what, it's just beautiful. Come on let me down and do it. It's such a wonderful feeling, but I imagine Paul. He is a whole man, tall, slim, white haired and very nice. Very sweet, I feel his hands on my body. I just imagine it's his hands. Ohhh ... yeah ... Paul ... what are you going to do with me ... I'm coming ... Paul ... ohhh ...