How it happened and than ... - Hartmut Hoffmann - ebook

An insane love story between a woman and a man who awaken the newest and hottest erotic feelings in each other and thus give the everyday life a completely new feeling. Love and happiness! Togetherness and security! ...

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Table of Contents

How it happened and then ...

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How it happened and then ...

Dreams, more and more dreams that contain fantasies that one desires and that has denied life, until now! It has taken over fifty years, it has evolved and matured, but inside there is a fantasy that is increasingly taking possession of one's possession and making one so conscious that the train of time flies past and over if you do not jump open now, it's too late, the only thing left to you is just the imagination!!! It's becoming more and more conscious and damned, now or never, you can take the helm and do whatever you imagine in your imagination to turn the hottest dreams, desires and fantasies into reality, you can do it, take all your courage together and start a life that is connected to your imagination and experience if your imagination really gives you what it has fooled you in many, endless dreams.

I was married, living in a relationship and now alone, but I never got what I wanted, or rather, what I wanted to try out to see if my imagination really gives me what she promises me. Yes, that should be my goal, to experience my fantasy in reality, a fantasy where many people say, oh no, for God's sake, but who knows how many would think that and would wish to experience it, but human beings Just do what the stream of life dictates to you and swim against the tide and if it's just a bit, no, that's not possible. Yes, these constraints have also managed that I have withheld my imagination for so long and only after so many experiences, finally found the courage to experience my imagination. I change everything!

On the thought I have often played through how it could be, what I would like to do and with whom, oh yes, I've already dreamed it with a lot of women, with women I have noticed in everyday life or even from television and each in the thought something else triggered with me. It always was when I fell asleep with the thought very exciting, but when I had a few times with the woman everything in the thought experienced in the dream, then the tension was gone and I was looking for a new dream partner. Will that be the same in reality? Like a player who wants to get the jackpot and then the game becomes uninteresting for him? Or does not the woman who triggers these feelings on me let me go? Questions that I could only experience through a real experience and then answer, that also makes it so exciting.

And already start the problems, how should I find a female being, who also has such dreams and even then the courage to experience them with me. There are so many things to consider.

The night of loneliness is over and the idea has grown, try it with an ad, but who will read it all and who will report and where should you meet and how should I explain to her my dreams, she will make me laugh, look stupid and disappear right away, it's complicated. In working life I have no problems with such decisions, I have to make daily decisions but when my heart comes into play, then it is crazy, there are always doubts, I always think that it is right, whether you are the woman which does good or perhaps hurt your heart. I just want to do everything right and with that I turn on the spot and can not decide. It's pretty hard to work with the heart. But without a heart, nothing works, right? No, all people are different and I have often thought, who has no heart lives better, no, not better, just easier and less complicated. But I'm just one of the people who can not turn off their hearts and honestly, they do not want to, because with heart it is just more fun, if often problems arise from it. But the time in which the heart gains the upper hand is the time it takes to have a heart and to feel and feel it. Unfortunately, these moments in my life have come too short, too short, better said, almost never appeared, only in my dreams, then the feelings have gathered and offered the solution to the feeling, but it is too little Now reality has to happen.

Newspaper or internet? If the ad is better ... no, but how am I supposed to write it? I'm looking for ... or I want to ... or do you want to experience something ... should I write my dreams? Yes, then the woman who reads it can already make friends with what I want or is that too early or then get in touch … . Oh yeah, that's hard, it's just an ad copy. Read more and everywhere on the Internet, a newspaper is too limited and if she comes from further afield, then no problem, she can live with me and ohhh that has fallen again with the door into the house? Maybe I should let me write the ad, no that's not my way, I have to do that myself, I can do that. So an ad on the internet, kept light and very open.

He is looking for you to experience hot erotic games where almost no limits can be found and where we both can try everything, everything can do, nothing has to! If you feel like it and are between 30 and 45 years young, then get in touch with me!

Oh, where should I give up this ad? No, I think it's better I sign up at any dating site. But at which, at a normal, where people want to get to know each other to stay together for life. No I think that would be the wrong one, because I do not want to find a partner for life, but a female being who wants to experience my dreams with me, maybe they are her or I can, when I speak with her, awaken interests, the She still did not know her, but she has to be flexible to want that.

Yes, if the very best would happen, you would find a life together and feel and try together for all the time and enjoy together until the end of our days. Never wake up alone, never dream again something that you can not tell anyone else, but you would merge into a single unit and enjoy life. Yes, what kind of person would not wish that and who would like to experience that with me, even if one would find such a female part, ah ...!

Well with my dreams it would be better I would sign up for an escapade portal, because the women who are reporting there are certainly open-minded, because they already have the courage to do something that not every woman would dare. Yes, that's the right place.

The dice have fallen and I want to register, yes my profile:

Gray haired fifties (not a fake!), Studying and now desiring to study life with you, I everything to try from A - Z, everything you can experience together and where the goal is to bring the feelings of the heart into the seventh heaven and maybe even higher, but you will see that! What do you mean, you want to experience the fireworks of emotions with me, maybe for just an hour or even a day, a week, a month or even ... well that's worth a try in your view, then email me and I will certainly report and try to win you for us, so you can start the emotional fireworks.

Well, I could work on it for hours, but the ad says I believe everything. I register and oh it will be unlocked in an hour, I'm excited, if even a woman will report. Yes, certainly, but the tension is there. I sit in front of the PC and wait for the activation and then on the first mail. A new phase of my life has begun! Pure excitement!!! How will it be? As a ping, a mail in my mailbox ...

Hello strange lonely man, how about with both of us, please contact me!

Hooray! My first email, but somehow I expected something different. She sounds so professional and so cool. Well, do not hesitate to send a reply email.

Hello, strange woman, do you mean something could happen between us? What did you think about when you read my email?

Hello stranger I am the Chantal and will ful fill all the wishes you have, you will like it, what do you want what I do with you?

That's it, I thought, there's a professional behind this mail, but that's exactly what I do not want, I've never been in a brothel or anything like that before. I think it belongs, no matter what the wishes are or the desire, always the heart to it. More or less, but completely without me it is not, an emotional world that triggers my heart must always resonate with something. So I have to email her, very carefully.

Hello thank you for your interest Chantal, but I have the feeling that we can not experience something together, that is not from my side, unfortunately, not be angry and thank you that you have reported on my ad. All the best!!!

Ping! Oh, again something has landed in my mailbox. It's in itself really great, you sit at home on the PC and it comes in regularly mails, yes the technology! Open it.

Hello I am your princess for all desires and dreams, get in touch and we chat.

Hello princess, thanks for your mail, but I think we will not have fun together. Good luck.

Funny come because only these funny mails. I'm not looking for a professional. The mails sound somehow all the same and so cold, there's nothing over, just the feeling that she says the same price. No, I want something with a heart. Whether I signed in here wrong, I thought there were people like you and me.

Ping! Well, what is that again for a mail, am I right here, right?

I read your ad and I almost saw myself in it again. I also have a lot of dreams but you can not experience them alone. What are you dreaming about?

Man oh man this mail is somehow different, more emotional, if you try to read between the lines, let's see who is behind it? Maybe a lonely creature with dreams and maybe even similar dreams, so be careful to email them so if it does, it will not scare you right away.

Hello unknown mailer, I am totally taken with your lines and the many words you put between the lines, upps do you have? Best wishes! By the way, my name is Paul!

Is not it crazy, in the past you wrote letters and waited for days for an answer, today you write an e-mail and almost immediately an answer comes, clearly only if it is online, if it still is.

Hello Paul! What did you read between my words and lines?

Oh my gosh, I hope you have a lot of time to sit in front of your PC, because if I maile everything between your lines is, then it ta kes soooo and a little longer! But first, the re was a certain amount of curiosity, some thing that you still want to experience in life and that you are looking for longingly and have not found yet and ...!!!!

Sounds exciting, yes you are right, how can you read all this from the few words?

I do not know exactly how to email you, when I read your words, it was as if they were swinging, transmitting something, something like feelings, so desires and longings. I just did not read your words with my mind, but my heart immediately switched on and the heart reads differently than the mind, which is often so terribly sober and realistic.

Yes!!!!!! What kind of feelings do you mean your heart felt?

Oh, oh, now we have been emailing for only a few minutes and you are already reaching deep into me, where is this supposed to end? Or will you perhaps, the woman with whom I can experience, feel and enjoy all your and my dreams uninhibited and can?

Who knows, let's see what's coming, but sounds good! What do you have for dreams?

May I send in advance, these are all just dreams and you can only really experience if you have a partner who is totally trusted and I can trust 100%, the goal is simply to experience a lot of emotions and I believe You can only do that if you are a person who has a heart, what he can show, and then you can drop 100% with and with your partner, because only then you can fully enjoy and experience feelings. I hope that does not sound too difficult?

No, I know what you want out. You use almost the same words as I think and my heart speaks to it, ah, you've been pushing to mail some of your dreams again, so what are they?

It's just dreams, but they seem to be desires that you want deep down and want to experience. But do not worry, I'm not in pain, just a lot of emotions and all sorts of variations.

Well, no pain, but very light strokes before a climax, that can strengthen him tremendously!

Wow, now I'm flat, you have the same feelings like me! Say, what is sex for you or better, how would you like to experience it? Alone with a partner or with many people together?

That depends, but first I think it is important to experience something only with a human, a togetherness, what then results must be seen.

Oh that sounds as if we are already meeting in thought and the first careful approaches approach! You seem somehow familiar to me after the few sentences, even if that sounds stupid to you, my heart is already speaking and the mind holds back elegantly!

You can also play with words that can mess you up!

Thanks for the kind words, but words are one of the most important tools for people to express themselves, and how should I do it differently, I do not even know where to find you and how far you are from with. I live in Hamburg.

Well, we are not that far away, I live in Schwerin.

Almost a stone's throw! On the highway, once accelerate and brake once and I'm here! Smile!

Well, who knows, sounds like a fast car. By the way my name is Petra, so now you know it!

Sounds good Petra from Schwerin, the woman with the very big and yearning heart for a lot of feelings and love!!!

Right! Somehow we always come back from your dreams! Take your time I just go offline for a short break and when I'm back, I'm hot to hear about your dreams!

Jupps, well then take a break! Smile!

What does she do in the break, go to the ankle or get something to eat or just need a break to sort out her thoughts and feelings? Well just write my mail and then I'm just waiting for an answer.

Yes, my dreams I have many, but they always play with only one woman, the woman who wants to try everything with me and who I can trust a hundred percent, because that's the most important requirement, if that's what you want and want, then read on now, otherwise just stop ...!

Well, are you there again?

Well, no answer, then I'll just write a dream mail, well an email in which I concretize my dreams something. And you started to scurry.

Oh my dreams how should I say it are often captivating - smile - I have written a book, a textbook for bandage for everyone, it is written, but not all photos finished, 105 I have already but it still lacks about 200 pieces When you write you have so many ideas and always new ones are added. Do not get it wrong, Bondage is for couples who want to try something, who have been together for a long time and want to make the sex exciting again or to make the feelings explode, all without pain! Yes, I also listed all the legal and medical facts and then it starts. Can you imagine, I have written a book, also with testimonials from other people and could not try it yet, because I never had a partner who wanted it or who I could trust 100%. Just imagine, you would be tied hands and feet lying on the bed naked, all fours spread wide and then your partner comes and is very, very tender doll and also something determined to you and your feelings are rising, and continue to rise To be honest, it often happened when you came to orgasm, you closed your legs or moved around to compensate for your feelings and now imagine you can not move your body freely. You're tied down and the emotions want to go out after orgasm, where in the hands or feet in motion and it's not, so what are they doing, they slosh like waves back to the body center, like waves on the sea, over and over and over they are getting a bit weaker, but through the waves the phase of the climax does not last much longer - yeah ohhhh - and already the feelings of the climax are gone, but - yeah ohhh yeah ohh yes oh yeah - that would be the feelings you are not with can resist by a movement. You see, they take longer and that is a goal of captivating games among lovers! There's more to that, of course, but ... oh, did I shock you now? I'm so excited about your answer! I hope not, just gotten used to emailing with you, is kind of something special what I feel.

When are you back - hallllloooooo break is over!!!

Have kept the break very short but want to know what you have written. I'm already curious, you make it somehow exciting to mail with you, so now I'll read your mail, oh that's long but the same.

How can you be so excited just because you are waiting for an answer? It was just a simple mail. No is not true, was an informational. No is not true either, was a carefully formulated e-mail that should not stifle burgeoning feelings immediately by the wrong words. Correct an antestende sentimental mail. Oh man Paul your thoughts. Oh, she does not answer completely lost.

Sorry it took a little longer. I've read it at least ten times and already had a short dream in which I imagine how I lie there in front of you and you touch me tenderly everywhere.

Where exactly?

Now you want to make me speechless, do not go, we email!!! Smile!!!

That does not even apply, you're already at my heart switch of the feelings rum, I already have pictures in front of me as you are lying there so completely without textiles and trying to say something, but not so, but our lips are very slow in a dialogue and deepened more and more violent, oh your answer, I feel it, your tongue as she moves slowly, very slowly into strange territory and pushes forward through my lips to mine, it tingles so violently throughout my body and I feel like yours also a bit exciting - my longest kiss took 35 minutes when I was in a disco in England at the tender age of eighteen ... oh those feelings, your tongue tip feels like it's loaded with 1.000.000 small electrical particles and my lips slowly getting moister, nestling around and touching her, no, now it's happened, my tongue can not control itself, it's thundering at yours I pass her, gently but firmly pushing her aside and exploring the space behind your hot lips, ohhhh these feelings, triggered only by our lips and, of course, our tongues, just keep you talking, please please do not stop, it's just like that so so terribly beautiful, so exciting, with nothing to compare, soft, tender, warm but so demanding ... can not write anymore, close your eyes and enjoy.

Madness I can almost feel you. It is as if we know each other forever, quite familiar that you write something like that, but the madness that you can also feel something. I feel your tongue, your lips, your moisture, your heart beat! I have closed my eyes and feel my outstretched arms and legs, they tingle! How would that be if you were really above me now?

That would be the greatest, you naked under me and I would lie on you and we would touch all over, you feel it, even with your eyes closed, also I am without clothes, as we were born naked and innocent! I am now also naked and complete innocent! Smile! To the tongue feelings come now also the whole touch points on my and your body to it. I feel your heart beating and your blood flowing in your veins. I feel your bare breasts, ohhh how is that because your nipples are so very stiff, wow, hey your pelvis pushes up, there I lie, you feel my pelvis, how it squeezes on yours and how do you like that, when your legs are closed and lovingly squeezed hard by mine. Yes with every pressure I feel a twitch in your body and a hot breath blows over your lips and spreads over my face, you have feelings!!! Did you keep them all for me?

Yes, on, on ...!

You, I have to break our lips talk just times and say good-bye to your nipples and introduce myself! Oh the way there is so soft and tender, this neck, you just have to kiss it over and over again and my tongue goes over your skin burning off a little fireworks ending up in a light goose bumps - upps I'm just redesigning you - and now my tongue tip reaches the ascent to the summit of pleasure, slowly. Very slowly, my tongue struggles up the mountain and then, … . Then she feels that hard lusting nipple in the sky and my lips enclose her, while my tongue flirts with her insistently and asks her where she's been hiding all these last few years. Where were you emotional being?

I was here, but you did not find me! Continue …!

But now found and arrested!

You have two nipples, how can you neglect the second one?

Oh, I have no upbringing, excuse me, I come, climb a plane and fly my mouth to her - flup - landed and jumped with open lips on the nipple, cushioned by the tongue pressing on her and immediately started the dialogue. So that the first one is not sad, I immediately put my hand on her and stroke it soft and sometimes a little firmer and press lightly and then a little tighter the nipple between my fingers and … . Yes, I hear an increasing groan from your mouth, well you will not yet, mouth and hand dissolve and wait about 10 cm distance, your eyes open and look at me questioningly as our eyes meet, a short pause - It feels like a little eternity - and already fall mouth and hand again over your breasts ....

Please, please do not be angry with me, I'm dead tired and have to get out tomorrow at 6:00 and I would like to take these feelings with me in my dream, something I have not experienced, it's as if we were together, so strong, you hope I am also experiencing this and I am looking forward to tomorrow evening, will you be there again?

Yes I am looking forward to it like a little schoolboy, is not it already tomorrow evening?

Unfortunately not and thanks for the experience, I would not have believed that there is such a thing, good night until tomorrow and please do not go stranger!

Dreams, no, I'll be 100% loyal to you until tomorrow evening!!! LG Paul!

Good night my dream prince!

Man oh man, what was that, what did I write there and then these feelings, if I have with her these feelings, which I have also felt with her, then it could be the right thing to all my dreams and their dreams to experience in reality. Oh that would be like winning the lottery, no more, and she does not even live far away, that's only an hour's drive away. For such a woman, I would also drive to the end of the world. Off to the bathroom then immediately to bed and take her dream and yes I try to feel and experience it, let's see. Yes, I will do it.

Monday 02.09.2013

Music sounds, gets louder and louder, it does not exist, it can not be tomorrow yet. 8.00 and time to get up, it says the alarm clock, but whether I persuade myself or persuaded him to report again in an hour?

No, I'm up and down the PC driven up, let's see if a mail from her laughs at me. While the PC is driving up I am in the bathroom and clean the night away. Oh, that was one night and a dream, yes I really dreamed of her and what, it should never have ended. Man, how she looks, how she smells, how she feels, how she touches you, how she tastes, my thoughts are all about her, what more can it do?

All the things for breakfast on the tray, toast, cottage cheese, jam oh and the butter, grapes, coffee and coffee cream and off to the office, in front of the PC is always breakfast. If you live alone, what should you eat breakfast in the dining room, then you feel the loneliness no longer. I am a person who lives very much in the past, even if it was not beautiful, the present is dominated by loneliness and since I make my money on the stock market, I have no contacts in professional life. Office PC is the biggest part of my current life and there are plans for the future, but only plans, what are they if you can not share them with a loved one … . Oh finally, the PC is online, PO Box, 123 mails, just fly over, yes an email from her in the mailbox! And open ...

Hello Paul I dreamed. Dreamed of you and I really felt you and more ... for years!!! I've been living alone for almost ten years, I did not like it and I did not think that I could really feel it anymore. Unimaginable, it was just your written words, I just can not imagine what happens if we see each other and touch! First I have to go to work, maile you tonight, I'm looking forward to it, thanks for the beautiful night! LG Petra

These words go down like oil what is Petra for a sensitive, emotional woman. She has certainly experienced a lot of bad things in life, but I can tell you more than enough, but you should not give up hope. It's unbelievable, yesterday I finally had the courage to post an ad and already found a woman with the same wavelength, oh I would have done it only earlier, but now it does not matter that's the past and now the future begins. I have nothing to lose, I can only win and why should not I be lucky in life?

If I maile her, maybe she sees at work in her mailbox and is happy, just as I was happy about her morning mail wow my feelings. I'm excited like the first date. Yes, I was sixteen years old and still think about it, one carries some memories forever in his heart or even in thought and then after so many years a woman just comes to life and you suddenly feel those already forgotten, died feelings again, as if they have never been away. Inconceivably!

Good beautiful morning! Oh, this night with you!!! And if she was just thinking. It was as intense as I have not felt it for years, you touched my heart, no swept away in the storm and my body felt an experience … . Words are too pale to describe! I am looking forward to this evening like a little boy, take good care of you and 1000 thanks for your lovely morning mail! LG Paul

I'm counting the hours, but I just had to email you, just had lunch break and have read your sweet mail. It's like when my body immediately jumps into feeling mode and just feels the words you're writing. Here the sun is shining and I'm sitting on the garden bench in front of the company and let the sun shine on me, feels so warm and then your feelings, the lunch break is expected to last tonight, but unfortunately it's over again until tonight, I'm really happy, I'll have something to eat on the PC, because then I can email you! Bye your Petra!

Yes, I know there are still 4.5 hours until you mail me again, alas if the 270 minutes were just around, but now I've already made 15 seconds of the 16,200 seconds …

Somehow I can not concentrate today, so rather do not risk anything on the stock market just check my emails, oh there are no fewer than five mails that relate to my listing. Funny, none reads like that of Petra, there was something and then what happened on the first day. I somehow have no desire to answer the other mails, but you can not do that, the mailers have indeed thought something and would like at least one answer. I owe that to them too. So read.

Hello I read your mail and am interested, I'm 45 years old, widowed, no children, a car and house available, I look good, blonde, slim - 52 kg and I want to meet you.

Well, what is she writing? This is like a profile, but there are no, but no feelings about who writes like that, certainly not fit to me and honestly I've already fallen in love with Petra a little, as it was said earlier, it is Love at first sight, today one certainly means, it is love from the first mail out! Haha, I am funny. But I do cancel.

Hello, thank you for writing me, but you can not imagine it, the third mail on my ad had that certain something and I was "in love" head over heels with the mailer and I would like to avoid contact with another woman more. Please do not be angry and keep trying, because everyone will find the right partner for life, so keep looking and do not give up. Keep your fingers crossed and wish a successful search! Greetings Paul -

I will just save this mail and always reply to all other incoming mails. I think that was sensitive enough not to frustrate another woman, that would be mean of me and so I'm just not.

3 hours, 180 minutes and 10,800 seconds. It sounds like a long time! Well, I'll probably drink a cappuccino and have a piece of cake. Today I leave everything in the house or should I, well, do the dishes from this morning away, just suck and ready.

Something to put the pool, but I have him in the house, no rather swim a lap, that clears the head. How about if she was here now and we would swim together? Would I manage that we would swim together without textile? Would I then succeed in maneuvering them on an air mattress, where I could then see them in all their nakedness and would I manage to kiss and caress them everywhere? Man Paul, but you also have thoughts again, what does she look like?

Does she like me too? I do not look so bad either, 190 cm high, 90 kg heavy (without ghost - smile) and uniformly brownish, with the gray hairs on my head and temples, the nonexistent beard and my ohhh not ... stiff, I could again. Only the thoughts of her make me sharp. Yes Paul, release your feelings, put on your bathing trunks, put them on the air mattress on the back, close your eyes, think about them and try to feel it when their hands slide down my body and massaging it down hard. Oh the water responds to my body twitches and spills on the air mattress, uiii cold but exciting, oh Petra please continue, if she would do so, the pool has 160 cm water depth, because she could certainly stand and her hands would have to reach me anywhere. Would she probably put a hand on my mouth or push under my ass, oh what would she do, what ... and the thoughts come to the climax simultaneously with my body. And now keep your eyes closed and just enjoy the waves under the mattress ...!

Will I say what happened this evening? We will see! Oh, that did so well, those feelings, how much I missed them. Huh, where is the clock, not that's too late ... haha this stupid idea. Hey, I feel kinda childish. But I'll stick that, you can believe that.

What you all think together, what the mind gets out of everything, if the body does it, of course, and vice versa.

Oh the clock. Ok. One more hour, well I'll take a shower and jump into the clothes and have something to drink and eat next to the Pc and then ... it gets as lively as yesterday or not, or more, oh stop thinking, enjoy it just as it is, it will all happen if it should be, I could also help something consciously, how can I just turn off my thoughts, they gush with infinitely many variations in me … .

Well send an evening opening email.

Enchanting Schwerin female being, here sits a man eagerly waiting for your first words, armed with a pot of coffee, creamer, egg salad and an iceberg lettuce, I make with whipped cream, sugar and lemon and then I feed him all alone! If you were here I would also give you 51% to join in - smile!

So now it's time to wait, I can not do anything else I'm as excited as on my first date. Not quite, mmmm but excited, not nervous just excited what is there on the screen with a lot of letters will light up ... wait ... wait ... wait … .

Just press the F5 key, it could be that the mailbox is not always updated immediately. There's nothing left of her, just delete all the other mails and wait.

Now the 4.5 hours are over. Nothing there yet! Well you dumbass, she can not be there for a second.

Hallooooooo there I am!

Hallooooooo back, my heart and the rest of the body is happy, thanks for being there, how are you?

A bit exhausted, it was a hard day, but I got through it, because I almost always thought of you after every job. Could I say that?

Oh please keep writing this is like balm for my soul, another person, a female superman who thinks of me, yeah ohhhh that's good and at the same time it drives me crazy, I want you ... oh sorry, if I was so brisk, I would like to spend time with you very much!

Do you understand, not bad, I like how you write it!

Thank you, thank you, I like writing with you, it's like immersing yourself in another world. You dive into another world with me, into a world where only we two can be undisturbed, a world of thoughts and feelings and ...

What do you mean with and ...?

Tell me about your nightly dream!

How do you want to distract you rascal?

Who? I do not - smile!

Well then write something with you and ... meant, dare! I bite not!

Oh bite a bit when you get excited can be really great!!! Upps, yes I have distracted again. Sorry, but do not be angry if I write you what happened - promised?

What happened, do not make it so exciting I'm bursting with curiosity right now. I'm not angry with you either, unless you've flirted with another!

No, I received some e-mails and e-mailed everyone, I received the most sentimental e-mail of my life and immediately fell in love - upps - yes in you and wished you all luck for your further search and that was it, you are with me in my heart ran and occupied it in the storm!


Yes, 1.000.000 percent!!!! I have a very big request to you but do not be angry. I have experienced so much negative in the past and therefore I would like to tell you that no matter what develops between us (hopefully very, very much!!!) I will never lie to you and please promise me too, because trust is the basis for everything!!! Also for love! If you do not want to talk about something, then you can say it, that's not a problem, just do not lie! I promise you that!!!!

I promise you, too, but no man has ever asked for that, though I've always wanted it inside! What are we talking about here? It's as if we've known each other forever, never would I have believed writing something like that with others and even feeling something beautiful that you promise me is something very special for me, tell you why later, that's why thanks for that, one hundred percent promise! Oh, and what about this and ...?

Well, I had some time this afternoon, just sucked in the house and then let it all hang out. I sat down by the pool and ... oh, look how tall are you?

You distractor I am 1.80 m tall and on.

Sorry, was important!

Ok and on?

Oh yes, so I'm sitting by the pool, water depth 160 cm (so the question of your size) and then I wondered what if you were here and would swim with me. What would I have to do to enjoy the water the way God created you?

Hahaha, you mean without swimsuit!

Yes, exactly, what should I do?

You also have to be naked!

Ok, that could be set up immediately! So you're triggering me ... what's that supposed to be?

Great! Stiff? Continue!

Yes and you are not there, you how are you feeling? Also something in an excited mood?

Yes, it depends what else happens!

So you are standing in the water, the light waves are playing around your beautiful breasts and I'm lying on your back on an air mattress. What would you do?

So, it shivers me how warm is the water?

24 degree

Ah, then the shudder comes from the picture I have just in mind, how you are lying there and I can look at you, ohhh how I would like to! What would I do, well I would grab your hand and push it under your buttocks with you, then turn over the air mattress and push the other hand under your buttocks and tell you, because you leave them and eyes closed.

Yeah, that feels kind of arousing helpless when I do not see how you look at me and especially what you look at so closely! And then what you have in mind next, I do not see how you move, do not recognize your intentions! How do you know that this gives me so much? Oh please and what then?

I would stand in front of the air mattress and your feet would touch my breasts. I could feel your toes as they want to play on my breasts, but then I would miss them a light tap, turn the mattress and my hands would be your cock and your balls grab, embrace, and slowly begin to squeeze harder until I hear a moan out of your mouth. Eyes remain closed, otherwise I will stop!

No, I obey, I'm not blinking either, promise! How may I touch you?

Not at all! Rest and my hands would continue to glide up to your nipples, before I would have heaved with them a lot of water on your body, frightened?

Yes, exciting and hardly exciting, what are you doing with me? Please do not stop, I've never experienced anything like that!

My fingers massage lightly and violently always alternating your nipples and my tongue finds the way to your face where she licks everything until she finds your lips and follows a long intense kiss.

Ohhh, you taste like fresh, cold water and yet you are as hot as if you were burnt by the touch of your tongue on the spot. The excitement rises in me, an excitement that I thought I would never feel, since many, many years no more. may I touch you now and ...

No, I spoil you now, you do not move!

I've never experienced anything like that in life, a woman with imagination and energy, ohhh yes!

Her lips press firmly against mine and I close my eyes again and let myself fall, alas, if that would happen in reality! And then ... I feel something, even though she is not there, but her words in my mind have come so strong that I have developed real feelings and it's as if for a moment I would feel them next to me as if it really and just would happen. Madness!

Do you feel like my hands tightly enclose your cock and your balls?

Yes! Very clear!

Now attention, I pull your testicles very firmly down and you moan loudly, my hand massaging your cock and I feel like he is getting stiffer in my hand, yes I can rub it and he stands like a one. But you breathe hard and suddenly I feel like you stop and then you feel like the seeds in your cock shoot up. I feel it too and can see it, how you twitch and how it shoots out of you, over my hand on your stomach. Wow you spray so far, up to your nipples!

Ohhh yes!! But that was your fault, because at just the right time, you let go of my testicles and they shot like cannonballs up and have created pressure, well, like a tense bow!

I realize it also aroused me a lot!

Attention, I now pull my hands away under my buttocks, slide from the air mattress into the water - an icy shower envelops me, like a jump in the ice water. Wow and I stand in front of you, my hands find the way under your armpits and lift you easily out of the water and fall backwards on the air mattress. Upps, now you are lying in front of me with your legs apart and I see an excited area of you, which is usually hidden. Your legs dangle into the water and before you can say anything, my lips approach from your knees over your thighs in this warm moist area and my tongue begins to search your cave for your bliss. She leans back and forth like a snake, and your voice begins to ring in her rhythm! Hey close your eyes and let them close. Your hands are on my shoulders and it feels so good. I can make noises in you as I want, my tongue - oh it's so intense - I do not want to stop - and after a short while, a very short time, a louder sound groaning cry of liberation to my ears and my tongue is slowly retreating and the lips are still taking on a slow, careful aftermath through very cautious moves! But!!! There it is again with a short but sudden push, my tongue, as it pushes once more as a small farewell present, winds itself to then disappear again between my lips in the mouth. Upps, did I hear a loud, groaning sound?

Yes! It's like a miracle, I've experienced a climax, as violent as a sun-ray, where are you I want to feel your body on mine now and gently vanish into the land of dreams with you. Oh I think I'm dreaming, you ...!

And a pause in writing of the pleasurable silence follows on, we both now process each for themselves that lived together, an almost unimaginable event.

How can you get to know words in a person that you met on the Internet just a day ago, which means getting to know you, but somehow, it is indescribable, a familiarity develops and all inhibitions are dropped and the mind is switched off and off lift the heart up and let it go. There were out of him on all sides feelings, emotional moods, no emotional explosions emanated, no rushed out, as if they had been stretched for 100 years always, more and more and then in one fell swoop the gates were opened to shoot everything at once. But somehow I have the feeling that the emotions are accumulating in the heart again, with the joyous expectation, it will happen again soon and it is more than just beautiful, it is the madness that infects the whole body and lets it act as if he in bright turmoil, exploded into every corner of the body. And now follows the oh so pleasant relaxation slowly from the middle of the body to the outside everywhere begins to spread, a relaxation that takes the thoughts in the depths and abducts them to the land of dreams, happy fantasies and there … .

Write-free time for minutes, somehow a loud silence, because I think she will enjoy the feelings just as much as I do and she is certainly so surprised that something about such a distance, into which one can not look directly into the eyes, the other Feel, smell or touch, yes that was an orgasm triggered by brain fantasy. What is there, but that I can experience and feel that, is so incredibly great, I will not forget this session all my life. Does she feel that way?

Youuu already back from the emotional dream world?

No answer, oh she is still trapped in her emotional world, it is great, not only that I had an extravagant experience of a special kind, apparently also Petra. Is she a like-minded? Could she tell me about it? How she took the lead so easily, has not made any partner I knew. It takes a lot of self-assurance, you could become a partner. Oh no matter if she likes me, if not what then, I can or have already landed a tiny fishing hook with her. Man Paul stop thinking and doubting, let everything come to you, yes I know, you have experienced something you could not imagine. That there is such a thing, but do not cling or try to hold it at any cost, if it fits, then it will be, if not it has been the hottest experience of my life. Human brain hold your thoughts and think positively! Oh, if you could just turn off your head sometimes, it worked just fine, but if your heart goes back behind your head, then you do not want to let yourself be controlled. Oh just enjoy and come to me, unimaginable, yesterday an ad and then the luck comes, but nobody believes me when I tell it.

Upps, had fallen asleep, are you still there?

Yes and no! Me here, but my emotional world is still in seventh heaven!

Well, then we meet, on which cloud do you dream?

On the pink big love cloud and there is still room for you, I have kept extra for you, but could not hope that it will be such a super super-sen timental, female being, which implanted in my heart. Since you are now sincerely welcome, I am looking forward to it, but respect, I am when you have arrived in my heart and then I have closed my heart behind you, then I am quite, how shall I say it, very loyally, lovingly and jealous, but that's not a problem, if you trust a hundred percent, then it can only be nice, always nice if you feel like one and ...!!!

You write it in such lovely words, I can imagine that, as I slip into your heart, cuddle up there and you come to it and the door is closing be hind us, everything is warm, soulful, just pink. Youuu I want to be, at least for now, although it started just yesterday, but I think it's some thing special! You caught my feelings in the flyby, stormy and felt honest. I feel like a magnet attracted by you! And I hope it will be more and will last forever!

I have the wish too. I've always dreamed of something like that and I dreamed a lot, because reality is not that rosy, quite the contrary, but it's not really clear until you make a mistake, and then you can not often do not correct themselves or you do not have the courage to do so.

Yes, I can sing a song of that too, but that would not be right to tell, would steer the great evening in the wrong direction and I would like to take this experience to bed with me and continue to dream what else could happen, not only in the pool! Are you back tomorrow night?

Oh yes, dream of and with you - not in the pool but after, when we come out and to gether throw some food and then playing ben in the nocturnal, summery garden and finally land in front of the garden fireplace and then ... well curious? I'm almost always online, because I work from home on the PC and in an emergency, if you can not stand it any more, you can call me at anytime with your determined exciting voice under 0175/3359875. I wonder if I hear your voice soon. I'll answer too, so that you can perceive mine, but I'll tell you right away I have a voice that is not suitable for technology, everyone tells me on the phone. Of ten tho se who do not know me say Mrs. Richter. Then I always smile and play along. Fun until you realize I'm a man - so now you know that too! - then comes the apology and I had a funny call! So I'm der aming and have a longing for me, because maybe I'll hear your voice tomorrow! You is like an angelic voice? No, I'm not curious - smile!!!

But you go, on the third day already on the phone!

Upps, I can call you back if you do not have a flatrate, but I did not want to ask for your number directly, so this nice detour! Smile!

Bad luck I have a flatrate!

Ok, then you are a woman on the current technical level! Oh, that reminds me ...? Ne later!

Ohhh are you mean, how should I con centrate on the dream, when I first have to ponder what you mean!

Well, I did not see it that way - smile!

I do not believe you!!!

Say I am made of glass for you?

Who knows, just an intuitive woman.

Yes, and an emotional, which feels exactly what I think and wish, as inthe pool with you earlier. And what do you dream of us tonight?

I'll tell you tomorrow!

What was the hint that I can hear your voice tomorrow?

Well, you put every word on the gold scale.

Nah, only that was my interpretation of your words above and below the line!

So, now, dream, if you'll hear my voice tomorrow or not, who knows. I do not know it yet but you! Yah!

You can really do it, my heart is running all night to 180, can you answer that, dead before the first date? Sad smile!!!!!!

Haha, it does not die so quickly, you also want to get to know me, that would be the next step.

Well now you have brought my pulse to 240 to get to know the prospect you to see in real life and then to take the next step, to feel you, to experience as you so hot things do as today. But what would you do if I was not there then, you would not have a crazy partner for the hottest things in the world between two people who ...! Well, do I get a little hint for tomorrow?

Oh, poor man, I can not answer for that, so a little tip. I'm able to operate a mobile phone.

I understand and rejoice, my heart calms down and not only dreams about hot things that I experienced with you today, but also tries to build in your voice. Is she sexy or dominant?

Hahaha, you have to wait a few hours, good night until tomorrow! Thank you for the nice hours with your words so erotic and very sweet. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, about 16 hours - well something you have infected me with the hours count ... and bye! GLG Petra!

Dream nice and thank you for everything until after! Greetings and a long imaginary kiss wherever you want him - maybe see you soon Paul!

What was that for a day, off to bed, just before jumping into the cool water again and then enjoy the dream world and tomorrow, yes, that will be a special day, the day of the vote!

Thuesday 03.09.2013

Good morning, a much anticipated vote day. Whether it works, if someday tonight the mobile will sound his music and at the other end Petras voice is heard? Man, how to be excited about such an exciting event, what is the exciting event here, it is the event of the year, nonsense of life! I have never been able to play with a female being that has the same interests as me and feels that way. That would be like winning the lottery. Well, let's start a mail and make them aware of me, if she has forgotten me overnight.

Hello voiceless female being - upps was not an indication, was the anti cipation of later! - dreamed? From us? And I know, you can hardly wait until you hear me at the other end of the line tonight! From where I know this? Well, not only that I feel it, I am also looking forward to it, the event of the century! Until then the ringtone. GLG Paul! -

And click, sent, oh that's great, now she's already with her, the mail. When will she open it? Ping! Oh, a mail from her, so early in the morning.

Thank you slept well, dreamed good and already in election mood! See you later! LG Petra

Election mood, yeah, she'll call me later, ah, I've done everything that does not bother me anymore or still needs to be done. Have a few hours, at least 7 hours to bridge. I go to the city again and buy food and go have some coffee. No, if she calls earlier, better I'll take a piece of cake with me and make a latte macchiato at home. Sounds good.

Funny, I can not calm down my thoughts, they just turn around Petra and her voice, how will she be, oh that's sure to blow me away. Well, I sit down before I pick up the phone, then I can not fall over. Thoughts you have, really batty. But somehow my heart starts to beat, of course faster than usual, that's the anticipation. I still remember my childhood when it was Christmas Eve and just before you got into the Christmas room to see the Christmas tree and of course the gifts underneath, but the moment of going out was the most beautiful and my heart beat up and now is it on its way again? Man Petra is not a Christmas tree, but the joy of her, that's what makes my heart beat faster. That I may experience something like this again, that is, I can not describe it properly, just fantastic, a joy that spreads in one.

A glance at the clock reveals that it's already 5:30 pm and that she can call at 6:00 pm. Well, already so late, ok Tassimo, brew latte macchiato, cake on the plate, cake fork, everything on the tray and off to the office. PC is on and waiting in expectant waiting position for the ringing of my life.

17.50 Latte Macchiato already and the cake has also found its way into my stomach, the excitement rises and so many things go through my head. What do I say, when I hear her voice, how do I get in touch, should I change my voice, speak higher or lower, and what stupid thoughts. Just to be just like I am, everything else would be a lie and we did not want that, so Petra finally calls - smile - call now!!!

Shit, does not work! Or try again? Quite loud in thought - call me now!

Klingel - Klingel

Ohhh, fright read, it worked, she calls. A doctor would have given me a reassuring injection immediately for reasons of blood pressure, and yet I would still be at 180.

Klingel - Klingel

My hand reaches for the cell phone, presses the key to accept it, leads it to the ear and my lips begin to form the first notes and the words:

"Hello beautiful, interesting, desirable woman, great that you call!"

Dead silence on the other end. What happened, wrong words, impossible voice and finally this unbearable silence is broken.

"Hello, I think you expected someone else on the phone but I still want to introduce you to the new electricity rates!"

At the other end, a female voice sounds very hard and numb.